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Reusable Snack Bags

Okay, I had never even realized there was such a thing as reusable snack bags () until I found one of these tucked inside my own Christmas stocking. For a mom on the go, Santa done good. Very practical as I dash for school meeting to community function to Girl Scouts and the like. And these are great little snack keepers for your baby’s finger foods.As I touted my new gifts to friends, expecting everyone to find my new find equally fantastic, I received choruses of, “Oh, I know, don’t you love it?” and “I am so glad not to k white converse white converse ong>eep on buying plastic bags now.” Why didn’t anyone tell me about them? Seems I am always the last to know.As it turns out, there are several different brands out there. I’ve found them at Target ($9.99) and Kohl’s ($12.00), but there a white converse re s white converse everal brands out there in a similar price range. While, yes, I certainly agree that one reusable bag is an investment, the up side to them is that most are BPA free, FDA approved, water proof, and machine washable. Not to mention, the advantage they have to the environment. Thinking long term, reusable snack bags are a wise investment. And if you are both frugal and crafty why not make your own reusable snack bags?