white converse Reusable shopping bags may con

Reusable shopping bags may contain lead

One of the latest eco trends to gain a footing with the public is coming under scrutiny as the Associated Press reported that Senator Charles. E Schumer is urging the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) to look into reports of lead being present in the composition of the now popular plastic reusable grocery bags which have become a visible staple of shopping in New York City as well as many other cities and stores around the nation.

The bags, which white converse are largely produced in China, were created in hopes of reducing the massive amounts of excess waste produced by plastic shopping bags which often wind up as litter or more troubling in the ocean as part of the growing Great Pacific Garbage Patch (discovered by Charles Moore of the Algalita Marine Research Foundation).

The dangers of the lead do not stem from immediate contact with the bags and food, but rather become a long term threat as the bags are eve white converse ntually disposed of, leaving the plastics to degrade allowing the lead toxins to seep into soils or water sources. Lead can be a dangerous toxin to people, as it is known to negatively affect mental and physical development in children and even become lethal in high doses.

Other states have had to make similar reports as well. Two of Florida’s larger grocery chains, Publix and Winn Dixie both have had to investigate possible lead contamination in portions of their reusable bags recently. In the New York New Jersey area, Wegmans Grocers green colored reusable bags were found to contain lead at 799 parts per million, well over the State regulated allotment of 100 parts per million, causing the chain to recall a vast majority of the bags from at least 76 stores across the northeast.

Plastic grocery bags have become a large issue white converse when dealing with mounting environmental problems facing a rapidly industrializing planet.

For now more investigations are still being called for and it will be sometime before concrete information comes back about which bags contain what levels of lead and how exactly this will affect the environment and markets in the long run. However, if the possible future checkout choices of “paper, plastic or lead?” don’t peak shoppers appetites, canva white converse s shopping bags are still a safe responsible bet for the next trip to the store.