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Retrofit Air Bags Sold

Systems for Ford cars or trucks, Chrysler cars or import vehicles are not on the market, but Breed hopes to tar leather converse get these cars in the future.

The system installation consists mainly of replacing your current steering wheel with the Breed version, which is self contained, with the sensor housed in the same steering wheel compartment as the bag itself. The air bag steering wheel has the look of those found on modern air bag equipped cars.

These retrofit air bag systems aren’t as effective as factory insta leather converse lled systems the bag itself is much smaller than the standard factory type but they do offer facial and head protection.

The suggested list price is $899, which includes professional installation. It’s not a do it yourself project. It seemed equal or superior to its sister Ford Escort in quality, handling and features for the same or a somewhat lower price. The ’94 Tracer is not available at our local Mercury dealer, and they have no details on it. The station wagon is an especially attractive choice.

But the Tracer is basically the same car as the Ford Escort. If the Tracer isn’t available in your area, go with the Escort. I think it’s in the cable and housing. I’ve been told that it’s expensive to fix, costing between $100 to $150 leather converse . You can pull the cable out in most cases, but I don’t advise doing it yourself.

Have a mechanic remove it and check it for kinks or frays or lack of lubricant. It’s a cheaper and less stressful option. She usually makes two round trips a day. On weekends, we drive my car. She has a ’91 Galant an leather converse d in November 1993 we had to replace the original battery with only 12,000 miles on the car.

It takes at least 15 to 20 minutes of driving for a car to reach maximum efficiency, and your wife’s car isn’t approaching that. Consequently it’s always running cold. This means the oil becomes contaminated much more quickly, fuel economy suffers, wear and tear is increased dramatically and the car’s other mechanical components never warm properly and suffer undue wear and tear.

I suggest she use her car more during the week, and you take her car out on the weekends instead of yours. Cars pay a major penalty for little or no use.