converse uk Rehab’s promises of candour to

Rehab’s promises of candour to face early test at PAC encounter

After months of controversy and delay, Rehab chairman Brian Kerr and converse uk his board colleagues have pledged to “candidly” confront the many issues faced by the group. This promise will face an early test tomorrow when Rehab comes before the Oireachtas Committee of Public Accounts (PAC) for the second time in less than two months. But can they? We shall soon see.

Kerr stated the obvious when he acknowledged there had been serious damage to Rehab’s reputation.

He has acknowledged major failings at board level in its inadequate response to questions about its internal affairs. He also accepted the board had not exe converse uk rcised “strict and appropri converse uk ate oversight” of issues that have come to public attention.

This will be the measure of his declaration that Rehab wants to restore full confidence in the group urgently.

The board has converse uk engaged management consultant Dr Eddie Molloy to carry out a fundamental review of Rehab’s structures.

One of the prime tasks he has been set is to examine what changes should be initiated “to renew the board and the way it works”, so it can provide the quality of oversight required.