converse shoes Responding to our readersL

Responding to our readers

Laurel Canyon music, vibe moves to Grammy MuseumTucson band wins Ellington jazz competitionEurovision winning drag queen returns in triumphRep. Rogers hopes for ‘smart debate’ on radio showAustrian drag queen wins Eurovision song contestSummer movies highlight 20s to 30s shiftLed Zeppelin’s Page honored at Berklee graduationDynamic duo: The success of Jimmy Iovine, Dr. DreWe’re appropriating two recent letters to the Editor in this space today because they allow us to make a few points about how we operate as a newspaper. The first is from Michael Harkcom of Kelso:”I saw this in another newspaper: ‘The Marion County Board of Commissioners announced late Wednesday that they are putting a stop to a waste to energy facility’s program that was incinerating aborted babies to produce electricity.’What is this? I’ve not seen this reported in TDN. W converse shoes hy would you keep this information from your readers? It’s going on in Oregon not too far from where we live. Wouldn’t that be considered local news?It seems that Adolf Hitler used this same method of disposing of tho converse shoes se unwanted people in Germany.Doesn’t that scare you and your staff enough to want to bring this inform converse shoes ation to light for our community?”Researching this information wasn’t too difficult. Marion County had contracted with some hospitals elsewhere to dispose of their medical waste in its incinerator. The waste arrived in opaque, sealed bags that were not to be opened. Inside the bags was all manner of what we call “medical waste,” including amputated body parts and other varieties of human tissue.Two members of the Marion County Commission, concerned that aborted fetuses might be in the burn bags, objected and passed a regulation prohibiting the practice. As one of them admitted, no one knew exactly what was in the bags and no one could say how many, if any, fetuses may have been incinerated before the new regulations were passed.It was a small story for most news media, but a big one for several bloggers, who leaned hard on the Nazi comparisons in an attempt to generate some outrage, which often translates into links and readership. Much of the “news coverage” of the story, in fact, was one blog quoting another.Our news and copy desk staffs declined to participate in this sort of baiting, which seems a good call.The other letter came from Diane L. Dick of Longview. It began this way:”For $2 today, April 27, I bought The Daily News and received a front page story on fossil fuel export. I could have bought the same story for $1 when the Seattle Times published it April 19 and included a graphic. On the same page, TDN published Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber’s coal export comments, almost verbatim an Oregonian story published April 25.”The Daily News has content sharing arrangements with many papers in Washington, including the Seattle Times. Typically, this content isn’t available to our print edition until at least a day after it appears in the originating newspaper. Additionally, we’ll often hold these stories for publication waiting for a day when we have better space (and, perhaps, a lighter local news budget) to display them.While we have no story sharing arrangements with the Oregonian, we are members of the Associated Press and have access to Oregonian articles selected for statewide and national distribution by the AP. Again, a delay of a day for print readers is often involved.Not to short change Ms. Dick, the rest of her letter follows:”At a recent presentation Haven Energy stated they have been planning the propane terminal for Port of Longview since beginning of 20 converse shoes 13. When a port commissioner was asked point blank if this project was known to the port when they raised port taxes at the end of 2013, the answer was no. Where’s the story?Port commissioners met this last week. Asked why they were pushing ahead with a propane terminal for Berth 4 when their own harbor improvement scheme, approved less than three years ago, stated the best use of this space for labor and future markets was an Omni Terminal, port CEO Gier Kalhagen responded they could change plans and amend later. Not so according to state law. Yet there is no story.”