converse shoes Resolve to be a better dog own

Resolve to be a better dog owner

Whether you state them out loud at the crack of midnight with a glass of champagne or silently promise them to yourself before curling into bed before the calendar year is through, New Year’s resolutions are a great way to let go of the past and start something new.

Most people pledge to eat healthier, lose weight or start a hobby, such as playing the guitar. But how about we all resolve to be better dog owners, not only for our dogs’ sakes, but for other people as well.

How about we start by resolving to obey leash laws? You know, those bylaws that require your dog to be leashed in all public areas (where dogs are allowed) unless stated otherwise. Contrary to popular belief, that is how the bylaw is stated not the other way around. Many people seem to think the bylaw says dogs must roam freely, untethered in all public areas, unless there is a sign stating dogs are allowed to be leashed.

Leash laws are made to keep your dog and other members of this commu converse shoes nity who share the earth with you and your unleashed dog safe. This may be hard to believe, but not all people like dogs. Some people are afraid of them. They go to areas where dogs are either not allowed, or must be on leash, so that they can commune with nature like you are with your dog and not have feelings of fear racing down their spines when they see a dog. You know that feeling when you are surprised to see a massive black bear digging in the garbage about five feet away from you? Some people have that exact same feeling when they see a dog. Become more considerate of those around you and how selfish choices impact others’ lives negatively.

Next, let’s all resolve to clean up after our dogs all the time! And to stop tossing poop filled plastic bags under trees and bushes. There are a lot of dogs and dog owners out there sharing the same sidewalks, trails and parks. All it takes is one careless dog owner to not clean up after their dog in a public park to ruin a toddler’s (and caretaker’s) day as he runs towards the swings, trips and falls into dog poop.

I can’t imagine that careless dog owners never step in dog poop. When they do, they hate it right? It’s time to start thinking about our actions and how they affect other members of the community. Clean up your dog’s poop! Then, dispose of it properly! Remember, what comes around goes around. You may be able to successfully dodge stepping in dog poop, but karma is watching and she will return that careless pile of dog poop tenfold. It may not be actual poop that she throws back at you, but it will still be something that stinks and ruins your day!

If you have a dog with behavioural or obediencerelated problems, resolve to fix these issues. Allowing your dog to run amok, jump on people, pick fights at the dog park, not come when called, etcetera, is a problem. You can certainly make excuses for your dog to those who are affected by your dog’s converse shoes lack of discipline, but excuses are simply rationalizations for your lack of responsible dog care. It really doesn’t take much more than time and money to fix, or at least learn the tools to manage, a dog’s behavioural issues properly. By doing so, you will enjoy your dog more, feel less frustrate converse shoes d and stop living in a state of denial. Living in denial affects not only your dog’s behaviour but other areas of your life because you are not being truthful with yourself. As a result, you end up getting into a lot of negative, frustrating, dishonest situations. Be honest with yourself and get help.

Finally, resolve to reflect on your day at the end of the day. Be grateful for everything your dog adds to your life, both the joy and the challenges they are all meant for learning. Remember to thank your dog for choosing you to share its life with and resolve to make its day as great as it makes your converse shoes s! Happy New Year!