converse sale Remembering the City’s Ghost B

Remembering the City’s Ghost Bikers

The N, Q, and 7 trains rattle above intersections. But on the corner of Jackson A converse sale venue and Queens Boulevard, several dozen cyclists have stopped to place flowers in the spokes of a bicycle that’s been spray painted white. The cyclists ignore the terse horn honks; the sign they install on top of the bike is a dedication to cyclists whose deaths didn’t make the news.

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On May 8, the city will launch its first bike sh converse sale are program. But Sunday’s ghost bike memorial gathering was a snapshot of a city still struggling to embrace its riders and keep them safe.

The Street Memorial Project has been blessing and installing ghost bikes in remembrance of cyclists killed in traffic for eight years. And this year, Todd said, the number of cyclist deaths hasn’t significantly changed. Though down from last year’s 22 fatalities, the New York City Department of Transportation still reported 18 cyclists killed in 2012. Meanwhile, overall traffic fatalities increased by nearly 12 percent, and hit and runs were up by 31 percent.