converse ‘RHOBH’ star Taylor Armstrong

‘RHOBH’ star Taylor Armstrong admits that her Birkin bags were indeed fake

“The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Taylor Armstrong faced a big lawsuit when the season started, which she was the focus of after her estranged husband Russell Armstrong committed suicide in August of 2011. During the season, fans learned that Taylor had settled the lawsuit by handing over her two Birkin bags and her wedding band. And while it wasn’t shown on the show, reports surfaced that the handbags were proven to be fake. Sin converse ce it wasn’t on the show, fans coul converse dn’t confirm the news. But accordin converse g to a new tweet released on Mar. 6, “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Taylor Armstrong gladly set the record straight onlin converse e yesterday.

“Are u Birkin bags really fake,” asked one follower after reading the reports about the lawsuit. “Absolutely! 2 that were gifts from my X ended up being fake badgifts,” Taylor replied, proudly setting the record straight. And while many will find that Taylor is being honest about being lied to by Russell, some people think that she is just trying to come across as the victim. “Please don’t lie U knew the bags were fake and that’s ok don’t lie on a person who passed away Free urself xo,” one follower tweeted. But Taylor stayed positive, writing, “They were gifts, never asked, just appreciated.”

Are you surprised that Taylor’s handbags were fake? Do you think it was because of Russell’s financial troubles, or do you think Taylor wanted the handbags and settled for fake so her husband could pay the bills?