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Power Ranger Action Figures Houses Plastic Bags A Pen Barbie Dolls What do these things all have in common?! answer to this question is the material that they are made of plastic aka petroleum.

What is petroleum?, you might ask. Is it that petroleum jelly you apply on your skin every now and then? Are you saying all those things are made out of ointment?

No, of course not. But petroleum is literally the oil that comes from rock. It is formed in all organic matters (think decaying animals) that is buried deep, deep inside the Earth. Over very long periods of time, it is all turned into crude oil (petroleum). The petroleum is lighter than water so it will float up until it hits the impermeable layer! To get the petroleum, oil wells are drilled to as much as six miles deep to get this oil. It is very valuable, so that is why oil wells are dug so deep just to get the oil.

You might be thinking, how is petroleum aka crude oil, the substance we use to fuel our car, used for plastic?! Well, the 16% of all crude oil produced not used for energy production (cars), is used for plasti converse c and other chemical product. Petroleum is the raw material of plastic. The petroleum is actually mixed with some additives to form plastic. Plastic is made from petroleum aka crude oil. It is the same oil converse that we use to fuel our car, except for plastic, converse the petroleum is processed even more for the plastic we use. As you know, the price of oil is rocketing, the plastic we use is actually inc converse reasing too.