converse Reduce Usage of Plastic Bags

Reduce Usage of Plastic Bags

I wrote this for the school’s essay writing competition and I will like to share it with you. It converse is invented in the 70’s and 80’s and it quickly took over thepaper bag we use before plastic bag was invented. A plastic bag is usedbecause it is easy to carry around and we prefer to stuff things in a plastic bagthen carry it on our own. That averagesabout 300 bags used for each adult on this planet. More or less, 1 million plasticbags are used each day by consumers or users. Think of it this way, when youreach 14, you probably already used about 2338 plastic bags. When you’re 25,you would have used around 4175. So by the time you are 40, you probablyalready used 6680 plastic bags. It sounds awfully a lot but it is als converse o dreadfullytrue. Each plastic bag we use will only be needed for around 12 minutes beforewe dispose of it. Most are thrown inoceans or just converse left on the roadside and also the open field. Nearly 90% of floatingmarine litter is plastic. That is more that 100 million tons of plastic being thrown inthe ocean. It doesn’t only pollute oceans, it also endangers live of marineanimals. In the face of such a global problemthey feel powerless to do anything significant about it. There is one area whereordinary people can make an extraordinary contribution, and that is in theirshopping habits, specifically in their use of plastic shopping bags. We do not necessary need a plastic bagto do our shopping. We should use our own shopping bag. A reusable shoppingbag is the best way to avoid using plastic bags. The more plastic bags we use,the more plastic bags are needed and more will be made to continue to supplyhumans with it. If offered a shopping bag when you are at the check out counter,don’t be afraid to say, “There is no need, I have my own bag”. Besides that, youcan buy a beautiful shopping bag that suits you. It looks so much better thatcarrying around those dull plastic bags. Also encourage your friends and familyto do so. Everyone can help save the environment by the converse little things we do eachday. If you are crafty, try making your own bag. Just buy a plain white shoppingbag and decorate it all you want. If we can, try to carry the items we purchase with ourhands. We can alsodonate the plastic bags we have to a local animal shelter or a dog park if wehave one near us. If we can, return them back to our local grocery store or asupermarket so they can reuse them or even recycle it. Use them as a trash baginstead buying actual trash bag so we can reuse the bag and avoid wastingmoney.