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Cash g cheap converse ifting program review by Brad Smith The world economy being at its all time low, it s no wonder that so many people are turning to the Internet, looking for alternative income streams. Cash gifting programs and clubs are one of the easiest and mos cheap converse t efficient ways to improve your financial situation. There is no product involved, no taxation, and you don t have to be a computer guru to be successful at it. Being an experienced gifting professional, I would like to offer you a comprehensive review of the top gifting clubs on the web to help you make your decis cheap converse ion. So, let s begin! Number One Success System (NOSS) aka TLS Overview: NOSS is one of the oldest 1UP gifting programs around and one of the most popular ones (the club allegedly has over 40,000 members worldwide). You can pick one of the 3 levels to join at: $500, $1,500 and $3,500. The weekly conference calls, conducted by the club s leaders, are professionally put together and are good to invite prospects to. You re required to do a lot of phone work, such as cold calling strangers, in an attempt to invite prospects to the NOSS conference calls. There is no automation as far as following up with your prospects. It s operated by a ma cheap converse rketing millionaire who goes by the nickname of “Q”, who sends out a weekly “Cash Me Out” newsletter and has a phone hotline that addresses a lot of the prospect s questions. The marketing system is such that every affiliate is given a member ID that is used in all ad campaigns. Whenever a prospect clicks on one of the Ecosov ads, they are directed to the main web site, using the member ID of the person who had paid for the ad.