cheap converse Review of Sunshine Mountain Lo

Review of Sunshine Mountain Lodge

Great ease to arrive on Friday evening, ride up to hotel, await our bags, start a fire, enjoy dinner and tuck in for a comfortable sleep knowing it wa cheap converse s dumping snow for a great Saturday ski.

I have been going to this lodge/inn for many years and it keeps getting better. Is it perfect, no. Do they try to do better, yes. I do agree with other reviewers that the inability to email a confirmation is hard to understand but since on occassion it seems they have internet issues which we experienced, I guess there is a basis for that. On the plus side, the staff while young and limited experience, do try hard and are flexible and helpful. Plus, having had interactions in the past with the manager, I have been very satisfied with their response. This trip was probably the best I have had in terms of the dining in the Eagle’s Nest. The chef and wait staff were very flexible and accomodating to special requests and the food was very good. Of course, the best part of the whole experience is the ski in/ski out feature and the nice ski locker room that makes it easy to change boots, etc to go skiing. The skiing is great, the views from the rooms are great, the views from the lodge are great, and I had great snow this trip, and will return. One of the best aspects of the place is that when the day is over, it is just you and a few others at the lodge, up in the mountains, and it is a wonderfully serene place.

Room Tip: We like the rooms with a view of the trees and mountains versus the other side which faces the ski a.

We stayed at the Sunshine Mountain Lodge on Friday night and what an amazing experience ! From taking the Gondola up with snow falling, you enter this beautiful lodge with a hot tub that looks out over the ski area. Great job Sunshine Mountain Lodge. We will be back !!!

Room Tip: Try to get into the new rooms on the west wing. They are right above the ski lockers and have great. So we usually try to stay ski in ski out to give me the option of as much or as little skiing as desired. Obviously this is the only hotel with ski in ski out in this area. We arrived shortly after 5pm after skiing Lake Louise in the morning, since the gondola closes at 5:30pm. I had read other reviewers suggesting taking your own bags up the gondola as the luggage service can be slow. However we were told “2 hours” at most and had 2 large suitcases and a double ski bag as well as carry ons so we figured it would be just as easy to let them transfer suitcases, while we enjoyed our gondola ride up with just our carryons and some essentials, ate dinner up top and had a look around. Actually the skis made it to the ski locker but the 2 large cases were missing (apparently put in the wrong room down at the base, so never really sure how they finally located and transferred) The front desk and manager did make amends with lots of apologies, a half bottle of wine, and offered dinner on them the next night which we very much enjoyed at the Eagles Nest (the formal restaurant). Considering the inconvenience (we finally went to bed before the luggage arrived), the situation was well handled by management. I would advise if you are checking in during the AM, it would be fine to send your luggage up with the staff, then you could take advantage of skiing right off the gondola. Upon checking out, indeed we brought our own bags down the gondola, they were very helpful with a sled across the slopes to get the bags to the gondola and though our cases were big, it is an 8 person gondola so we had enough room. Rest of the stay and our experience with the staff was lovely. Hotel was NOT busy at all, ordered room service several times and took only 13 20 min to be delivered. We though prices for Service for dinner at the Eagles Nest was very attentive (though I realize they were trying to make amends). Menu via room service, formal restaurant, and bar restaurant all very similar apps, dishes, desserts, but we are not picky so were able to change it up enoug cheap converse h to not be entirely bored of the food by the end of the 6 days. Front desk has free DVD’s to watch in your room with fairly recent titles. First night checked into room 103 which is not a true ski in ski out as the balcony hangs close to the hot tub. There was also a boisterous group in the hot tub that first night, but seemed to be an isolated incident, and hot tub closed at 10pm?so that limited their disruption. Upon checking in, we requested a true ski in ski out room but were told not available until next day, but we were willing to move after first night. Transferred to room 114 so could walk off porch onto slope. Probably only last 4 rooms on first floor have this feature (1 cheap converse 15 thru maybe 112), and these are the NON loft, queen/queen rooms. 114 was a little more worn around the edges but I would probably not have noticed if we had not seen 103 first. Heated tile floor, nice tub shower but relatively small bathroom area and counter space. Limited shelves, storage, hanging areas for clothes, so we mostly kept clothes in the suitcases. Unfortunately, no in room safe. At night, “turndown” service would close blinds and remake bed, but not restock towels. Daily housekeeping was variable in timing, pretty sure they didn’t sweep vacuum or actually change sheets daily but did restock towels, coffee, and take out trash. Had to call once in the afternoon as they had not serviced room by nearly 1p cheap converse m though they did come up quickly. Their website states wifi is additional ?9$/day but front desk told us they changed policy this year and free to guests with access code, but wifi was EXTREMELY slow, so glad it was at least free. Long review, but since we had a long visit, I feel we experienced most of what they had to offer, though didn’t utilize any spa services, which appeared to be in one of 2 rooms in the gym area, and locker room very basic. Difficult to go down into Banff or other areas for touring if not skiing (20 min gondola ride each way, 10 min drive out of canyon each way), have to be back before gondola closes. But if skiing is a priority, this place certainly is complete for what if offers. As long as you realize this place does not bill itself as a 5 star, you will be pleased as we were overall.

Arrived Thursday evening for four nights, we left after three. Gondola stops at 5:00 pm, so go early. $75 for ride up to hotel by snow cat/truck. Reminded me of the days before the gondola, they used school buses. We saw advertising for Friday night skiing, but they don’t do that anymore. Please update the room guide/book. The rooms are well decorated, but walls are paper thin. Baby next door cried all night on one side, guy on other side coughed all night. Staff is friendly, but inexperienced. All four resturants serve the same limited menu. “Handmade” Pizza. I’ve made better frozen pizza. WiFi is $9 per day, but dial up speed. The only advantage it has is it’s on the ski hill. I’ve been skiing/boarding at SunShine Village for over thirty years. It has alway been the default go to hill. We stopped buying season passes years ago, now I remember why.

Room Tip: Spend the money for a suite in the newer section. Maybe a top floor room, the floors are paper thin.

Pretty underwhelming experience from start to finish. Then, to arrive at 6:30 pm for checkin to find the gondola up to the lodge has shut, but it will cost 75$ to collect us by shuttle. Overall, a sense of indifference. The lobby reeks of sewage, the manager I have since read will write some ‘so sorry for the inconvenience’ blurb on trip advisor, and hope customers like us will crawl under a rock.

Nestled high in the Canadian Rockies in Canada’s oldest and most famous national park, this eco boutique hotel delivers extraordinary luxury surrounded by breathtaking scenery. Opulent rooms . Friendly, courteous staff. Outside, a sky so full of stars you won’t believe your eyes. And some of the best skiing you’ll ever find, just footsteps from your room. The Sunshine Mountain Lodge is the ONLY ski in, ski out hotel in the Mountain National Parks. It offers casual and fine dining, the area’s largest hot tub, spa services and family friendly activities.