cheap converse Review of Seattle Sling Camera

Review of Seattle Sling Camera Bag

The Bottom LineWater resistant, not waterproof. The Seattle Sling camera bag from Camera Armor is designed to be waterproof protection for your camera during back country expeditions. The protective padding of the bag and overall construction is excellent but the water protection features simply do not work.

ProsLots of paddingWell constructed for carrying long distancesTripod pocketConsNot waterproofSmall gear areaMagnetic closureVelcro is much too noisy for animal photographyDescriptionSturdy constructionNice design for long distance carrying14.5 Inches long, 9.5 inches high, 8.5 inches wideI found it to be reasonably water resistant but not waterproofMagnetic closure could cause a problem for portable hard drivesSmall gear compartmentGear is hard to get to quicklyGuide Review Camera Bag Review Review of Seattle Sling Camera BagWater and cameras are a bad mix. The Seattle Sling camera bag from Camera Armor hoped to be a solution to water damage when transporting cameras. Unfortunately, tests show it to be more water resistant than waterproof.

The bag is well constructed and sturdy, certainly capable of protecting gear from most shocks and it is well designed for carrying as a backpack for long distances. There ar cheap converse e no zippers on the Seattle Sling, only velcro, magnets, and snap closures. The standard snap closures used on most camera bags are used to fasten the interior water resistant compartment into the bag and to fasten adjustable straps. Extremely strong velcro (very loud velcro) is used to close the main gear compartment over the water resistant bag. The water resistant bag itself is closed with magnets and by rolling the top of the bag.

The interior gear pocket is protected by a “waterproof” bag of a neoprene type material. This bag is removable (helps with drying the rest of the bag) and fastens securely into the main camera bag. The gear compartment itself is small, barely large enough for a SLR with standard lens and one additional longer lens. The protective bag closes with magnets, which will probably not damage cameras but is a massive problem for anyone who carries a portable hard drive for additional storage. cheap converse

To test the water protection of the bag I first removed the interior lining and tested it alone by spraying it for several minutes with a garden hose. Water did fi cheap converse nd its way into the gear area. The next tests I dropped the fully assembled bag with lining into water (it does want to float which is a good thing). cheap converse I then pushed the bag underwater for a few moments. Not only was the main bag saturated, the “protected” gear area was considerably wet.