cheap converse Review of Ping Hoofer COVE

Review of Ping Hoofer C

OVERALL RATINGSCORE: 88GRADE: B+The new Ping Hoofer C 1 falls into the middle band of the bags tested in terms of weight, features and cost. It doesn’t particularly stand out among the competition, but is reliable and versatile enoug cheap converse h to appeal to a wide range of players. There are a number of improvements for the Hoofer this year, including sliding shoulder strap adjustments, a magnetic enclosure for the water bottle pocket, a pocket for scorecard and pencil, and a buttons for the rain hood. Two full length dividers running the length of the bag divide club storage space into three major sectors. As before, the right strap has a system which allows the strap to retract when not in use, and the left shoulder strap is a standard non retracting version, most likely to keep the left side more easily accessible when throwi cheap converse ng the bag over your shoulder. This year’s bag also has a cheap converse new sliding strap system to that allows you to ea cheap converse sily adjust while walking (see ‘Innovation’, below). The pocket is smaller than the beverage pockets of the competition, so the largest size bottles may not fit. The Ping Hoofer C 1 is one of the lighter carry bags that we have tested, coming in at under 5 pounds. There is reasonable amount of padding where the bag rests against the user’s lower back. It’s a solid, dependable bag, but at this price point users will probably start to consider bags that have more features and carrying capacity, as well as less expensive lightweight bags.