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Reusable Totes

Retailers have made it relatively easy for consumers to participate in a greener lifestyle by offering reusable canvas totes. Marketed as one small change individuals could make to reduce their carbon footprint and considered an environmentally white converse preferable alternative to plastic grocery bags, reusable bags have become a popular, easy way to be green. contain elevated lead levels that exceed federal limits and high enough to be considered “hazardous waste if residents put them in their household trash.”

Laboratory tests found “the most elaborately decorated bags”, from Publix and Winn Dixie, “had the highest concentration of lead”. The Tribune noted bags from Target and Wal Mart, with relatively plain designs, had much lower, nearly “undetectable” levels of lead.

Lead is a known developmental neurotoxin linked to lowering children’s IQ, learning disorders and fertility problems.

Although the Tribune and most health officials acknowledged there is no immediate threat, some are concerned the lead containing paint could flake or rub off onto foods transported in the bags. Others are more concerned the bags could, over time, build up and then break down in landfills where the lead could contaminate the soil and work its way into the water system. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Consumer Production Safety Commission and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) asking them to conduct a thorough investigation.

“When our white converse families go to the grocery store looking for safe and healthy foods to feed their kids, the last thing they should have to worry about are toxic bags, said Sen. Schumer in a statement. “Federal agencies need to put a ban in place for reusable bags that have lead in them.”

On November 16th, the FDA agreed to an official investigation to determine the safety of reusable canvas b white converse ags.

Fortunately, most retailers are responding to the Tribune’s findings by giving consumer’s refunds and asking suppliers to reduce the amount of lead in their bags even though experts have determined there is no safe level of ex white converse posure to this highly toxic metal.

Toxic reusable bags are the latest example of how products imported from China have not received the regulatory scrutiny consumer’s expect. Lead laced toys, sulfur dioxide containing drywall, and baby formula contaminated with melamine have all come with the “Made in China” label and posed a potential threat to human health.

These toxic reusable totes are also another example of “green washing” selling a product under the pretense that it’s “eco friendly” when in fact it is not.

If you are concerned about reducing the amount of non biodegradable plastic in our environment and are not confident reusable bags are truly safe, recycled paper bags or 100% organic cotton totes, remains your best choice. ‘Like’ her Facebook page here.

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Reusable Tote Bags Raising Multiple Health Concerns

Lead A recent study conducted by the Tampa Tribune and tested by the Thornton Laboratory of Tampa, found lead in the paint used to decorate the outside of tote bags sold at many large retail and grocery chains, such as Wal Mart, Target and Winn Dixie.

The results caught the attention of Senator Charles Schumer D NY who is now calling for a federal investigation. The study also found that many of these bags are not surprisingly Made in China. It appears the more elaborate the decorating on the outside of the bags, the more lead present.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) stated that lead levels are within the recommended standards. However, the public concern is whose keeping count? We don’t track our lead exposure and therefore we have no way of knowing how much exposure we’re actually getting. We can find ways to reduce lead exposure, but we can’t specifically know just how much exposure we are actually getting at any given time.

Both Wal Mart and Target have issued statements that they will pursue lead free, reusable bags. It’s a common practice to take your reusable tote bags to the store, lay them on a conveyer belt that may or may not contain bacteria from dairy white converse and meat juices, take the bags home to unload, and then throw them in the trunk of your car. Rarely do we wash these bags.

Most likely these bags will harbor harmful bacteria especially if we use them to hold meat and dairy products. It’s not worth the exposure. Fortunately, the lead containing paint on these tote bags has been exposed and major stores are looking into lead free alternatives.

In the meantime:

Lead free canvas bags may be able to withstand a good wash in the washing machine and a run through the clothes dryer. The heat from the dryer will help kill bacterial colonies. Wash these bags separate from your clothes and linens.

Plastic tote bags meant for cold foods, can be wiped out with a good disinfectant cleaner. Always wash your hands afterwards.

If recent st white converse udies concern you enough to stop using reusable bags, you could reuse the plastic bags in a small trash bin in lieu of larger trash bins. You may have to take the garbage out more often, white converse but you won’t have th white converse at stinky garbage smell in your kitchen either.

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reusable tote bags and other ways to raise money for Earth Day causes

With Earth Day on April 22, my inbox is filling up with, thankfully paperless, press releases touting the latest in eco design and save the planet promotions.

If you find yourself down at Canal Place this week, you may want to swing by the Anthropologie store and check out its window displays. The retailer unleashed its visuals team on more than two million recycled corks, and they came up with creative window displays. The corks were donated by Cork Forest Conservation Association partn white converse ers, including Whole Foods, Anthropologie customers and staff. The New Or white converse leans store’s window includes large spheres made from the materials. If you want to learn more about how to get cre white converse ative with cork, the store will hold free workshops on April 21 on how to craft recycled planters. Finally, starting on April 22, for every shopper who opts not to take a shopping bag, Anthropologie will donate 10 cents to EarthCorps and the Chez Panisse Foundation Edible Schoolyard, which was the model for the Edible Schoolyard program at Samuel J.

It’s hard to imagine there’s anyone left on the planet who does not yet own a reusable tote bag, but in case you are one of the lone hold outs, here’s your chance. On Sunday (April 17), Target will give away 1 million (cute) reusable tote bags made of recyclable Tyvek. To encourage shoppers to use them (and reuse them), the store offers a 5 cent discount for each bag a customer brings to cart home their purchases. The bags will be available at local stores, as supplies last. Lush, the green cosmetics company, has replaced its traditional gift wrap service with Knot Wrap. Inspired by the Japanese art of wrapping, or ‘Furoshiki’, the company sells a fabric scarf made from two recycled plastic bottles and hand crafted at a women cooperative in India. All net proceeds will go to The Nature Conservancy efforts in the Atlantic rainforest in South America and to the World Wildlife Fund restoration projects in Indonesia. will donate proceeds from sales to the Humane Society of the United States Animals by Saving Land program. All sale items offered for $1 at Buffalo Exchange will go toward the effort. This month, Aveda is selling its a soy wax candle and donating 100 percent of proceeds to Global Greengrants Fund for water related white converse projects. The company hopes the candle sales will total $1.34 million for the cause.

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Reusable Snack Bags

Okay, I had never even realized there was such a thing as reusable snack bags () until I found one of these tucked inside my own Christmas stocking. For a mom on the go, Santa done good. Very practical as I dash for school meeting to community function to Girl Scouts and the like. And these are great little snack keepers for your baby’s finger foods.As I touted my new gifts to friends, expecting everyone to find my new find equally fantastic, I received choruses of, “Oh, I know, don’t you love it?” and “I am so glad not to k white converse white converse ong>eep on buying plastic bags now.” Why didn’t anyone tell me about them? Seems I am always the last to know.As it turns out, there are several different brands out there. I’ve found them at Target ($9.99) and Kohl’s ($12.00), but there a white converse re s white converse everal brands out there in a similar price range. While, yes, I certainly agree that one reusable bag is an investment, the up side to them is that most are BPA free, FDA approved, water proof, and machine washable. Not to mention, the advantage they have to the environment. Thinking long term, reusable snack bags are a wise investment. And if you are both frugal and crafty why not make your own reusable snack bags?

white converse Reusable Shopping BagsThe

Reusable Shopping Bags

The ChicoBag reusable shopping bag has the best of features but does it fulfill all that’s needed for shopping? Find out here. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of the ChicoBag and shopping bags in general. Reusable Shopping Bag: A Review of the ChicoBag: The Good

What caught my attention about the ChicoBag are its wonderful features.

1) It stuffs into its own pouch which is sewed to the inside of the bag. Because of this, you never lose the pouch. 2) The bag is about 3″X4″so it’s small when it’s stuffed inside the pouch. This makes it convenient to carry with you at all times.

3) Not only is it small, but a drawstring and a keyring clip are on the pouch. You can then clip the bag to your purse, backpack or even a belt loop so you always have it with you.

I really like the clip feature because I often have unplanned stops at stores. You can read my humorous article about my shopping trips and how much trouble I have remembering to bring my bags with me. You will see how important this clip is to me.

4) The ChicoBag expands to about 14″X18″ and holds 25 lbs. or 2 gallons of milk.

5) And when you purchase 5 of the bags, you get the 5th one free.

6) The bags are washable and come in 10 beautiful colors like hunter green, mango and blue.

7) They are made of a strong polyester weave that looks good when expanded and is lightweight.

I love all the features of the bag. With a keyring clip, I attach it to my purse so I carry it with me all the time. It always looks nice whether it’s stuffed into its small pouch or expanded when I need it. And the company uses Fair Trade practice and supports environmental concerns so I whole heartedly support the company too.

Reusable Shopping Bag: A Review of the ChicoBag: The Bad

There is one flaw though. Two of my ChicoBags showed signs of wear in about 2 months’ time. The threads in the bottom seam of the bags made big holes in the polyester. It’s as if the threads pull the seam holes and stretches the fabric when there is too much weight in the bag. Because of this, I don’t feel I can carry anything heavy in the ChicoBag. My girlfriend had the same problem with her ChicoBag too.

Although the advertising says the bags carry 2 gallons of milk, I don’t think I will try it. I mostly use the ChicoBags for bread, empty plastic gallon water jugs and eggs. I pack the bag lightly so as not to tear the thread holes any larger. It’s still a handy bag that I always have with me but I use other bags for the bulk of my shopping. It is useful but just be aware that it may not carry all the weight the company advertises.

Shopping Bags: The Ugly

I support reusable shopping bags because of the impact on the environment. The average American uses 300 to 700 plastic bags per year. If everyone in the United States tied these bags together into a chain, it would reach around the earth 760 times!

If we get in the habit of carrying reusable shopping bags, then we can save 3 to 7 gallons of crude oil per year per person. This adds up because if 100,000 people use reusable shopping bags, we can save up to 14,000 barrels of oil a year.

Not only can we save oil. According to the BBC, windblown plastic bags are so prevalent in South Africa that a cottage industry has sprung up white converse . They harvest up to 30,000 plastic bags a month to weave into hats and handbags.

Additionally, the world’s largest landfill floats between Hawaii and San Francisco. Wind and sea currents carry marine debris from all over the world to what is now known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. It is mostly made up of plastic.

Thousands of sea birds and marine life die each year because of the plastic. Some ocean water is found to contain 1,000 parts plastic to one part water. And scientists found the plastics have now entered our food chain.

Small sea life like jellyfish consume the plastic particles. The jellyfish then are consumed by larger sea life which humans consume. Currently, scientists link diabetes and hormone disruption from ingestion of plastic.

Shopping Bags: The Ugly on Paper Bags

Paper shopping bags also impact our environment. A 15 year old tree makes 700 paper grocery bags white converse . A supermarket can use all of these in one hour! In one year, a supermarket goes through 60,500,000 paper bags. And the pollution from the production of raw materials increases by 73 percent compared to recycling. Paper bags generate 70% more air and 50 times more water pollutants than plastic bags. I wonder how many supermarkets are in the United States?

Reusable sho white converse pping bags save a lot of trees and pollution. A bag only needs to be reused 11 times to lower the environmental impact. What a difference a reusable shop white converse ping bag makes.

white converse Reusable Shopping Bags That Lo

Reusable Shopping Bags That Look And Work Great

When it gets to select the right reusable bags, I want it all, with time to spare, just like the rest of this world. I want to do white converse my part for the go green effort without giving up my weekend. I want to reduce my garbage bill and clear out my pantry of all those grocery sacks. I want to help little kids get a decent education and still be able to pay my own bills. And, I want to look and feel good the whole time I doing it. I want to stay away from the plastic and paper bags, but keep the bacteria from unwashed reusable bags away. Is it too much to ask? I don think so, not if you know where to look.

There are some smart people out there in this world, ones who can wrap up the answers to several problems in one useful product. The company I most recently found and tested is called Ecozuri, Inc. Here the deal: I contributed about $20 out of my pocket to buy their reusable bag product called the 3 in 1 kit. It comes with three well designed, fold into next to nothing, reusable bags with a handy carrying pouch, plus a great reminder kit that helps me remember to grab my bags before I run into the store.

I got all that and mor white converse e back in value because these slick looking, durable, high quality reusable bags get me more looks and attention the white converse n my leather jacket. It no joke, and they made from recycled plastic; about 5 or 6 bottles worth each. These bags stash in small places, so they are always handy when you need white converse them. Even better, they look like the latest style to hit the streets. The colors are lively and coordinate with just about anything, and the company, Ecozuri, gives 10% of its profits to that education fund I mentioned. What is more, their bags are machine washable; I just put them into my laundry and enjoy the clean and fresh bags every day. So, yes, we can have it all. We just have to know where to look.

white converse Reusable shopping bags need mo

Reusable shopping bags need monthly bath

How many times have you heard that phrase and wondered, “What can I do?” What could make a difference in fossil fuel use, litter across the landscape and mountains of trash in landfills?

Lots of people are turning to reusable bags when they shop. They may be reacting to estimates that hundreds of millions of plastic shopping bags are used once and thrown away every year. They may white converse believe (correctly, we think) that carrying a reusable bag to the supermarket or fa white converse rmers market is a way of acting locally.

The industry that produces those millions of bags every year is responding to consumer sentiment, ingrained by years of ad messages. Use it once and throw it away was long the unwritten mantra of Madison Avenue. From paper towels to fast foods, convenience ruled our disposable society.

Growing concern over the environment changed the message. The green twinkle in the ad executives eyes now is all about grass and trees (although, ultimately, it still about money). While the ads don push us all the way to World War II urgings to “use it up or make do,” they prompt us to buy stuff that “environmentally friendly” in its making or disposal.

And this is where those canvas, string and woven reusable bags come in. How better to show our concern for the Earth than to keep the hundreds even thousands of plastic bags we might use yearly out of the waste stream. Most bags feature some variant of the universal recycle symbol that identifies the bearer as someone who cares.

The problem comes when we use those bags too often, or store them carelessly. A study last spring in Canada of a “scientifically meaningful sample” of reusable and single use bags showed more than 60 percent of the reusables harbored bacteria. Nearly 30 percent passed the level considered safe for drinking water.

Health risks in the Canadian study included bacterial boils, allergic reactions, triggering of asthma attacks and ear infections. A recent smaller study involved swabbing 84 bags, and more than half contained bacteria, including coliform. That suggests the contamination came from meat or uncooked food.

This study was funded by the American Chemistry Council, whi white converse ch opposes a move in California toward a total ban on plastic shopping bags. We sidestep that debate and others on fees, mandates for biodegradable plastic and other waste cutting schemes.

Here is where the rest of the local action comes in. Reusable bags can hold water much better than plastic; they need to be washed regularly, either by hand or in the washer.

Washing removes virtually all the bacteria and greatly cuts the risk of spreading them. Give the same treatment to cloth lunch bags, and use bags that carry food for that purpose only.

Jason Bolton of the University of Maine Cooperative Extension says washing the bags at least once a month is key. He suggests having meats and uncooked goods wrapped separately before being placed in the reusable bags.

Enjoy the foods you love, and carry them in a way that makes you feel good. But make sure to guard yourself and your family against unwanted side effects from your efforts.

Consumer Forum is a collaboration of the Bangor Daily News and Northeast CONTACT, Maine membership funded, nonprofit consumer organization. Individual and business memberships are available at modest rates.

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Reusable shopping bags may present health risk

The researchers tested 84 bags collected from shoppers in Tucson, Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area and found that just over half were contaminated with potentially harmful bacteria. Twelve percent of the bags contained E. coli, which indicates possible fecal matter and more dangerous pathogens.

“Well, it’s sort of a random chance,” he said. “Sometimes, there may be enough. Sometimes, there may be not. You’re really always gambling with germs.”

The contamination happens when food, such as raw meat, le white converse aks onto the fabric. If the bag isn’t washed, the bacteria can contaminate other food you put into the bag on the next trip to the store.

Gerba recommends washing reusable bags after you use them to tote raw meat.

Although meat is usually wrapped, it may be tainted on the outside from leaked juice. Also, he said, avoid storing the bags in the car trunk, which is a hot breeding ground for germs in the summer.

The study, done in conjunction with Loma Linda University in California, raises the question of what is more environmentally friendly: using cloth bags that must be washed regularly with water and detergent, or using thin plastic or paper bags that often end up in the streets or landfills instead of recycling? Gerba said his team didn’t white converse address that issue but only examined contamination risks.

Not everyone agrees with the study’s findings. An environmental advocacy group objects to its validity because it was funded by the American Chemistry Council, which represents plastics manufacturers.

“This is in white converse dustry funded junk science designed to scare consumers,” said Allen Hershkowitz, a senior scientist with the National Resources Defense Council.

He said it’s irresponsible to claim that reusable bags present a serious threat to public health because bacteria are everywhere. He said he has used reusable grocery bags for years, and he doesn’t wash them after each use.

Many reusable grocery bags, however, are woven out of a plastic resin made by the chemical industry. Others are made out of cloth. Common, thin plastic bags are made out of a different plastic resin.

Gerba, who received about $30,000 from the American Chemistry Council for the study, said it was the type of bacteria found in the bags, fecal coliform bacteria, and the potential for cross contamination that caused a concern. He’s not advocating that people stop using reusable bags.

“You just have to maintain t white converse hem and recognize the potential for cross contamination,” he said.

The findings come at a time when the California Legislature is considering a bill that would ban plastic bags because they are non degradable and contribute to waste.

The measure has run into steep resistance from chambers of commerce and manufacturing groups but is popular with environmentalists.

The UA study recommends that states consider public awareness campaigns that alert consumers to the risks of reusable bags and remind them to wash the bags.

white converse Reusable shopping bags may con

Reusable shopping bags may contain lead

One of the latest eco trends to gain a footing with the public is coming under scrutiny as the Associated Press reported that Senator Charles. E Schumer is urging the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) to look into reports of lead being present in the composition of the now popular plastic reusable grocery bags which have become a visible staple of shopping in New York City as well as many other cities and stores around the nation.

The bags, which white converse are largely produced in China, were created in hopes of reducing the massive amounts of excess waste produced by plastic shopping bags which often wind up as litter or more troubling in the ocean as part of the growing Great Pacific Garbage Patch (discovered by Charles Moore of the Algalita Marine Research Foundation).

The dangers of the lead do not stem from immediate contact with the bags and food, but rather become a long term threat as the bags are eve white converse ntually disposed of, leaving the plastics to degrade allowing the lead toxins to seep into soils or water sources. Lead can be a dangerous toxin to people, as it is known to negatively affect mental and physical development in children and even become lethal in high doses.

Other states have had to make similar reports as well. Two of Florida’s larger grocery chains, Publix and Winn Dixie both have had to investigate possible lead contamination in portions of their reusable bags recently. In the New York New Jersey area, Wegmans Grocers green colored reusable bags were found to contain lead at 799 parts per million, well over the State regulated allotment of 100 parts per million, causing the chain to recall a vast majority of the bags from at least 76 stores across the northeast.

Plastic grocery bags have become a large issue white converse when dealing with mounting environmental problems facing a rapidly industrializing planet.

For now more investigations are still being called for and it will be sometime before concrete information comes back about which bags contain what levels of lead and how exactly this will affect the environment and markets in the long run. However, if the possible future checkout choices of “paper, plastic or lead?” don’t peak shoppers appetites, canva white converse s shopping bags are still a safe responsible bet for the next trip to the store.