leather converse Retriever Fest draws Arbutus B

Retriever Fest draws Arbutus Business and Professional Association

The Arbutus Business and Professional Association spent Saturday morning making a sales pitch to one of the community’s most valuable resources: students at University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

Again this year, ABPA had a table at the campus’ “Retriever Fest” a group of tables representing student groups and campus organizations set up outside the campus bookstore as part of orientation week on the campus. on Aug. 24, members of the group distributed reusable grocery bags full of goodies for new students to help raise awareness of what the surrounding community has to offer.

“One of the things that UMBC has trouble with, is that the kids up there say they have nothing to do, they have nowhere to go,” said former ABPA president Patti Sue Nolan.

“We started gathering stuff from our businesses,” she said. “Business cards and specials, sometimes the movie theater will put their schedule of movies in there for the next week or two.

“Just to give the kid leather converse s an idea of what’s going on in Arbutus,” she said. “It’s just a good idea to get the students comfortable with Arbutus and get them to come down and know what’s there.”

APBA members Bettina Tebo, owner of Abbey Bail Bonds, and Jean Rigg, personal banker at Northwest Savings Bank, staffed the ABPA table at the annual event, handing out bags and sharing maps of the area with incoming families.

“It’s just a way to make the students aware of the small community feel that Arbutus has to offer,” Tebo said. “It’s definitely helps extend the welcoming hand.”

Less than two hours into the event, Tebo and Rigg had already given away more than 100 of the 250 bags they brought, and students and parents could be seen toting the red bags throughout The Commons building and around campus.

UMBC alumnus Jenny Katz was at the event Saturday, helping her parents get her 18 year old brother, freshman Nathan Katz, settled in.

She said that, in her four years at UMBC, she frequently visited Arbutus restaurants with her friends, provided they could find a ride from someone.

“I lived on campus all four leather converse years,” the 22 year old Silver Spring resident said. leather converse “When we did [have a ride], Arbutus was so close so we went over for food.

“We went to Sorrento’s a lot,” she said. “They have really good pizza.”

Her brother, also a Silver Spring resident, said he was appreciative of everything the ABPA provided in the goody bag, including bookmarks, coupons, restaurant menus and a free cup, and said he plans to make a trip to Arbutus soon.

“It feels very welcoming and makes me feel like part of the community,” Nathan Katz said.

Courtney Holland was also among those at the event. The recent transfer student from the Community College of Baltimore County Essex campus said the wealth of information available was appreciated.

“It feels good,” the 20 year old White Marsh resident said. “I’m excited to start school now, but before I was really nervous.

“I think it’s helpful [to have the Retriever Fest] because I don’t really know anyone who goes here,” she said.

In addition to students, parents could also be seen sorting the bags Saturday. Sam Mookkung and his wife, Tu Mookkung, were doing just that while they waited for their son, 17 year old Bob Mookkung, to return to the bookstore from his dorm.

As a Silver Spring resident, Sam Mookkung said it was good for the ABPA to have a table there in order to introduce students to the surrounding community as well as to the campus.

“I think the community is very, very welcoming,” he said. “It’s very convenient [to get to Arbutus] and everybody is very friendly

“It’s pretty great,” he said. “It feels very right at home. That’s what we need to see around here.”

Nolan said that response is what keeps the ABPA com leather converse ing back to campus each year.

“It’s a huge growth point up there,” she said. “There’s students and staff and workers, it’s huge. We just try to capitalize [on that].

“It’s just to expand the customer base,” Nolan said. “If you can bring the kids down and they go to Sorrento’s for a pizza, that’s better for Sorrento’s.”

leather converse Retrial Denied In Carbon Trash

Retrial Denied In Carbon Trash Dumping Case

Morarescu was convicted July 18 after a trial before Lavelle. He was fined more than $17,000. Morarescu was charged for dumping 50 bags of garbage along a three mile stretch of the wooded Route 93, in the Broad Mountain area. Morarescu dumped the bags after loading them into a van at his weekend home in Hazleton.

A Morarescu neighbor said he saw a van filled with trash bags at Morarescu’s home about noon March 23, 1990. March 24, John Skerchock, a leather converse Nesquehoning Patrolman and deputy Wildlife Conservation Officer for the state Game Commission, found 52 bags of trash lying along the southbound lane of Route 93, in an area of State Game Lands.

Later that morning, state Department of Transportation workers retrieved more than 150 filled trash bags from the highway. At least 30 of those bags contained mailings addressed to 19 W. Cranberry Ave., West Hazleton. A strong odor of mildew emanated from the bags, and a dropcloth with paint drippings was found among the refuse.

In the afternoon of March 24, Wildlife Conservation Officer Richard E. Karper and Skerchock found four more bags that contained mail addressed to the West Hazleton address. An investigation revealed that Morarescu and his wife owned the Cranberry Avenue property. Karper found the Cranberry Avenue property was vacant, but say Morarescu on March 31 drove a van to the property and remove some items.

Karper and Skerchock interviewed Morarescu, who said he never had lent his van to anyone. Morarescu invited the officers to inspect the van. Karper said the van had a musty smell, similar to the odor coming from the bags found along the Broad Mountain.

At trial, Morarescu denied that he littered, and the case was decided via circumstantial evidence.

Morarescu on appeal argued prosecutors had failed to prove by direct evidence that he littered. Lave leather converse lle said the argument “ignores proof of guilt by circumstantial evidence,” because the prosecutor is not required to produce direct evidence. “Circumstantial evidence alone is permitted and sufficient to convict,” Lavelle said.

Lavelle said he inferred from the evidence that Morarescu “was conducting a large scale cleanup of the Cranberry Avenue property” and was “placing the bags in his leather converse van for dumping at some other location.”

Lavelle said “probability crystallized into certainty when the Commonwealth produced some of leather converse the solid waste found in the trash bags.” Morarescu, the judge said, “had both the opportunity and motive to remove this kind of trash from the West Cranberry” property. Lavelle dismissed Morarescu’s contention that the “compulsory joinder rule” was applicable.

leather converse Retour sur les Jutra(Photo

Retour sur les Jutra

(Photo : Olivier Jean La Presse)

Les Jutra ont 15 ans. Cet anniversaire aurait pu tre soulign de faon un peu particulire en mettant le cinma en valeur. Oui, je suis parfois naf. Encore.

Je l’ai souvent dit et crit: on peut remettre en question le systme de slection et trouver certaines nominations aberrantes parfois, il reste qu’au bout du compte, les professionnels de la profession ont toujours fini par faire les bons choix l’arrive. C’est dire que les films les plus mritoires ont t prims la plupart du temps. Ce beau bouquet aurait d inspirer bien davantage qu’un concours visant lire le choix du public parmi les laurats des annes prcdentes. fut plbiscit par le public mais on en a fait seulement l’annonce. Jean Marc Valle, qui tait dans la salle, n’a mme pas eu l’occasion de monter sur scne. Il aurait t certainement intressant d’entendre ce qu’il avait dire. Mme chose pour Philippe Falardeau, laurat du Jutra du film s’tant le plus illustr l’tranger grce Monsieur Lazhar. En cette poque o l’on parle beaucoup du dsquilibre entre le ray leather converse onnement de notre cinma national l’tranger et celui qu’il obtient moins l’intrieur mme de son territoire, la rflexion d’un homme aussi brillant aurait t fort bienvenue.

Mais non. Plutt que de clbrer leather converse le cinma, on a prfr concevoir des numros n’ayant aucun rapport avec les films dont il tait question. J’adore Louis Jean Cormier (il a d’ailleurs cass la baraque au Vieux Clocher de Magog samedi; j’y tais) mais la raison pour laquelle il fut invit livrer une performance aux Jutra demeure encore floue dans mon esprit. Si je comprends bien, sa prsence tait simplement due au fait que la formule happy end figure dans le titre de l’une de ses chansons. Dans un gala consacr au cinma, no offense L J, j’aurais prfr entendre les compositeurs en lice pour la meilleure musique, notamment les laurats Viviane Audet, Robin Jol Cool et ric West Millette, signataires de la magnifique trame musicale du film de Rafal Ouellet Camion. Par ailleurs, le sketch inter leather converse minable des trois gars des Parent, au cours duquel ils affirment quel point le cinma est poche mais concdent n’avoir rien vu, restera le moment emblmatique de cette soire rate.

Les chroniqueurs tl ont aussi relev la ribambelle de malaises qui ont jalonn ce gala, notamment tous ces bouts qui semblent avoir t improviss sur le champ. vrai dire, on avait l’impression que les concepteurs ont tout fait pour que le tlspectateur qui se serait adonn tomber l dessus par hasard ne se rende pas compte qu’il tait question de cinma. Un peu comme quand on cache le fait qu’il y a des scnes de hockey dans Maurice Richard. Faudrait surtout pas que a se sache pour ne pas faire fuir ceux qui ne sont pas naturellement attirs vers le genre.

Vrai, la petite classe de matre d’Andr Turpin ralisateur d’Un crabe dans la tte et l’un des meilleurs directeurs photo du Qubec ressemblait ce que l’on leather converse attend d’une telle clbration. Turpin tait engageant au point o certains ont mme suggr sur les rseaux sociaux qu’il prenne le relais de Rmy Girard l’animation. Michel Ct, laurat du Prix Hommage, a aussi pos de trs bonnes questions dans son discours, notamment sur le manque de curiosit d’un peuple qui boude son propre cinma.

la fin, Rmy Girard a presque implor le public d’aller voir des films qubcois. Je veux bien. Encore faudrait il donner ce public l’envie d’aller les voir. On pourrait peut tre commencer par les mettre davantage en valeur dans un gala qui, en principe, est conu pour les clbrer.

Vincent Guzzo a ri dans sa barbe (Hugo Dumas)

Rebelle s aux Jutra (mon compte rendu)

Rmy Girard : Pour moi c mission accomplie. Ben cou Je dois tre dans une classe part. Naf? Bat? Crtin? Tolrant? Crdule? Groupie? Et ma femme aussi? lire tout ce qui a t crit et entendu tout ce qui a t dit, je me demande si je ne devrais pas m quelque part.

En effet, sauf quelques couacs, nous avons aim ce gala. Il ne nous a pas dprims ni ne nous a dcourags de continuer frquenter le cinma d Et encore moins incits zapper vers La Voix qui, d commence srieusement me les casser.

Vrai que j bien les films de Bernard mond, justement ceux qu certain Guzzo aime dtester. Cela est il rdhibitoire? On le dirait bien. Pourtant, j aime aussi beaucoup d J suivi avec avidit le cinma qubcois pendant des dcennies. Avec le projet lphant j pu aussi voir toute une collection de films beaucoup plus anciens encore.

J vu la quasi totalit des Jutra prims ces 15 dernires annes et j choisi Les Invasions et ma femme, Le Violon rouge. Et non, je n pas aim Omerta qui a remport le Billet d

Cela dit, pour que l aime un gala, faudrait il qu soit anim par un de nos valeureux humoristes? Qu donne dans le show de boucane? Qu donne lieu un esclandre? Que l y donne une vole de bois vert un politicien? Toutes ces rponses? Aucune de ces rponses? D rponses?

Sincrement, y des fois o je me demande comment on peut plaire tout le monde ainsi qu Vincent Guzzo?

Les Jutra une occasion rate que j jusqu bout. Bravo pour moi qui a horreur des galas. Mais, signe des temps, mon exploit je le dois aux rseaux sociaux. Je l suivi grce twitter, je l on veut plaire tout le monde, et Guzzo, a donne des malaises. Les commentaires des twitteux, souvent hilarants, aident faire passer le mottons, mettons. Pour bien finir une anne de crise on a eu droit un mauvais gala.

De notre cinma, on en aurait pris plus mais, en mme temps, c facile de dire a aprs. Je comprends qu veut intresser le plus de gens possible notre cinma. Pour moi a marche et a irait encore mieux si on facilitait les changes sur les rseaux sociaux avec les artisans du cinma qubcois.

On en a eu un bel exemple avec David La Haye ici dernirement!

Pour que ce gala attire les tlspectateurs qubcois, il faudrait que les prsentateurs de trophes soit de parfait inconnus participant un concours pour devenir clbre le temps de quelques mois, par exemple pour devenir animateur tl. On pourrait appeler a La star animateur. En bonus, afin de s de vraiment cartonner, on pourrait inclure une portion jeu tlvisuel faisant suite la vente de gratteux dans les dpanneurs qu appelerait La poule aux Jutras. Et voil, ce n pas plus compliqu que a. La masse sera devant son cran!

Les jutra: des bons moments et des moments rats; un gala quoi

Mais il manque sa cible car : n pas en nomination, un film pourtant magnifique, le meilleur de l quant moi

Car : on veut faire plaisir trop de monde

Car : pour se faire connatre dans notre monde culturel, les nouvelles ttes d n pas s ne sont pas connus par la tl ou en tout cas prenne beaucoup plus de temps prendre une place. Incendies a eu du succs box office et critique mais Denis Villeneuve avait fait de bons films quand mme avant.

Car: on compare probablement trop avec l cinmatographique amricaine qui crase tout le monde ici et ailleurs par entre autres la force de leur rouleau compresseur publicitaire alors que ce n pas le cas pour la tl par exemple.

J bien aim la chronique de votre collgue Hugo Dumas.

cette mlasse de pubs, d et de plogues de commanditaires ( genre de gala (cinma, musique, design, etc.) est toujours deux doigts de tomber dans le flattage de poil masturbatoire o les seuls gagnants sont les vendeurs de pub. C d plus visible lorsque c un march petit et/ou stagnant/en dclin.

leather converse Retooled junk on the trunk

Retooled junk on the trunk

Stretch your imagination. If you were trying to create clothes with items from your trash, what would you use? That was the challenge for about 20 local designers whose creations will be on a fashion runway at this Saturday’s TRA’shion show at ARTpool, an art co op that opened four months ago.

M packages, Juicy Fruit gum wrappers. Magazine pages. Vintage neckties. Fireworks boxes. Crushed soda cans. Garbage bags. Old place mats. All will be on display, some in haute couture designs that blend the materials and make you barely realize you’re looking at stuff that usually ends up in the trash can.

“These items that were tossed and thought of as ugly have been re created into some incredible pieces of art,” said Marina Williams, 23, who opened ARTpool at 919 First Ave. N.

Recycled clothing has turned trendy in recent years. Designers across the globe have come up with recycled fashion lines. Clothing recycling nonprofit groups and companies have emerged to cut textile waste by collecting and distributing clothes just about everywhere. consumers, who throw away about 68 pounds of clothing a year each, to wear clothes made from natural materials as a way to reduce global warming.

For the designers who have spent months toiling with hot glue and sewing machines, the TRA’shion show is a way to get across the idea that new clothes don’t always have to be brand new.

All of the designers, who are from Florida, had to come up with a sketch of a dress or a sample of work to enter the show. The clothes will be modeled on the runway Saturday and are available for sale, with all proceeds going to the designers.

Some made pieces that are works of art. Others tried to make items that could actually be worn comfortably.

Emily Eacho, 21, a student at the leather converse Ringling College of Art and Design, said her soda can dress is not likely something that could be worn long term. The skirt alone weighs about 15 pounds.

To make the dress, Eacho got soda cans in the colors she wanted. Then she put the cans on the ground sideways, placed a board on to leather converse p of them and ran over them with her car. The flat cans are woven with wire in a colorful design of red, green, orange blue and silver. The bo leather converse dice has a similar design with soda can box details. Jewelry made o leather converse f soda can tabs completes the outfit.

“These are art pieces,” Eacho said. “It’s definitely more of the idea of recycling, to try to give that message to people that you really should wear recycled clothes. All the clothes being thrown away could be recycled.”

In a tiny garage off a back alley in the Old Northeast neighborhood, Vinni Lacava has spent countless hours these past few months putting together six outfits for the show. Lacava has woven Publix garbage bags into a shift edged with hot pink lace trim. She has folded pages from an Allure magazine into a ruffle skirt that will go with a corset made from the same magazine and spray painted black. She sewed a lime green and white sheet into an A line dress with butterfly appliques. She made another dress out of cream colored duct tape and another out of old white T shirts.

She says her outfits, except for the garbage bag dress, are definitely wearable.

“That’s my whole point of making clothes, making things out of stuff that’s already there, reusing what you have,” said Lacava, a 27 year old student at St. Petersburg College. “When I make something, I don’t want people to look at it and say, ‘That looks cool.’ I want them to say, ‘Oh, I want one of those.’ “

leather converse Retirement homes host baseball

Retirement homes host baseball

Editor’s note: Freelancer Nancy Stunk Kirby takes on Katie Morell’s Senior Living colum leather converse n. She’s taking it from a d leather converse ifferent angle, focusing on the people, places, events and organizations that give the 65 and better crowd plenty to do, see and think about.

Warm temperatures bring thoughts of spring, and Aurora seniors are getting in the swing of the season with baseball themed beanbag competitions.

Senior Services Associates is one of a growing number of area retirement communities, churches and senior service centers sponsoring beanbag teams. SSA’s Aurora Aces compete several times each month at their home base of 900 N. Lake St. and at various other locations for “away” games. Game times alternate in the mornings and afternoons to accommodate various schedules.

On Monday, the Aces challenged the bags team from Plum Landing retirement community, 495 N. Lake St., coming away with a 13 9 victory over six innings of play.

“It’s just a lot of fun,” said SSA activity director Paul Heinkel, who helps organize the competition.

“You see the excitement the players get from this,” he added. “All different kinds of people can play. We have one player in a wheelchair, and he hits the ball almost every time.”

The competition draws seniors in their 60s through 80s for lively games that get them going both physically and mentally.

“Part of this is just getting people together,” Heinkel said. “The socialization is important, and the competitiveness comes out when people start throwing bags.”

The game is similar to the traditional “bags” where players toss beanbags through holes in an angled wooden box to score points. In this version, the box has various holes labeled “single,” “double,” “triple” and “home run.” Two holes are labeled “out” and a rectangle opening at the bottom is marked “foul.”

Standing 17 feet from the bags box, players are given three tries to make a hit or lose their turn if the bag falls through an “out” hole. They advance around chairs that serve as the three bases, sitting down to rest as needed.

From their chairs lining the “sidelines” of the fourth floor parlor at Plum Landing on Monday morning, 17 senior competitors called out words of encouragement as the boisterous game began.

“Play ball!” one participant yelled as the first player stepped up to the line.

Aurora Aces player Ed Hacker, 83, put down his cane as he prepared to toss his first bag. He scored a single and ended up rounding the bases when the next player scored a triple.

“I try to get up and around as much as I can,” Hacker said, explaining that he recently had back surgery.

His wife, Lois, managed a triple when her turn came to toss the bag. “I’m proud to be 80,” she said. “I’m trying to get to 90.”

Cheering on their players were Plum Landing Executive Director Dan Mangers and marketing coordinator Amanda Whitman, who also served as coach and scorek leather converse eeper.

Heinkel said the senior bags competitions leather converse will continue alongside baseball season, culminating in a “World Series” tournament this fall at Prisco Community Center. Last year, a number of sponsors pitched in to help provide money for lunch, ribbons and trophies for about 70 competitors. Heinkel is hoping to double the number of participants this fall.

SSA, which serves Kane, Kendall and McHenry counties, has been running their bags competitions for about a year and is working to increase participation among area senior services providers.

leather converse Retired scientist Carl Clark a

Retired scientist Carl Clark advocates continued search for those automotive soft landings

Retired from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the 73 year old scientist is still advocating interior air bags for airplanes, trains and school buses. He’s promoting ,, exterior air bags that spring from auto bumpers. He’s even invented a wearable air bag that inflates to prevent broken hips in the elderly.

Clark has spent 35 years urging the use of air bags a concept he helped develop in 1961. Now, face leather converse d by widespread alarm over air bag caused deaths, his biggest fear is that people will disconnect the devices he’s worked so hard to give them.

“The overall message, of course, is that air bags are so much safer than the dangers they pose,” the scientist says. “You ought to learn the dangers and deal with them.”

On the other hand, he adds, air bags can and should be improved. The speed of the air bag’s inflation presents the greatest hazard, he says. As far back as the 1960s, he warned of the danger rapidly inflating bags pose to children, especially if they were not wearing seat belts.

Clark has long preached that air bags should operate on crash anticipation: a radar controlled system that senses a potential collision far enough in advance to allow air bags to inflate slowly.

And he believes that a system of exterior air bags, used in conjunction with radar controlled brakes, will eventually become

standard equipment. With the help of co designer Bill Young, an air bag inventor from Nevada, Clark has presented five international papers on bumper air bags in the past three years.

What’s still missing, he says, is the public demand and the production strategy to make commercial devices. (His crash tests have only used inflated bags.)

Bumper air bags is not an idea that will make this scientist rich; a patent on the notion of exterior air bags was filed years ago. Clark just wants to see it save lives.

“I get paid for about a quarter of my time the other three quarters is thinking about the future,” he says. “Bumper air bags will definitely happen. It’ll just take a while.”

And let the record show Carl Clark is a patient man. He independently invented and tested air bag systems for astronauts in 1962 when he was manager for the life sciences department at Baltimore’s Glenn L. Martin Co. Later, his department won the first government contract to design air bag restraints. After Clark’s tests proved air bags could protect astronauts, it wasn’t long before he ran tests demonstrating their ability to reduce fatalities in aircraft as well as automobiles.

It took several decades, and various political regimes, before interior air bags became standard equipment in cars. In 1965, Clark recommended auto companies install air bags for side impact protection now standard in Volvo and Mercedes Benz models. And he directed the first contract that proved the benefit of a side air bag while working for the traffic safety admini leather converse stration.

A life’s work

On a sunny summer afternoon, the scientist is showing a videotape of career highlights in the kitchen of his Catonsville home. Soft spoken but enthusiastic, Clark still talks about his work with the excitement of the youngster who used to daydream about making water turbine engines for cars. Now, he develops projects in the home where he and his wife Betty, a retired attorney, have lived since 1962. And it’s not unusual, he says somewhat apologetically, for his research to consume chunks of the house: a steering wheel column with its air bag has temporarily taken up residence in the dining room while he re leather converse views material for a court appearance.

Clark also serves as an expert witness in automobile safety litigation. He recently appeared on a television program investigating unnecessary burns resulting from poorly designed air bags on steering wheels.

“Some of the early air bags had gas vents right where your hands were and would burn you when they inflated,” he says. “Chrysler knew how to fix it and did for new cars but did not for the car leather converse s they had already produced.”

Clark is also concerned about the safety of glass in automobiles: He advocates a system of glass plastic side windows and windshields that protect passengers from ejecting through windows in a crash, even if the car rolls over.

“The big auto companies all know how to make [glass plastic] but it costs a little bit more and the government has dragged its feet in requiring it,” he says. “It’s like the early days of the air bag: It’s there, people know how to do it but they’re not doing it yet. It will happen.”

leather converse Retired police officer held wi

Retired police officer held without bail in US movie theatre shooting

WESLEY CHAPEL, Fla. A retired police captain is being held without bail after fatally shooting a man who was texting in a Florida movie theatre.

On Tuesday, a judge ordered Curtis Reeves, 71, held without bond on a charge of second degree murder in the dea leather converse th of 43 year old Chad Oulson on Monday.

must have just snapped, neighbour Joe D said of Reeves, describing him as friendly, guy. trying to put all of this together. personnel files from the police department show he led other agencies in gun safet leather converse y training and received numerous letters of commendation for his leadership.

Still, Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco said Tuesday: didn matter what he had done previously in his life. You don shoot someone over a texting incident. Detective Allen Proctor wrote that Reeves spoke to Oulson during the movie previews, then got up and informed management.

When Reeves returned to his seat words were exchanged and Oulson threw a bag of popcorn at Reeves, the report said.

After officers read him his rights, Reeves told the de leather converse tective that Oulson struck him in the face with an unknown object, and that when he removed a .380 calibre gun from his pants pocket. The report said Reeves fired the gun and struck Oulson once in the chest and that he in fear of being attacked. the hearing, Judge Lynn Tepper said she found the evidence significant enough to warrant the no bond order.

Reeves faces life in prison if convicted. He only spoke once during his court appearance, to say ma to the judge when she asked him if he could afford to hire his own attorney. Reeves, who appeared in court via a video link from the jail, appeared to be wearing a bullet proof vest without a shirt underneath.

Reeves attorney, Richard Escobar, argued that his client should be released because of his deep ties to the community.

Escobar said the probable cause document was weak and that Reeves was defending himself.

alleged victim attacked him, Escobar said, adding that Oulson threw something, possibly popcorn, at Reeves. that point in time he has every right to defend himself. judge said that throwing unknown object does not equal taking leather converse out a gun and shooting someone.

leather converse Retired physician spending his

Retired physician spending his golden years making Edmonton cleaner

EDMONTON When you think of retirement, the idea of cleaning up litter probably isn the first thing that comes to your mind. But that exactly how one retired emergency room physician is spending his days.

Dr. Robert Brown devotes up to 20 hours a week to picking up garbage from the side of one of Edmonton busiest freeways: Whitemud Drive. The 65 year old primarily focuses on the stretch between Rainbow Valley bridge and Quesnell bridge.

it mostly construction debris then there the stuff that people th leather converse row out. includes bottles, cans, cigarette packs, candy wrappers, fast food bags leather converse even diapers. Occassionally, he come across something a little more valuable, like a $5 or $10 bill. That only happens maybe once a year, though.

a low paying job. people will sometimes even recognize him at the grocery store, and ask him if he guy on the freeway picking up trash. he doesn do this for money or praise.

I just obsessive compulsive about trash, he said. maybe my mom made me clean up my room too much, I don know. hejust wants a cleaner city; and his fixation with that started about 30 years, while out for a jog.

would see trash, and I never liked trash lying around leather converse especially where I like to run. So I would pick it up by the handful, and then I started carrying small bags, then larger bags. And then eventually, I just dropped the running I would go out specifically to pick up trash. Brownsees it as exercise. Plus he always enjoyed the outdoors.

leather converse
I making some kind of a contribution without having to go to meetings, he said.

will keep doing it as long as I can. from nolittering, the City would also like to see more volunteers like Brown. You can call 311 if you interested in helping out or register online.

leather converse Retired Ottawa photographer Jo

Retired Ottawa photographer John Davies missing

Retired Ottawa photographer John Davies has gone missing. Police are asking the public for help finding him and his family is sick with worry.

no way he OK and he wouldn call her at Easter, said Darlene Davies of her brother missed phone call to their mother over the Easter long weekend. Her eldest broth leather converse er, John, is a loner, but is very she says and calls his mother other day. last time Darlene heard from John was in an email on April 3.

She says she had been trying to get in touch with leather converse John ever since April 11th, when she said her brother had been slated to have a colonoscopy. She said she and was concerned when she didn hear back from him, but says she didn start to really worry until April 17, when her mother began to complain she hadn heard from John. She says her brother served in the Canadian Forces and then the federal Civil Service.

That when she says she contacted police to file a missing persons report.

On Sunday police put out a press release asking for the public assistance, but didn say in the communique what Darlene says they told her that they found her brother car in a National Capital Commission parking lot at a conservation area. She said police told her NCC parking enforcement had chalked the car on April 17 and police found h leather converse er brother camera bag in the car, but no camera. She says police won tell her what conservation area the car was found in and she fears John ma leather converse y have been injured or suffered a heart attack or stroke in the woods.

She drove to Ottawa from her home in Barrie in hope of looking inside her brother apartment to see if he taken medication for the colonoscopy or possibly find a number for the doctor, but she says police told her brother condo board that letting her into the apartment would violate her brother privacy.

wrong, if his car is there and he not and his camera isn there, but the bag is. He kept to himself. He wouldn have met someone and gone somewhere else in a different car.

Davies is described as white, with short blond/grey hair, 5 9 medium build, and has a reddish/grey beard. Anyone with information as to her whereabouts is asked to contact the Ottawa Police Service missing persons unit at 613 236 1222 ext. 2355.

leather converse Retired bureaucrat bags Indira

Retired bureaucrat bags Indira Gandhi Achiever Award

CHANDIGARH: Vice Chancellor of Indira Gandhi University, Mirpur (Rewari), Mahender Kumar has been honoured with Indira Gandhi Achiever Award for his outstanding services in the field of Education.

Haryana Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda honoured him in Indira Gandhi Achiever Award Function organized to mark the birth anniversary of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi at Delhi on Wednesday. Mahender Kumar is a retired IAS of 1992 batch of Haryana Cadre who has rendered about 32 years of service on different posts with an outstanding performance record.

The Governor of Haryana has awarded him with Gold Medal and Merit Certificate for the outstanding contribution to the welfare activities initiated through Council for Child Welfare, Haryana. During the period of posting as Additi leather converse onal Deput leather converse y Commissioner, Ambala, with his hard work and outstanding efforts, District Ambala stood first in the country for implementation of 20 Point Programme. He held the Charge of Vice Chancellor, YMCA University of Science and Technology, Faridabad in additi leather converse on for a period from April 2010 to March 2012. Also, he held the charge of Vice Chancellor, Deen Bandhu Chhotu Ram University of Science and Technology, Murthal twice for a period from June 18, 2011 to June 26, 2011 and June 11, 2012 to June 20, 20 leather converse 12 respectively.