leather converse Restaurant inspections by the

Restaurant inspections by the Onondaga Co leather converse unty Health Department from December 1 to 7

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leather converse Restaurant health code violati

Restaurant health code violations for April 21

The Kansas Department of Agriculture cited these operations for 7 or more priority health code violations:

Tarahumara Mexican Food, 3212 Merriam Lane, Kansas City, Kan. leather converse , had 12 priority violations during an April 2 inspection following a complaint, including cooked pork held at improper temperatures (pork discarded).

Nevelandia, 908 N. 18th St., Kansas City, Kan., had 9 priority violations during an April 7 routine inspection, including no devices for measuring food temperatures.

The owner declined to comment.

Novedades El Guero and Carniceria, 826 S. Harrison St., Olathe, had 9 priority violations during a March 31 routine inspection, including raw beef, raw chicken and raw pork held in the meat case at improper temperatures.

It had no priority violations during an April 16 follow up inspection.

Amigo Grill Cantina, 2737 S. 47th St., Kansas City, Kan., had 7 priority violations during an April 16 follow up inspection, including bags of cooked chicken wings with a preparation date of March 18 and discard date of March 25 in the cooler (chicken wings discarded).

It had 14 priority violations during a Feb. 3 inspection following a complaint and 11 priority violations during a Feb. 21 routine inspection.

replaced the management and the infractions have been corrected. We also are retraining the staff, said Steve Harry, owner.

Savor Asian Cuisine, 7809 W. 151st St., Overland Park, had 7 priority violations during an April 7 routine inspection, including raw shrimp and raw chicken held in cooler at improper temperatures.

It had no priority violations during an April 17 follow up inspection. Red Bridge Road, had 8 critical violations during an April 2 routine inspection, including cooked ground beef held at improper temperatures (beef discarded).

have all been corrected, said Frank Leone, owner. Parvin Road, had 7 critical violations during an April 16 routine inspection, including food held at improper temperatures (a repeat violation).

A manager declined to comment.

Calypso Buffet, Isle of Capri Casino, 1800 E. Front St., had 7 critical violations during an April 1 routine inspection, including no date mark on cheese soup and mus leather converse hroom soup in the cooler (items date marked).

It has 3 critical violations during an April 8 follow up inspection.

In a statement, Jill Alexander, spokeswoman for the casino, said: Isle we continually strive to operate our restaurants in the cleanliest conditions. The conditions observed were immediately leather converse corrected. Some of the comments may be reprinted elsewhere on the site or in the newspaper. We encourage lively, open debate on the issues of the day, and ask that you refrain from profanity, hate speech, personal comments a leather converse nd remarks that are off point. Thank you for taking the time to offer your thoughts.

The Kansas City Star uses Facebook’s commenting system. You need to log in with a Facebook account in order to comment.

leather converse Restaurant glove requirement o

Restaurant glove requirement on chopping block

Chefs at Lemongrass Asian Cuisine in Hemet wear disposable gloves while preparing meals to keep their dishes fresher.

They were doing so before a new law required that food preparers throughout California no longer touch ready to eat food with their bare hands. And they will continue to wear them even if the law is repealed, as some hope it will be.

Under current state law, chefs may touch food with their bare hands before cooking it, but once it’s ready to be placed on a plate, they must wea leather converse r disposable gloves or use utensils, such as spatulas and tongs.

Proponents say it’s another step toward food safety. Detractors argue it will make it more difficult to prepare some dishes, such as sushi, and clog trash cans and landfills with plastic gloves at the same time environmentally conscious municipalities in the state are banning plastic shopping bags.

The use of gloves is part of a larger bill that also addressed cottage food operations, mobile food facilities and animals in commercia leather converse l kitchens.

The law was backed by the state Assembly’s Health Committee, the same group now looking to change it after protests from the restaurant industry, which sees the use of gloves as unnecessary.

The committee voted unanimously last month to repeal the disposable glove section of the law, and the issue will go back to the floor for a vote of the full Assembly.

“It was an unintended consequence of the bill they did not foresee,” said Assemblyman Brian Nestande, R Palm Desert, who is on the committee. leather converse “I don’t think they figured everybody would have to use gloves. That’s not practical in a lot of applications.”

Sandwich shops and sushi restaurants are among the establishments where preparers handle food immediately before handing it to customers. The law also affects bartenders who may garnish mixed drinks with limes, olives or pineapple chunks.

A fact sheet explaining the new law states: “Recent studies indicate that hand washing leather converse alone is not enough to prevent food borne illnesses, and that food service employees are the source of contamination in more than two thirds of the food borne outbreaks reported in the United States with a bacterial or viral cause.”

But Nestande said people have been handling food for years, especially in their own kitchens, without issues. Spoiled food is more of a problem, he said.

“You certainly want food protection, but I don’t know that there have been many outbreaks from food handling,” he said. “It’s an overreaction; that’s why there is a correction.”

Data from the CDC’s National Center for Environmental Health indicates that from 1998 to 2002, 25 percent of 3,072 food borne illness outbreaks in the United States in which contributing factors were identified were caused by bare hand contact by a food worker.

CDC studies have found that one in five food workers work while they are sick with stomach issues and that food workers only practice proper hand hygiene one out of four times that they should.

The use of gloves is part of the United States Food and Drug Administration’s food code and has been adopted in other states.

Nestande said he doesn’t remember the committee discussing the use of gloves when talking about the bill.

If the glove section is repealed, the law would revert to stating that food handlers should “minimize bare hand and arm contact with non prepackaged food that is in a ready to eat form.”

The law, AB 1252, became effective Jan. 1, and is being phased in gradually. It will take full effect July 1 if it isn’t overturned before then.

Lynne Wilder, program chief for the Riverside County Department of Environmental Health, said informational bulletins are being given to restaurants by health inspectors.

“We take an educational approach,” she said. “I think they’re looking at it as an extra layer of protection. It doesn’t take the place of hand washing, it’s in addition to.”

Wilder said ignoring the glove requirement is not considered a major violation but will result in penalties for the restaurant owner. She said violations can be discovered during inspections. If consumers file a complaint, her department will investigate.

Lemongrass owner Tu Uong said since his chefs always have worn gloves, nothing will change at his restaurant. When cooks marinate meat, moisture from their hands could make it spoil quicker, he said.

But he does have a concern about the price of gloves.

“Now the price of gloves is probably going to double,” Uong said.

Boxes of 500 gloves were selling for about $3.50 on the Webstaurantstore website this week.

Uong, 32, said his restaurant serves about 200 customers on a typical day, going through 250 to 500 pairs of gloves.


Except when washing fruits and vegetables food employees shall not contact exposed, ready to eat food with their bare hands and shall use suitable utensils such as deli tissue, spatulas, tongs, single use gloves or dispensing equipment.

leather converse Restaurant bag ban starts Frid

Restaurant bag ban starts Friday

Plastic to go bags at Palo Alto restaurants are going to go as of Friday, Nov. 1, when the third phase of Palo Alto’s ordinance banning plastic bags takes effect.

Restaurants and food service establishments will no longer be able to give out single use plastic to go bags.

Implementation of the ordinance began in 2009 in grocery stores and was expanded to all retail establishments in July. It still allows plastic bags without handles to be used to hold individual containers of soups or stews if the container itself isn’t enough to prevent spilling.

As of Friday, customers can instead use a paper bag, provided by the restaurant at no cost, use no bag or place the food in their own reusable bag, a City of Palo Alto press release stated.

“Plastic to go bags from food service establishments are regularly found in local creeks,” said Ken Torke, acting assistant director for Public Works’ environmental services division. “We have started to see a reduction of retail bags in creeks just since July, and we are optimistic that this phase of the ordinance will do even more to reduce bag litter on streets and in creeks.”

Nearly 60 percent fewer plastic checkout bags than last year were found during a September Coast Clean up day at Adobe Creek, according to the city.

Palo Alto is the second city on the Peninsula to ban plastic to go bags from restaurants. San Francisco had a similar ordinance that went into effect Oct. 1. Santa Cruz County implemented an ordinance for restaurants in its unincorporated areas in April.

Palo Alto officials recommend people keep reusable bags by the door of their home, in their car or near keys. They also suggest keeping foldable bags in pockets, backpacks and purses to remember where they are.

> If Joe is so interested in the numbers rather than %

What good is the media, if all they do is post telephone numbers for people to get information. Clearly having thousands of people call the City, or other news sources, for information that should have been in any articles about something that is supposed to be newsworthy makes no sense.

All it would take is for the Weekly to ask: “so, how many bags did you find this time?” How hard could that be? One question asked by the reporter, and then everyone would know. If the City refused to give that number then it would not be hard to ask: leather converse “why not?”

As it turns out, the City did provide the basic information on its web site

Web Link

Approximately 350 plastic bags were found in Palo Alto’s lower watershed in 2012 from two creek clean up events and a one month bag sighting tallyThe idea that the City could only find 350 bags in its monitoring area during all of 2012 makes this whole restriction on our basic freedoms outrageous. 60% of a zero is zero. 60% of 350 is also basically zero.

The article does not provide the basic information, and the Council failed to ask even basic questions of the staff who promoted this silliness.

This article did not provide the basic information needed to understand that this whole effort by the City was unneeded, and incredibly dishonest!

Why do I get the feeling that any number of bags reported would have Joe feeling outraged! ; )

Now when I go shopping in the produce aisle I give thanks that there are still plastic bags to put my vegetables in. There are times when a plastic bag works, and works well. Knowing how filthy and germy most of our supermarkets are and the people who go to them, their kids, and occasionally their dogs, I don’t want anything I buy to touch the baskets (that never seemed to get cleaned) or the belts best is as little as possible.

Plastic bags are appropriate at some times. I don’t mind paying for them or paper bags if necessary to do what must be done to clean them up or pay to avoid problems they cause, but let’s not go crazy. I’m not sure a paper to go bag is going to perform the same as a plastic bag when I go to get Chinese take out, particularly if there is liquid involved.

What’s next, a paper bag when your kid goes to buy a goldfish, or carrying it home in your cupped hands?

What really annoys me is that plastic bags are not just single use bags. I have several around my home which are from stores long gone and are in use for various purposes of storage. I need plastic bags for kids to bring home wet swim things from school pe to protect whatever else is in their backpacks. We use plastic bags to keep the saddle dry when bikes have to be parked outside in the rain. We use plastic bags for returning borrowed items so tha leather converse t the bag doesn’t have to be returned to us. The Palo Alto Weekly and other newspapers need to be in plastic bags to keep them dry in wet weather. Dry Cleaning needs to be covered in plasti leather converse c bags. I use plastic bags in the car for when hiking and we end up with muddy shoes that need to be removed and put in a bag to keep the car clean. I like to be able to put my wet umbrella in a plastic bag when carrying it around or returning to the car. Plastic bags are extremely useful when camping or for a day leather converse at the beach. They are also very useful for packing when traveling to keep shoes and similar things which may be dirty from dirtying the clean things.

All these things need plastic bags and now we need to buy plastic bags for these uses. One time a trash bag was used for stuff that needed to be returned to someone and it ended up in the trashcan because that is what it looked like fortunately it was spotted before the trash can was taken away!

I begrudge these bans, modest charges to make us think if we really need one is not too bad, but banning them makes no sense to me.

I was out of town most of the summer and was surprised when I returned to find that along with the plastic bag ban having gone into affect, paper bags were no longer available unless I was willing to pay $.10 per bag for them. I’m all for eliminating plastic bags, but why the charge for paper bags and who gets this money? I’m happy to get into the habit of bringing in my own cloth bags for groceries. I can plan for that since I know I will indeed be buying something at the store. But it’s a different story downtown. I never know when I might stop into a retail shop or drugstore to make a purchase and, because I resent being charged for a bag to place that unexpected purchase into, I end juggling jars and tissue wrapped goods out the door and down the street. That certainly doesn’t make me want to spend additional time downtown. Have I missed something? Why the new charge for paper bags? I must have missed the small print when the discussion to eliminate plastic bags was going on.

>> because the containers leaked into the bag and not all over me or my car seat. If it had been paper, my car seat would have been a mess. What are these restaurants supposed to use now?

That was what I was ready to get all upset about . but I read this which seems to say for liquids plastic bags can still be used.

leather converse Restaurant and fitness club he

Restaurant and fitness club health inspections for March 31

The Kansas Department of Agriculture cited these operations for 7 or more priority health code violations.

Stix, 1847 Village West Parkway, Suite K 101, Kansas City, Kan., had 14 priority violations durin leather converse g a Marc leather converse h 24 routine inspection, including raw shrimp, cut lettuce, and cooked chicken held at improper temperatures on the make table (food discarde leather converse d).

Woodside Health Tennis Club, kitchen, 2000 W. 47th Place, Westwood, had 12 priority violations during a March 19 routine inspection, including chicken sandwich and chicken salad in self service cooler held at improper temperatures, and lettuce, cooked turkey, cooked salmon, chicken salad, hummus, and raw shell eggs held at improper temperatures on the make table.

Club officials declined to comment.

Minsky Pizza, 12920 State Line Road, Leawood, had 9 priority violations during a March 25 routine inspection, including cooked turkey, ham, cooked chicken, sliced tomatoes, feta cheese and boiled eggs held at improper temperatures on the make table .

has been corrected. The refrigeration has been corrected and we do take it very seriously, said Michael Burr, owner/operator.

Unforked, (listed under Sheridan Frozen Custard) 7337 W. 119th St., Overland Park, had 9 priority violations during a March 20 routine inspection, including employee handled soiled food equipment and then handled clean equipment without washing hands between tasks.

Jim Sheridan, owner, said in a statement: this inspection all items were made compliant while the state inspector was in the restaurant excluding the reprint of 500 hand held menus requiring the placement of an asterisk on our menu. Tumbleweed Grill Bar, 615 Main St., Gardner, had 8 priority violations during a March 19 routine inspection, including container of commercially processed sliced turkey with a date of March 12 (beyond the seven day limit so turkey discarded).

of the violations were corrected on site, said Chris Meyer, manager.

Austin Bar Grill, 245 N. Moonlight Road, Gardner, had 7 priority violations during a March 19 routine inspection, including bags of cooked chicken and bags of taco meat with prep dates of March 10 and discard dates of March 16 (beyond the seven day limit so items discarded).

take everything very, very seriously and we corrected everything at the time of the inspection, said Kirk Adams, co owner.

Chipotle Mexican Grill, 5065 W leather converse . 119th St., Overland Park, had 7 priority violations during a March 24 routine inspection, including cubed chicken held at improper temperatures in the hot holding unit .

In a statement, Chipotle spokesman Chris Arnold, said: are always troubled when one of our restaurants does not live up to our high standards in this important area. The issues found in this most recent inspection were addressed immediately and those steps have been reported to the health department. The restaurant is now awaiting a follow up inspection. Dos Reales Authentic Mexican Restaurant, 6453 Quivira Road, Shawnee, had 7 priority violations during a March 26 routine inspection, including shredded lettuce and salsa held at improper temperatures at the make table (lettuce and salsa discarded).

Restaurant officials declined to comment.

Rooster Neighborhood Bar Grill, 808 E. Main St., Gardner, had 7 priority violations during a March 18 routine inspection, including open milk cartons with no date when they were opened (milk dated).

It had no priority violations during a March 28 follow up inspection.

Danny Big Easy, 1601 E. 18th St., had 9 critical violations during a March 15 routine inspection, including no hot water at the cook line hand washing sink.

was just a washer that I had to replace and the next day I fixed it. I still had hot water in the sink next to it. There are three sinks in the kitchen, said Danny Gosserand, owner.

Wei Super Buffet, 7531 Wornall Road, had 9 critical violations during a March 14 routine inspection, including fried chicken on buffet line held at improper temperatures (chicken discarded).

will keep checking the temperature so it won again, said David Liu, manager.

It had no critical violations during a March 20 follow up inspection.

Fish City, 11513 Blue Ridge Blvd., had 8 critical violations during a March 18 routine inspection, including fish, corn bread beans, mac and cheese and desserts with no clear date mark.

leather converse Response was botched in afterm

Response was botched in aftermath of Flight 253 landing

The Christmas Day bombing attempt aboard Northwest Flight 253 touched off a series of blunders that deprived emergency ground crews of critical information and exposed travelers in the McNamara Terminal to danger if another bomb or accomplice had been on board, according to aviation experts and records obtained by the Free Press.

The flight from Amsterdam, Netherlands, with nearly 300 people aboard, taxied right to Gate A24 instead of going to an isolated area where baggage and passengers could be screened for explosives a move several terrorism security experts called highly inappropriate.

Despite crew and passengers having subdued a suspect who tried to ignite explosives in his underwear, Northwest pilots radioed air traffic control only about a disturbance a man with firecrackers, records show.

Airport police and fire reports obtained by the Free Press also show:

Baggage handlers continued to unload luggage from the plane even though a ramp supervisor said he believed he overheard terrorism suspect Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab say, “There’s a bomb on the plane” as he was escorted off.

The area wasn’t evacuated; there was no immediate search for a bomb. A passenger had alerted them to the bag.

Passengers were allowed to leave the plane before a thorough search.

Interactive timeline: Step by step details of what happened.

Richard Bloom, director of terrorism, intelligence and security at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott, Ariz., said the notion that the plane “went to the gate is almost preposterous.”

“It’s a violation of common standard operating procedure, it’s a violation of common security rules leather converse , regulations and directives . a violation of common sense,” he said.

Delta Air Lines, which merged with Northwest, issued a statement Thursday leather converse saying its crew had acted appropriately.

Airport spokesman Michael Conway said ground crews responded appropriately based on available information.

Glen Winn, former head of United Airlines security, said there is no national standard or directive for handling a suspected bomb on a plane. “The normal procedure historically is, you just don’t take it to a terminal,” Winn said.

Stephen Luckey, a retired pilot who served as chief security analyst with the Air Line Pilots Association, spoke to the Northwe leather converse st captain after the episode and said the pilots only thought the suspect set himself on fire, so heading to the gate seemed reasonable.

What was in your pocket? ‘Explosive device’

Northwest Flight 253 was just minutes from touching down in Detroit.

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab sat in first class, shaking and silent, badly burned and restrained in plastic handcuffs. Moments earlier, a fellow passenger had tackled him after he ignited an explosive sewn in his underwear. The passenger had ripped a still smoking plastic syringe from Abdulmutallab’s burned hand, snuffed the flames, then stripped him in a hunt for more weapons.

Now a flight attendant was asking the 23 year old Nigerian a question.

What was in your pocket?A few feet away, behind the locked door to the cockpit, pilots called air traffic control to report a passenger had ignited firecrackers.

In the tension filled minutes that followed, as the Airbus 330 with nearly 300 passengers and crew descended toward Detroit, reports obtained by the Free Press suggest the cockpits’ disturbing but pr leather converse ankster ish description of the suspect didn’t change despite the terrifying sequence still playing out on the other side of the cockpit door. Pilots even waved off the need for firefighters to meet the plane on the ground, the records show.

From that moment on, emergency responders on the ground at Detroit Metro Airport were not aware of the gravity of the situation as the pilots landed, pulled the plane up to the busy McNamara Terminal and parked at Gate A24. Only then was the decision made to move the plane to an isolated area.

Rafi Ron, former director of security at Tel Aviv Ben Gurion International Airport and now president of a consulting company in Dulles, Va., said the Dec. 25 attack is “a very strong warning that we’re not prepared and we need to improve our preparedness on intelligence . the quality of the reports to the ground . preparedness on the ground. All of it needs a fix a quick one.”

leather converse response to Venezuelan expulsi

response to Venezuelan expulsion of US consular officials

consular officials in Caracas. diplomats from Caracas on Feb. 17, saying they were supporting opposition plots to overthrow him.

“President Maduro needs to focus on addressing the legitimate grievances of the Venezuelan people through mea leather converse ningful dialogue with them, not through dialogue with the United States,” Carney said. It is an issue between Venez leather converse uela and its people.”

“We’ve been clear all along that the future of Venezuela is for the Venezuelan people to decide,” Carney said. concerns about Venezuela’s record on human rights and support for democracy, but said Washington remains open to a diplomatic relationship with M leather converse aduro. to move forward with that process.

“Recent actions, including expelling three of our diplomats, continue to make that difficult,” Psaki said.

The two countries have not exchanged ambassadors since 2010, though they have maintained embassies.

This month, Venezuelan opponents of Maduro have been staging countrywide protests that the government says have leather converse left at least 15 people dead and wounded about 150.

Though violent protests have died down, the situation in Venezuela remains tense. Opposition protesters erected barricades to block traffic on major streets in Caracas and elsewhere Monday but there were no major clashes. “intervention toward Venezuela.”.

leather converse response to deadly ignition sw

response to deadly ignition switch problem

The Justice Department is investigating whether GM broke any laws with its slow response to a problem with ignition switches in compact cars from model years 2003 to 2007, according to a person briefed on the matter. Attorney Office i leather converse n New York, said the person, who asked not to be identified because the investigation has not been made public.

Spokesmen for the Justice Department and GM would not comment. The investigation was first reported by Bloomberg News.

At issue is why GM waited until February to recall 1.6 million older model compact cars worldwide, even though it admitted knowing about the problem for a decade. The faulty ignition switches have been linked to 31 crashes and 13 deaths. Committees in the House and Senate also want to know why the government road safety watchdog, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, didn take action sooner.

GM announced last month it will replace ignition switches that can shut off car motors unexpectedly. When that happens, drivers lose power assisted steering and brakes and can lose control of the cars. The ignition can slip from the run position to accessory or off, due partly to heavy key chains dangling from the steering column.

Also, if the ignition switch isn in the run position, air bags may not inflate if a crash occurs.

An Associated Press review of a NHTSA database found that drivers started submitting complaints about the problem in early 2005, shortly after the first Chevrolet Cobalt went on sale. The review of complaints about the Cobalt, GM top selling small car in the mid 2000s, found 173 instances of engine stalling or air bags failing to deploy, both symptoms of the ignition problem. Many drivers reported problems with keys sticking in the ignition in addition to the stalling.

Fred Upton of Western Michigan, the chairman of the House committee, said in a statement Monday that a hearing will be held in the coming weeks.

Congress passed legislation in 2000 requiring automakers to report safety problems quickly to NHTSA. The laws came after an investigation into a series of Ford Firesto leather converse ne tire problems.

Upton said the committee wants to know if GM or the agency missed something that could have flagged the problems sooner.

the answer is yes, we must learn how and why this happened, and then determine whether this system of reporting and analyzing complaints that Congress created to save lives is being implemented and working as the law intended, Upton said.

NHTSA has said the rate of problems in the GM cars was not significantly different from similar vehicles.

The prospect of congressional hearings means more bad publicity for GM, which is trying to distance itself from a reputation for building lousy cars. The company has said it more focused on quality since emerging from bankruptcy protection in 2009.

the old GM haunting the new GM, said Jake Fisher, director of auto testing at Consumer Reports magazine. have a lot of the old products still leather converse hanging around. said GM new cars and trucks will have to be better than the competition to lure back buyers who swore years ago to never again to buy a GM car.

NHTSA already has demanded information from GM about when it knew of the ignition problem. The agency could fine GM up to $35 million for a delayed response. Automakers must report safety problems to NHTSA within five days of learning about them.

GM said in a statement that it co operating with NHTSA and the House committee.

On Feb. 13, GM announ leather converse ced the recall of more than 780,000 Cobalts and Pontiac G5s (model years 2005 2007). Two weeks later it added 842,000 Saturn Ion compacts (2003 2007), and Chevrolet HHR SUVs and Pontiac Solstice and Saturn Sky sports cars (2006 2007).

GM said Monday that it has hired attorney Anton Valukas to investigate the company actions before the recall. Valukas, who investigated the 2008 collapse of Lehman Brothers for a bankruptcy court. GM has promised an investigation into the recall.