converse Reduce Stress With These 2

Reduce Stress With These 2

Two minutes to calmWhen we were 5, we might have sucked our thumbs for stress relief. As adults, many of us self soothe with junk food, a glass (or two) of wine, maybe some mindless TV. But those are fixes that don’t actually fix anything. Luckily, recent studies reveal some easy ways to lift your spirits and lower your stress that actually create positive shifts in your brain and body. We asked experts for their best instant mood boosters, backed by the latest research in nutrition, psychology, and neuroscience. Follow these tips and you’ll be saying “aah” in no time.

Put on a happy faceSmiling soothes you, even if you’re just going through the motions. A University of Wisconsin study found that people who’d had Botox injections were less prone to anger because they couldn’t express it. What’s the lesson? Just fake it ’til you make it. (Check out two more times you should totally fake a smile.)

Picture hot handsWhen fear and anxiety take hold, the nervous system directs blood flow to the largest muscles, an evolutionary response to protect against physical danger. This redirected flow often results in cold hands. So when you warm them, that automatically signals your nervous system that it’s OK to calm down, says neuropsychologist Marsha Lucas, PhD. “Even simply visualizing warm hands can be enough to help turn off the fight or flight reaction,” she says.

Donate some dollarsGiving money to a good cause makes you feel better than buying a pair of designer jeans and studies prove it, say Elizabeth Dunn, PhD, of the University of British Columbia, and Michael Norton, PhD, of Harvard Business School. Plus, you don’t have to be a millionaire to enjoy this karmic boost. The researchers learned that those who gave even $5 to someone else felt measurab converse ly better than those who bought themselves a treat instead. “The carbs raise blood sugar, which boosts serotonin, a neurotransmitter associated with calm, positive feelings that last.” Aim for 30 grams of carbs: 4 cups of air popped popcorn or half of a whole wheat English muffin (but not a bag of Chips Ahoy) will do the trick, Somer says. (See what other eats can boost your mood with The Happiness Diet.)

Dig in the dirtAccording to a 2011 Dutch study published in the Journal of Health Psychology, 30 minutes of gardening reduces stress levels more effectively than 30 minutes of reading quietly in a room. The researchers say it’s the result of physical activity. But perhaps the secret lies in the dirt itself. A few studies have shown a link between a common bacterium (M. vaccae) found in garden soil and increased serotonin levels, meaning less anxiety and better concentration. Gardeners may inhale this bacterium while digging in the soil.

Give yourself a hugWhen you think negatively about yourself, the brain’s amygdala sends signals that increase blood pressure and raise adrenaline and cortisol levels. Researcher Kristin Neff, PhD, at the University of Texas, recommends the “surreptitious self hug” wrapping your arms around yourself and squeezing. Even your own touch releases oxytocin and other biochemicals that promote well being.

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Focus on the exhaleWe’ve all heard that deep breathing is crucial to feeling tranquil, but the most important part of it is breathing out, Dr. Hanson says: “When you elongate your exhalations, you spark your parasympathetic nervous system, which slows down your heart rate.” Take three long exhalations, making them twice as long as your inhalation. “Anything from squats to jumping jacks supplies a surge of neurotransmitters, such as norepinephrine, dopamine, and serotonin the same targets as antidepressants,” he says.

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Be a jaw dropper”Relaxing your tongue and jaw sends a message to your brain stem and limbic system to turn off the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol,” says Dr. Lucas. Simply let your tongue go limp in your mouth, and then open your mouth slightly, which will instantly loosen up your jaw. “These exercises help bring our parasympathetic nervous system online, which tells our bodies to rest and restore,” Dr. Lucas says.

Think sensuallyNext time you’re feeling frazzled, try a tactile solution. During peak moments of stress, endorphins released into the brain relieve pain and begin a recovery period. Doing things that feel good physically such as taking a warm shower or listening to a favorite piece of music mimics this process and shuts down the stress deluge.

Fatten up that latteWhen stress makes you unfocused, caffeine’s stimulating qualities may promote a can do attitude. “To supersize that good feeling, drink your coffee with a little bit of organic whole milk instead of fat free. The extra protein and fat make you feel more satiated and therefore calmer,” says Drew Ramsey, MD, an assistant professor of psychiatry at Columbia University.

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Nibble on chocolate”A Johns Hopkins University study found that the taste of sweetness on your tongue causes a surge of feel good endorphins,” Somer says. Also, dark chocolate contains compounds called flavonoids that also affect mood: According to a 2010 study published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology, cocoa flavonoids improved both mental acuity and converse attitude.

Additionally, in a 2009 study by the American Chemical Society, eating a mere 1.4 ounces of dark chocolate daily lowered stress hormone levels. The key is to limit yourself to converse just a few bites, since the sugar in chocolate can cause a crash later. “Plus, when you binge on anything, your blood is diverted to your gut away from your brain and muscles, which leaves you feeling tired,” Somer says. (Learn how to stop a binge in its tracks: Think Your Way To Weight Loss.)

Beef it upA burger isn’t all bad, as long as it’s made from grass fed beef. That’s because pastured beef is high in conjugated linoleic acid, a fat that fights cancer and belly fat and has also been shown to protect brain cells from worry, Dr. Ramsey says. Grass fed beef also supplies a good dose of iron, which may boost your energy levels. “As many as 15% of women ages 20 to 40 are iron deficient, and most iron deficient people are tired and stressed,” Dr. Ramsey says. Just 2 to 3 mL instantly relaxes you,” Dr. Low Dog says. She also suggests drinking tea with kava, a South Pacific herb with a powerful settling effect.

“Lemon, lime, and orange scents are all known to lift your spirits,” she says. Dissolve 15 drops of one of those essential oils in 2 tablespoons of water and pour into a spray bottle for a pick me up. Before bed, mist your pillow with a lavender oil spritz.

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converse Reduce reuse recycling tips an

Reduce reuse recycling tips an converse d advice environment

Banish fruit flies, naturally!No one wants to see a little cloud of insects hovering around the kitchen, darting in and out of the garbage, or making merry in the compost. Yet, even in a clean house, fruit flies can start to multiply in the warmer months.Can I recycle this? It a question that comes up often around the house.Who’s the green converse est floor of all?Your choice of flooring isn just an aesthetic decision, it also an environmental one.Five big myths about green cars and gas mileage, debunkedIn the interests of helping you actually save money by using less gasoline, here are five favorite myths about green vehicles.How can you recycle your Christmas tree?Before you settle for a Christmas tree collection service, consider one of these ways to repurpose and recycle your tree.Cadillac might take on Tesla in future with plug in hybridCEO Dan Akerson told the Detroit News that General Motors will compete with Tesla Motors “ultimately” through its Cadillac luxury brand.What do you do with those little nubbins of wax that are too short converse to burn, but just large enough to make you feel guilty for tossing them? You absolutely can recycle them, but did you know that there are also converse tons of other things you can do with them? Eco friendly mold removal tipsThere are a lot of questions surrounding compost, what you can put in it, and what you shouldn toss in the compost bin.

converse Reduce Puffiness in Cheeks and

Reduce Puffiness in Cheeks and Under Eyes

At around age 45, I began to noti converse ce that my cheeks looked swollen most of the time. And the dark circles under my eyes which I have had since my teens, were beginning to look like bags. I accepted these unwelcome changes as a part of the aging process. And wondered what I could do to reduce the puffiness in my cheeks and under my eyes.

I assumed that chronic sinus congestion, and weight gain along with eating potato chips late at night all played a part. I tried every idea I read in magazines or found on the Internet to combat the issue.

I applied cold compresses, made with wash cloths that converse had been left in the freezer. At times I used actual ice cubes. I put frozen tea bags on my eyes and cheeks. I even tried Preparation H. I used the regular brand as well as the creme version. Nothing gave me lasting results.

On several occasions not only was the left side of my face puffy, but it also drooped. I looked like someone who had had a mini stroke. I tried facial exercises, and even smiling more. But it did not make a difference.

One day I observed that the inflammation in my cheeks, as well as converse the puffiness under my eyes had diminished significantly. This was a few days after I had given myself a facial using an oatmeal honey mask. I wondered if there were a connection. And indeed there was.

I began reading online how honey reduces redness and swelling in the face. Now when my face is puffy or under my eyes looks swollen, I apply honey only. I leave it on fo converse r 15 30 minutes then rise off. it leaves my skin feeling very smooth.

The inflammation takes a little time to subside. It may be gone within minutes or I may not notice a difference until the next day. I also began using honey on my neck throat and chin. It does not work as fast in these areas, but I can tell a small difference.

By applying the honey at least twice a week, I have been successful in keeping that puffy droopy look at bay. Keep in mind that because honey worked for me does not mean it will work for everyone. Active in track and field events, winning the Gold Medal in the 2012, and silver medal in the 201. View profile

That Pain in Your Jaw May Be TMJDo you have pain in your jaw? Does your cheeks and jaw area swell? Could you have TMJ?How to Choose the Right Makeup During PregnancyTrying new products during pregnancy can easily lead to breakouts and skin imbalances, so you need the right type of makeup to manage troubled skin. In my search for answers, I found some information I’d like to share with you.

converse Reduce Plastic WasteTo les

Reduce Plastic Waste

To lessen the load on landfills, some manufacturers of household cleaners are going green and offering concentrated detergents in small refill packages.

These “just add water” cleaners are part of an eco friendly line of detergents aimed at cutting the amount of plastic household garbage by as much as 80 per cent.

In May, Planet People announced its iQ REFill (Reduced Environmental Footprint) cleani converse ng line will now be sold nationwide. Available at Walmart and Loblaw stores, the four concentrated cleaners (All Purpose, Bathroom, Glass and Floor cleaners) come in small recyclable cartridges that you empty into a reusable iQ bottle and fill with tap water.

“For a product that is 95 per cent water, the costs to the environment and to the consumer just don’t add up,” says Eric Green, president of Planet People. “We created iQ to combat the excessive waste and cost of traditional cleaners, designing something that is easy to use, easy on our planet and 25 per cen converse t less expensive than conventional cleaners,” he says.

Method, creator of non toxic, biodegradable home care products, has partnered with TerraCycle to keep its foaming hand wash, dish soap and laundry detergent refill pouches out of the landfills.

According to the Method website, the lightweight pouches not only yield “more than 80 per cent savings in materials, energy and water over normal bottles,” they are reused by converse TerraCycle to make plastic bags, fabrics and textile converse s.

Available at Canadian Tire, Home Outfitters, Shoppers Drug Mart and grocery stores, including Metro.

converse Redskins training camp observa

Redskins training camp observations

SpecialsSecond Amendment and Gun ControlCPAC 2014Immigration ReformEnergy and EnvironmentHealth Care ReformBenghazi Attack Under MicroscopeA Guide to the 113th CongressFaith and FamilyMasters 2014

CommunitiesDelay Getting it rightIstook RegulocityPhillip Tea TimeRusty Humphries Rebellion Ortel On the MoneyDeace Midwestern ConservativeJeffrey Shapiro Law Disorder

Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III, left, hands the ball off to . more >

Recent EntriesPerformance clause more than doubles Roy Helu salaryDoug Williams hired by Redskins to assist with scoutingBrowns add two former Redskins assitant coaches to staffAldrick Robin converse son signs exclusive rights contract offerRoger Goodell: are listening to discussion over Redskins nameRICHMOND are a few thoughts and observations from Redskins training camp on Friday:

Alfred Morris ability to set up blocks distinguishes him from converse other running backs. During team drills, he was about eight yards downfield in space with receiver Pierre Garcon in front of him and cornerback David Amerson in pursuit. Morris ran toward Garcon right shoulder, which drew Amerson to the outside. At the last possible second, Morris planted his right foot and cut behind Garcon left shoulde converse r. On the first play of team drills, he got off the ball so quickly that he immediately split right tackle Tyler Polumbus and right guard Chris Chester and tackled running back Alfred Morris for a loss.

On a passing play later in the session, he got both hands into tight end Niles Paul chest and overpowered him with a bull rush. The highlight of practice, for me at least, was Grossman zone read keeper accurately, a veer play the right edge. Biggers tried to split the distance between Grossman and the pitch man. Grossman faked the pitch, and Biggers bit. That opened a wide lane for Grossman, to the crowd my Robert Griffin III completed 13 of 17 passes during 7 on 7 drills. Of the four, two were clean drops; receiver Santana Moss couldn catch a high throw he got a hand on, and the other was a low ball behind receiver Aldrick Robinson.

Nose tackle Barry Cofield jumped offside twice in a span of a few snaps.

Tight end Fred Davis made a leaping catch in the back of the end zone. He shows no signs of his Achilles tendon injury.

On a running play, tight end Jordan Reed blocked outside linebacker Rob Jackson back a yard or two. Reed stayed lower than Jackson and kept his legs driving. They were head up before the snap, so the block was similar to what Reed did in Florida power scheme. He caught a short pass on a bootleg and outran linebacker L converse ondon Fletcher around the edge.

converse Redskins plan on keeping 3

Redskins plan on keeping 3

SpecialsSecond Amendment and Gun ControlCPAC 2014Immigration ReformEnergy and EnvironmentHealth Care ReformBenghazi Attack Under MicroscopeA Guide to the 113th CongressFaith and FamilyMasters 2014

CommunitiesDelay Getting it rightIstook RegulocityPhillip Tea TimeRusty Humphries Rebellion Ortel On the MoneyDeace Midwestern ConservativeJeffrey Shapiro Law DisorderWashington Redskins defensive coordinator Jim Haslett walks on the field before an . more >Related StoriesVirginia Tech Logan Thomas out to change some perceptions about his future

Recent EntriesPerformance clause more than doubles Roy Helu salaryDoug Williams hired by Redskins to assist with scoutingBrowns add two former Redskins assitant coaches to staffAldrick Robinson signs exclusive rights contract offerRoger Goodell: are listening to discussion over Redskins name

MOBILE, Ala. Jim Haslett said Wednesday the Washington Redskins intend to keep their 3 4 defensive scheme intact entering the first season under new coach Jay Gruden, but that a lot of the decisions moving forward will be tied to the players the team is able to bring in or keep.

it all based off personnel, Haslett said after the South Team practice at the Senior Bowl. see who we have. Right now, we only have about six or seven guys that are even on the board, so yeah, let evaluate that as we go. contracts of seven starters, as well as those of several key backups, will expire when the new league year and free agency begin in mid March.

The Redskins went 3 13 last season, their worst performance since 1994, and finished with a defense that ranked No. 18 in yards allowed after spending much of the year floating among the bottom third of the league.

Haslett, speaking publicly for the fi converse rst time since Gruden was hired on Jan. 9, said his familiarity with the team new coach should greatly assist the team operations.

Gruden and Haslett coached together with the Florida Tuskers of the minor league United Football League in 2009, and in addition to defensive line coach Jacob Burney and defensive backs coach Raheem Morris, who were each retained following the firing of then coach Mike Shanahan on Dec. 30, the team hired Brian Baker to be the outside linebackers coach and Kirk Olivadotti to be the inside linebackers coach.

think as a head coach, especially a first time head coach, you like to have somebody you been with, you can trust, guys that you know what you going to get from them from a work ethic standpoint, Haslett said. think all of that goes into it, especially with it being Jay first time doing it. in the fourth year of his five year contract, was fired following a tumultuous final month of the season. In addition to the Redskins poor performance, there were a series of anonymously sourced reports leake converse d to national media outlets that undermined the relationships between Shanahan, then offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan, quarterback Robert Griffin III and owner Dan Snyder.

Haslett said the losing, compounded by the reports and relationships, affected the team greatly.

was a lot of stuff going on the last couple months, probably more than I ever experienced, Haslett said. hope I never have to experience it again, because I think it takes away [from succeeding]. I felt bad for the players. They had to deal with it every day. It didn give us a chance to win games down the stretch. You know, you consumed with everything else but converse football, and even as a coach, when you walk into a meeting room with the players I loved being around the players and being on the field, but once you off the field, you got to go back to dealing with all the distractions. We start fresh, and we won have those issues. Players can come in and worry about football. who those players are will be determined in the coming months. Ha converse slett has often said re signing outside linebacker Brian Orakpo, who is set to become a free agent, should be the centerpiece of the Redskins offseason plans. He also mentioned inside linebacker Perry Riley, cornerback DeAngelo Hall and defensive end Chris Baker among the players the team will try to bring back.

Then it will be up to the draft, where a record 98 underclassmen will fortify the crop of seniors eligible to be drafted. Haslett, Burney and offensive line coach Chris Foerster were the assistant coaches who represented the Redskins at the week of Senior Bowl practices.

got to do a good job in the draft because you going to have a bunch of good football players in the fourth and fifth rounds, because some of these [seniors] are going to turn around and get knocked down to the fourth and fifth rounds because of that, Haslett said. have a high [pick in rounds] two, three, four, five, so we going to get a couple football players that can help this team right away.

converse Reds sweptSeeing his Reds

Reds swept

Seeing his Reds swept by the Braves for the first time in six years was bad enough for Bryan Price. Watching a replay fail to correct what he believed was an obvious call was too much for the manager to take.

Price was ejected in the first inning and another strong start by Johnny Cueto was wasted as Freddie Freeman’s 10th inning single lifted Atlanta to a 1 0 win over Cincinnati.

Freeman’s single to the center field wall scored Jason Heyward from second base with two outs.

Cueto and Atlanta’s Julio Teheran were spectacular. Each allowed only three hits in eight scoreless innings before giving way to relievers.

“It was a great game,” Cueto said through a translator. “We both competed.”

Cueto struck out 11, one shy of his career high and his fourth start of the season with at least nine. He has allowed only one run in his last three starts, leaving him with a 1.15 ERA.

Teheran also has given up just one run in his last three starts. His 1.47 ERA has helped the Braves’ starters lead the majors with their 1.57 mark. Hoove converse r (1 3). Upton followed with a grounder that bounced off Hoover’s glove toward shortstop for an infield hit.

“I thought I had it and it kind of hit a second gear and just tipped out of my glove,” Hoover said.

Left hander Manny Parra was summoned to face Freeman, who hit a second pitch fastball for a drive that bounced on the warning track beyond center fielder Billy Hamilton’s reach.

Braves players swarmed Freeman at second base following Atlanta’s first three game sweep of the Reds since 2008.

Price asked for a replay in the first inning after first base umpire Greg Gibson called Upton safe on a pickoff throw from Cueto. The replays shown on the video board indicated first baseman Joey Votto may have applied the tag before Upton reached the bag.

Price came back out of the dugout after the ruling that the call stands, meaning there was not “clear and convincing” evidence to overturn it. Price was ejected by crew chief Bill Miller, the second base umpire. Miller also tossed pitcher Homer Bailey, who argued from the Reds’ dugout.

“In the end, you have the biggest Jumbotron in the country out there in center field that would strongly suggest that the runner was out on the pickoff,” Price said. “And then to say that he’s not seems to contradict what everyone in the ballpark thought was an out. I didn’t get it. It didn’t make any sense to me.”

Price came back out of the dugout when he knew that meant an almost sure ejection.

“The play was right there in front of us and he was out. We’re not just going to take this. This isn’t OK,” he said. “When you’ve got something playing repeatedly on the screen that says the runner’s out and they call him safe, as the Cincinnati Reds we’re not just going to sit here and say that’s OK and just take it, chalk it up to whatever.”

“It seemed to me that the runner was out, he wasn’t called out and I didn’t get it,” he said.

Clouds were rolling in when Freeman’s big hit saved the game from an almost certain rain del converse ay.

“I was like, ‘Yes, we don’t have to go to any more innings and we won’t have a rain delay,'” Freeman said. “We were all thinking about it.”

A thunderstorm brought lightning and heavy rain to Turner Field minutes after the game ended.

The Reds couldn’t take advantage of a scoring opportunity in the 10th.

Ryan Ludwick hit a one out single off David Carpenter and moved to second on Zack Cozart’s two out single. Pitcher Mike Leake pinch ran for Ludwick at second base.

Atlanta left hander Ian Thomas (1 0) ended the threat by getting pinch hitter Roger Bernadina to pop up.

NOTES: The Reds, playing their first extra inning game of the season, completed a 5 5 road trip. . RHP Alfredo Simon wil converse l face Cubs RHP Jeff Samardzija on Monday in Cincinnati. . The Braves are off on Monday before beginning a series a converse t Miami on Tuesday when LHP Alex Wood will face RHP Jose Fernandez. . The ejections were the first for the Reds since Brandon Phillips on Sept. 1, 2012 at Houston. The last Reds manager to be ejected was Dusty Baker on Aug. 28, 2011.

converse Reds hitThe Reds trailed b

Reds hit

The Reds trailed by fiv converse e runs after three innings before charging back and had two runners on base in the ninth before losing 5 4 to the Atlanta Braves on Friday night.

Third baseman Todd Frazier was pulled in the fifth with tightness in his left leg. Catcher Devin Mesoraco strained his left hamstring and stumbled after rounding third base in the seventh, before limping across home plate.

Price said he was protecting Frazier, who had previous tightness in his groin. He said he would know more about the severity of the injuries on Saturday.

Price was encouraged that Homer Bailey and the Reds regrouped after allowing five runs in the first three innings.

“Homer bounced back after a tough first three innings and gave us a chance to get back in the game and the bullpen did a real nice job,” Price said. “We defended well. We did a lot of things well. We just came up short.”

The Reds made things interesting in the ninth.

Braves closer Craig Kimbrel gave up a leadoff single to Roger Bernadina and walked Zack Cozart to open the inning. Kimbrel recovered to strike out Brayan Pena and Chris Heisey before earning his seventh save on Joey Votto’s groundout.

Freeman made a long stretch at first base for Chris Johnson’s throw from third base on Heisey’s groundball as Bernadina kept running toward home. Price came on the field to challenge first base umpire Vic Carapazza’s ruling that Freeman’s foot remained on the bag. The call was confirmed, ending the game.

Price said that when looking across the field he thought he saw “a huge gap” between Freeman’s foot and the bag. He said he agreed with the confirmed out call after seeing the replay.

“I had a chance to come up here and look at our own video, which is what they’re getting in New York, and it was a confirmed out call,” Price said. “They got the call right in the end, which is what we’re looking for.”

Ervin Santana (3 0) gave up four runs on nine hits in 6 2 3 innings. Upton and Freeman off Bailey (1 2) in the first inning, Justin Upton hit his team leading sixth homer.

Bailey allowed five runs on nine hits in six innings. He allowed at least four earned runs for the fourth time in five starts this season and has a 6.15 ERA.

Is there a common thread to the bad results?

“Bad pitches,” Bailey said, smiling. “That typically does it.

“It’s just kind of one of those deals. I’ve just got to sharpen up a little bit. One pitch here, one pitch there. I would probably be more worried if I were walking a bunch of guys, getting behind in a lot of counts.”

Bailey said he needs better execution “in big situations.”

Jay converse Bruce had a run scoring single in the Reds’ two run sixth. Cincinnati added two more in the seventh, knocking Santana out of the game. Mesoraco scored on Billy Hamilton’s double. Votto had a run scoring single off Luis Avilan.

A strong defensive play by right fielder Jason Heyward helped Santana in the first inning.

Votto doub converse led with one out in the first and moved to third on Phillips’ bloop single. Votto was thrown out at the plate on a strong throw by Heyward on Bruce’s fly ball. Votto, sliding head first, was tagged out in the batter’s box and never reached the plate.

NOTES: Price said closer Aroldis Chapman, recovering from facial fractures and a mild concussion when hit by a line drive on March 19, will throw 35 to 40 pitches in batting practice on Saturday. If it goes well, it should be Chapman’s final test before he is cleared for a minor l converse eague rehab assignment. . Braves RHP David Hale will look for his first win of the season when he faces Reds RHP Mike Leake on Saturday.

converse Reds beat Cubs 3Hamilton h

Reds beat Cubs 3

Hamilton hit his first career homer and Chris Heisey singled home the tiebreaking run in the sixth inning, sending the Cincinnati Reds past the Chicago Cubs 3 2 Tuesday night in a game delayed three times because of rain.

The game started 19 minutes late. There was a 15 minute delay in the t converse op of the fifth and a 1 hour, 11 minute delay in the bottom of the sixth.

Hamilton’s solo homer off Jeff Samardzija (0 3) tied it in the fifth. He also reached base by a walk and two infield singles, stole a base and made a diving catch in center field. Of all those things, the home run was the most unexpected.

“It’s a good feeling for me converse ,” Hamilton said. “That’s not what I want to do, but sometimes, it happens.”

Zack Cozart tripled to right center with two outs in the sixth, and Heisey’s pinch hit single put the Reds ahead as heavy rain started to fall and the converse third rain delay followed.

“I haven’t had a lot of opportunities lately, but I make it a point to stay ready,” said Heisey, who is 4 for 10 with six RBIs off the bench.

Alfredo Simon (4 1) gave up five hits, including Starlin Castro’s two run single, before Heisey pinch hit for him. Simon has filled in while Mat Latos recovers from knee surgery and a sore pitching forearm.

“I’m not surprised that he’s been competitive,” manager Bryan Price said. “What’s been surprising at times is how much of a shut down pitcher he’s been. We’re happy that he’s been presented with the opportunity and run with it. He’s been a key cog.”

Jonathan Broxton retired all three batters in the ninth for his fifth save in five chances.

The Cubs have lost five of their last six games, falling to 8 17.

The series opener on Monday was postponed because of rain and hasn’t been rescheduled. The Reds have had seven rain delays in 11 home playing dates this season, with one game postponed and another suspended overnight.

It was another solid but winless performance for Samardzija, who has not gotten a victory in his last 12 starts since Aug. 30. The Cubs haven’t scored while he was on the mound only 32 runs in those 12 starts.

Samardzija was in line for a win in his last start, but the bullpen blew a 5 2 lead last Wednesday in a 7 5 loss to Arizona.

Hamilton had his most productive game as Cincinnati’s leadoff hitter. He scored twice, giving him 12 runs this season.

“Every day I come in here, I’m trying to do something good for the team, whether it’s a sacrifice fly or a stolen base or scoring a big run,” Hamilton said. “It was fun today.”

Hamilton opened the first inning with a walk, stole second and took third on a wild converse pitch. Brandon Phillips’ sacrifice fly made it 1 0.

Hamilton had an infield single in the third and was thrown out by catcher Welington Castillo, the fifth time in 15 attempts that he’s been caught stealing this season.

The Cubs loaded the bases in the third on singles by Emilio Bonifacio and Ryan Kalish and a walk to Anthony Rizzo. Castro singled up the middle on the first pitch for a 2 1 lead.

Hamilton shortened to bunt twice in the fifth inning before hitting his first career homer to right field, tying it 2 all.

Cubs second baseman Darwin Barney made the best defensive play of the game. He went up the middle to reach Ryan Ludwick’s grounder in the fourth, got to the ball on the third base side of the bag and threw Ludwick out from the outfield grass.

NOTES: Cubs manager Rick Renteria was ejected for arguing ball and strike calls in the bottom of the sixth. . Renteria expects RHP Jake Arrieta to be activated and start on Saturday. He’s been sidelined by stiffness in his pitching shoulder. . Reds closer Aroldis Chapman threw 25 pitches during batting practice. He’s expected to make his first rehabilitation appearance with Class A Dayton on Thursday. Chapman had a plate inserted above his left eye to heal fractures from a line drive on March 19. He could be activated next week.

converse Redoxx Aviator withWelcome

Redoxx Aviator with

Welcome To Our Archive Site Switch Made Information about the switch Planned Move Wednesday, June 19 Are you ready for the new website? Anything to Declare? TSA Reverses Ruling on Knives How Safe is Your Carry On Bag AA’s New Boarding Policy Explained New Forum Categories Bye Bye “Nude o scopes” Bags for Sale Should You Trust Tripadvisor? Gear Review: Lat 56 Holdall How Much Room Under The Airline Seat? Hong Kong Duck Deflated Airline Fee Fever Another Reason to Pack Noise Cancelling Headphones Airlines Pay For Damaged Bags? Eagle Creek News Sale Still Not Sure If You Should Carry On? Gear Review: Lat 56 Small Messenger Case Unusual Sighting in Hong Kong Harbor Frontier Airlines To Start Charging Some Pax for Carry On United Increases Change Fee

I got the D rings at Mountain Equipment Coop for $ 0.25 each. They were also kind enough to cut strips of suitable nylon webbing and gave these to me free of charge. The D rings and webbing are both of high quality. I folded the webbing over so the 6 inch strips on the larger bag are now 3 inches long. I used converse 4 inch strips on the extra small aviator converse bag and again folded them double so they are now about 2 inches long. In both cases, the rings, webbing and stitching are more than strong enough to withstand any loa converse d I could possibly shoulder carry. The results are two no frills, light weight bags of rugged build quality and sized perfectly for carry on travel. Hope this info helps some readers.

I just had this done as well. I wanted to try Red Oxx out without spending too much, so I asked for an XS Aviator for my birthday. I found a pack of 4 metal D rings and a pack of nylon webbing in Walmart craft section for $2.95 out the door. I took them to a local bag repair shop and had them box stitched for $10. The zipper is awesome and I think this is what puts Red Oxx on top for quality. I love the look of the monkey fist zipper pulls (th converse is may be the real reason I purchased the bag). Regarding the red patch on the black bag, it is not nearly as obnoxious in real life as I think it is in pictures. Like the monkey fists and over kill zipper, it just part of the aesthetic.