converse Reducing Dust in the HomeD

Reducing Dust in the Home

Dust has frequently been identified in various studies as the number one cause of certain health issues attributed to the household. It has produced a significant number of cases involving asthma, allergies and respiratory problems in both children and adults. So how what can you do to reduce dust in the home?

The unfortunate reality is that even we clean our home on a regular basis, dust is still around us. It can enter the home through an open window and can even travel on the clothing and shoes of those that come into the homes. But the first step to understanding how to alleviate the problem lies within understanding the nature of the problem itself.

The most common form of dust that is found in the home is called dust mites, which are tiny bugs that live in household dust. Dust mites can survive on the skin cells that humans shed. In addition to upholstered furniture, dust mites are also commonly found in rugs, carpets and in t converse he bedroom.

This is by no means a comforting visual, and as much as we cannot eliminate dust entirely, we take some measures and precautions to at least reduce it or keep it under control around our families. Natural converse ly, engaging in a great deal cleaning will help to solve the problem, and there really is no such thing as “too much cleaning” when there is evidence of a severe dust problem in the home.

Keep in mind that closets are a popular location for dust, because of the fabrics of clothing that we keep in there. Fibers accumulated on our clothing then float in the air and come into contact with the dust, spreading it everywhere. If you open your window to allow a little of the sunlight in on a nice day, it is not at all unusual to see the dust tornado floating in the air.

To avoid this, you can start by tidying up the floor of your closets so as not to miss a spot when doing vacuuming. And if you are storing clothing in the closets, consider doing so in a plastic container during your cleaning process. Plastic containers are known to lock in the fibers pretty well and more importantly, they keep the dust out. However, if plastic containers are not readily available during the cleaning, try draping a few thrash bags over the clothing that you do not typically wear often (such as season clothing).

The types of cleaning accessories you use should also be taken into consideration. For example, when cleaning counter tops and surfaces, you may want to use a damp cloth as opposed to feather dusters (which are known to spread dust around rather than eliminate it). A damp cloth is ideal because the electrostatic force will keep the dust steady so that removal is a smooth process.

Your bed may be the most comfortable piece of furniture in your home. But keep in mind beds may contain a lot of dust. Whether it becomes an issue of fiber shedding or merely the dissemination of your own skin flakes, dust is released in the air every time that you move around on the bed.

Changing and cleaning your bedding materials weekly is a great way to reduce the dust circulation. And if your comforter or blanket will not fit in your washing machine, you can shake them outside before returning them to the bed. The same principle also applies to area rugs and cushions. It is a good idea to beat and shake them outside your home. In addition, you should plan on having them cleaned professional approximately every 6 months to a year.

For the homeowner with large amounts of carpeting throughout, dust can be a significant problem, largely because dust is attracted to carpet like a moth to a flame. Regular weekly vacuuming is absolutely necessary for carpet owners. And although it may be a bit costly, you should think about investing in a vacuum that has an allergen filtration feature. An air cleaner is also another great item you should consider purchasing in your efforts to get rid of dust. In the long run, these relatively small investments can serve to create a healthier environment.

Remember, dust mites are basically deriv converse ed from dust in the household. They are more prevalent in the colder months of the year when windows in the house are mostly kept closed.

Winter months can contribute to an increase in dust mites, because they can remain active when we use the heater in the home. This is also the time of year when our skin gets dry and cells drop off rapidly. Once they are formed, dust mites attach themselves to fabrics mainly beddings and are also floating in the air. They can cause allergic reactions in kids, so it’s a good idea to be especially diligent in vacuuming children’s rooms regularly

Children’s bedding should be immersed in hot water when doing the laundry and then dried on a high setting. There are also mattress covers and pillow cases on the market that actually help to keep dust mites away and/or reduce their impact on the home.

Another aspect to consider is the type of window coverings used in the home that can trap dust mites. Blinds, which usually catch the most dust, should be wiped cleaned as often as necessary with a damp cloth. And if you have curtains, remember to wash and change them regularly.

Other places that dust mites are attracted to include stuffed animals and children’s toys, as well as picture frames and even on your houseplants. Stuffed animals sho converse uld be washed in hot water to avoid allergies. And be sure to always wipe every surface that you think dirt will accumulate with a damp cloth.

As far as the heating problem goes during the winter time, turn down the temperature as much as possible so that dust mites are not provided with the opportunity to thrive in the humidity. Even when summertime rolls around, you should eliminate humidity by keeping the air conditioning on. Reports have shown that dust mites can survive in humidity that are in high levels of 75 80 percent. You may want to keep your humidity in the house at 35 50 percent. Of course investing in a dehumidifier and air filter system will help solve the dust problem significantly.

You can reduce dust in your home simply be being diligent about keep the surfaces and air clean on a regular basis. While there are a number of great products on the market to help with this problem, in the end, it all comes down to you and how much work you are willing to do in order to deal with the issue.

converse Reducing 4 MorePower Range

Reducing 4 More

Power Ranger Action Figures Houses Plastic Bags A Pen Barbie Dolls What do these things all have in common?! answer to this question is the material that they are made of plastic aka petroleum.

What is petroleum?, you might ask. Is it that petroleum jelly you apply on your skin every now and then? Are you saying all those things are made out of ointment?

No, of course not. But petroleum is literally the oil that comes from rock. It is formed in all organic matters (think decaying animals) that is buried deep, deep inside the Earth. Over very long periods of time, it is all turned into crude oil (petroleum). The petroleum is lighter than water so it will float up until it hits the impermeable layer! To get the petroleum, oil wells are drilled to as much as six miles deep to get this oil. It is very valuable, so that is why oil wells are dug so deep just to get the oil.

You might be thinking, how is petroleum aka crude oil, the substance we use to fuel our car, used for plastic?! Well, the 16% of all crude oil produced not used for energy production (cars), is used for plasti converse c and other chemical product. Petroleum is the raw material of plastic. The petroleum is actually mixed with some additives to form plastic. Plastic is made from petroleum aka crude oil. It is the same oil converse that we use to fuel our car, except for plastic, converse the petroleum is processed even more for the plastic we use. As you know, the price of oil is rocketing, the plastic we use is actually inc converse reasing too.

converse Reduced section is the real me

Reduced section is the real measure of a supermarket

You have to be so specific when shopping there, don’t you? I mean, go with a list, otherwise you come home with a six foot German sausage and a 83 piece socket wrench set.

Anyway, sometimes I also nip into Morrisons. I like it in there, particularly the cold, misty spray over the vegetables.

It makes me think that I’m picking vegetables out of the fields at dawn, dressed in a long white gown with flowers woven through my hair, in a Druid like experience.

But the real measure of converse a supermarket comes in its reduced section. Waitro converse se has the best (you can often pick up a decent hunk of yummy meat) and Morrisons comes an excellent second.

Asda’s almost out of date stuff is not so marvellous, as it’s always hundreds of the same products like sausage rolls or coleslaw. Not much to pick and choose from.

But this week Morrisons’ reduced stock let me down badly. I spied two packs of chicken goujons which had previously been on offer, only to discover that the price they’d been reduced to was now more expensive than the offer.

They’d been two packets for 3, but were now 1.62 each. So I asked a couple of floor staff, who confirmed that the policy on reduced items is to take them out of previous offers, thus making them more expensive even though they were ‘on the turn’.

I decided to stand in the aisles and conduct a customer poll as to what percentage of shoppers thought this policy was a load of old pants. But at this point my husband appeared with the look of one who knows his wife is settling into middle age with too much glee and dragged me to the checkouts.

Instead I had a word with a lovely manager. I know the maths is simple, but not all people will see that, I argued.

So I urge all of you. If you see this policy in action, mention it and we might get fairer deals in future.

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converse Reduce Your Use of Household P

Reduce Your Use of Household Plastics

Plastic is pretty much as artificial as it gets. Most varieties are made almost entirely from synthetic chemicals that don’t occur in nature.

These compounds enable plastics to do some impressive things, but many of them are hazardous. They contaminate air, water, soil and the food chain when released during manufacture or incineration. Depending on the specific chemicals being used, they can also migrate out of the plastics.

Here are some easy steps to reduce your use of plastic:

1. Skip processed and other packaged foods. Opt instead for whole foods you prepare yourself as well as food sold i converse n bulk (brought home in reusable containers). This will cut down on the plastic food packaging that puts our diets in close contact with many chemicals.

2. Purchase a BPA free stainless steel water bottle and carry your own drinks converse instead of buying them in disposable plastic.

3. Store food in glass. The easiest and cheapest way to make the transition is by re using spaghetti sauce and salsa jars.

4. Take your own reusable cloth shopping bags with you to the store. Don’t forget to wash them when needed.

5. Pack plastic free lunches in unbleached wax paper and reusabl converse e containers made of stainless steel, ceramic, or glass.

6. Choose natural fibers. Plastics hide in everything from clothing and carpeting to furniture and foam pillows. Always ask yourself what’s inside whatever converse you’re buying. Look for products made from wool, cotton, hemp, and other plastic free biodegradable fibers.

7. Make your own cleaning products to further avoid plastic packaging. You can clean almost anything with some mixture of baking soda, vinegar, and essential oils.

8. If you really want extra credit, get your media online. MP3s and streamed movies mean no plastic discs or packaging.

converse Reduce Your Stress This Holida

Reduce Your Stress This Holiday Season

It’s no wonder then that the holiday season with its merry “To Do” list can lead us to a state of “extreme difficulty, pressure, or strain:” The American Heritage Dictionary’s apt definition of “stress.”

Take actions now to reduce stress levels this season and even put the “Happy” back in your “Holidays.”

Your body and mind function best with adequate sleep, nourishment and exercise. This is your first line of defense against the added stress and demands of the holiday season.

Don’t be tempted to get by on less than needed sleep; instead, look for ways to simplify holiday preparations. Try not to overindulge in too many fatty or sweet laden foods that abound this time of year. These types of food zap your energy levels, and can send your mood on a roller coaster ride of unwanted highs and lows.

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Don’t break the bank

Money is one of the top reasons Americans are stressed during and even after the holiday season. Establish limits that won’t cause a financial burden on you and your family. Homemade or thoughtful, inexpensive gifts from the heart are often cherished far more than high priced items. Long after those expensive gifts have been opened, what you gave will most likely be forgotten, but what you paid will keep coming back month after month. in your credit card bills.

Prioritize, and keep the rest simple

There are not enough hours in the day unless, maybe, if you’re Martha Stewart to do everything to perfection. Make a list of everything that needs to get accomplished, and choose three things that mean the most to you; for example, spending converse time with family, baking homemade cookies and sending beautiful holiday cards with handwritten personalized messages inside. Everything else: Simplify, simplify, simplify. Let’s say you want to simplify gift giving, consider buying different versions of the same item; like buying a different book for each person on your gift list. Choose each person’s book with his or her individual preferences and interests in mind. Or, if the idea of gift wrapping box after box sets your heart a racing, consider using holiday drawstring or gift bags.

Identify your holiday stressors

APA recommends that you ask yourself which particular holiday events or situations trigger your stressful feelings. Then determine if you are relying on unhealthy behaviors like smoking, drinking or eating to manage stress behaviors that can contribute to common health problems like obesity, heart disease and diabetes . and ultimately, more stress. Replace any unhealthy coping behaviors with healthy ones like taking especially good care of yourself during the holiday season, and asking for and accepting help from others.

APA also reported in December of 2006 that “women (44 percent) are more likely than men (31 percent) to report an increase of stress during the holiday season, citing lack of time (69 percent versus 63 percent), lack of money (69 percent versus 55 percent), and pressure to give or get gifts (50 percent versus 42 percent) as primary stressors.”

Laughter is the best medicine

If you find yourself getting way too stressed, it’s time to take a laughter break no matter how busy you think you are. Rent a classic holiday comedy like National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation or A Christmas Story. Watching these two dysfunctional, funny and flaky families get through their Christmases will not only make you laugh, but will also make your own holiday problems pale in comparison. Another more current holiday film that is already a classic is Elf. This sweet and funny movie will not fail to entertain, especially the exceptional performances of Will Ferrell and Peter Dinklage.

Schedule some tranquil converse time for yourself every day

One of the world’s greatest leaders in the field of mind body medicine, Deepak Chopra, meditates every day for about an hour and a half. This holistic healer manages to do this in spite of an exceedingly busy schedule. Chopra says, “Meditation is not a way of making your mind quiet. It’s a way of entering into the quiet that’s already there buried under the 50,000 thoughts the average person thinks every day.”

So, the last thing you might want to do during the hectic holidays is the very thing that you need to do: Take some time to be silent and reflective, even if it’s just 15 minutes. There is scientific proof that doing so can decrease blood pressure, pulse rate, and improve blood circulation. Give this gift to yourself each and every day, and try to replace your holiday anxieties with the warm loving messages truly intended for the season.

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Lighten up

OK, what’s the worst that could happen if you don’t get everything done? One woman I know found out. Right in the middle of addressing her Christmas cards she got up to the letter “J” her husband became severely ill from an acute case of pneumonia. Soon after, he started taking a prescribed medication, and went into life threatening anaphylactic shock. She didn’t know if her husband and beloved father of their two children would survive. After six days in the hospital, he returned home two days before Christmas.

The last half of the Christmas cards were never mailed. The tree never went up, and half of the gifts never got wrapped. And it just didn’t matter after all. Her husband was alive and on his way to a full recovery . and the unbelievable kindnesses that were extended to her and her husband by the nurse converse s, doctors and perfect strangers in the hospital, brought to the forefront the true meaning of the season. It was the most beautiful and precious Christmas their family had ever shared.

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Reach out to your fellow man

Tap into the deeper values of the season. Holiday time is the perfect time to forget about your own problems and think about doing something for someone else. In doing so, your own concerns will soon be displaced with that warm, fuzzy feeling you get when you reach out and make’s someone’s life a little brighter.

The holiday season can be a difficult, sad or lonely time for many individuals. Consider doing one of the following with your family: Invite an elderly widow or widower in your neighborhood into your home for cocoa and cookies, “adopt” someone for the holidays who is either away from family or has no family, serve a meal at a local soup kitchen, or visit with some elderly converse folks at a nursing home (and don’t forget to bring along some small gifts).

converse Reduce your Kid’s Exposure to

Reduce your Kid’s Exposure to Chemicals In Plastic

It easier than you think to find safer plastics reduce your kid’s exposure to chemicals in plastic packaged foods.

Plastic bags, plastic bottles, plastic lined cans it’s tough to find a food that isn’t packaged in plastic. Yet, what leaches out of the packaging and into our food is often an overlooked component of food safety.

Among the many toxic chemicals that can migrate from packaging into food are the endocrine disrupting phthalates and organotins and the carcinogen benzophenone. These compounds are heavily used in food packagi converse ng and have known health effects, yet are not routinely tested or regulated in food.

A number of other notable regulatory flaws include not testing mixtures and a lack of understanding of different effects on different populations from children to developing fetus to adults to converse the elderly.

Printing, ink, adhesives, recycled cardboard and the plastic containers can all introduce unwanted chemicals into a single food product, creating a mix with additive or synergistic effects. What’s more, the chemicals may degrade over time or form new compounds that migrate into food.

Packaging clearly deserves more attention (and regulation) than it’s getting!

Follow these easy steps to reduce you and your kid’s exposure to chemicals in plastic packaged foods:

Opt for whole, fresh foods. Not only will you reduce your kid’s exposure to contaminants from plastic packaging, you’ll also reduce your exposure to synthetic additives and preservatives found in processed foods (including artificial colors and artificial sweeteners).

Make friends with farmers. Learn what’s in season and seek out a local source. Check out this interactive map at Epicurious to find what’s in season in your region and refer to Local Harvest to find farmers and farmers’ market converse s near you.

DIY. Ditch canned, frozen, and boxed entrees and make your own as much as you can.

Choose foods packaged in glass.

Buy in bulk, whenever possible. It’s the least packaged option.

Choose safer plastics: 1 (PETE), 2 (HDPE), 4 (LDPE), or 5 converse (PP) whenever plastic cannot be avoided. (Look for the number in the chasing arrows triangle often on the bottom of a product.) These are the safest and most commonly recycled plastics. You can also look for products packaged in plant based plastics like PLA.

Avoid the most toxic plastics: 3 (PVC), 6 (PS), 7 (PC).

In addition to shopping with these things in mind, you can also email manufacturers of food and drink packaged in plastics, indicating your concern about plastics and how they negatively impact our health, our kid’s health, and the health of our environment.

converse Reduce Your Garbage to Just On

Reduce Your Garbage to Just One Can per Year

Metro Recycling Information hotline specialist Betty Shelley and her husband, Jon, have put a major dent in their household waste. With simple changes over time, they reduced their garbage to a level less than one 32 gallon converse can a year.

With a course on sustainable living, discovered that the world would need six planets worth of resources if everyone on Earth consumed as much as the average American.

Moving up:

Switched to cloth napkins and eventually eliminated other paper and disposable single use products.

converse Began composting yard debris, buying a small chipper to process fir tree debris on their property. Also started composting kitchen scraps such as vegetable peels, tea bags and more.

Made an effort to (1) recycle materials that weren accepted curbside and (2) avoid items that couldn be converse recycled at all.

Dropped garbage collection service to one can a month, then to on call service, followed by two cans annually and, finally, one can per year.

Enjoying the benefits:

Reduced their costs, thanks to lower garbage bills.

Saved time and money on yard work and watering after replacing the lawn with mostly Northwest native plants.

Felt more in control when shopping, reusing bags from home instead of accepting new ones at the checkout stand each time they visited a store.

you start reducing your household garbage, says Betty, who loves to cook, travel and entertain friends, can become like a game. You get on a roll finding new ways to avoid waste. Here are tips from Betty and J converse on:

Opt for buying products in bulk, and store them in reusable containers.

Share or exchange items with friends to avoid purchasing excess products.

Explore new uses for old items. When Betty and Jon took down their fence, they recut the wood, building a compost corral and a screen in the garden. The old pier posts from their deck were flipped over for use as pathway stepping stones.

converse reduce your carbon footprint

reduce your carbon footprint

Four students from The University of Nottingham have launched a campaign to encourage students, the university and the wider community to take action against climate change.

Under the title Your Mug Rebecca Lyons, Tolani Alabi, Laura Burke and R converse ebecca Collins aim to get water fountains installed across campus and improve student recycling in University accommodation.

Throughout the campaign week 21 27 November the team will be running information stands and love your mug evenings, to illustrate how much money and energy is wasted by using plastic cups. Reusable bags will also be distributed and an inter hall pledge competition will be held.

Geography student Rebecca Lyons explained: is our theory that a great number of students feel disconnected when it comes to climate change, as they rarely see the impact of their efforts. We aim to raise awareness of their impact by showing how small changes to a students way of life can save a surprising amount of money.

want to leave a legacy by creating a campaign that will attract enough support to have water fountains installed across campus and individual recycling facilities added to all bedrooms in university accommodation. We want our ideas at Nottingham to inspire others so that we can have a global impact.

The team project has been welcomed by the University and is set to add to the ongoing environmental work, which saw Nottingham crowned greenest university in the UI GreenMetric World University Ranking. Since then the University has continued to lower its environmental impact, while investing in research to improve the efficiency and capability of green technologies.

Ahead of Love Your Mug Week, Energy Environmental Officer Kay Gregory, said: is fantastic news that these University of Nottingham students are taking it upon themselves to raise awareness of environmental converse issues.

the University Sustainability Team works to practically reduce the carbon footprint of our campuses and operations, the promotion of greener behaviour on a peer to peer level is a very effective way of making a real difference to reducing our emissions. Congratulations to the girls on making it to the finals of the competition and we wish them the best of luck in winning.

The students efforts have also been recognised by energy giant Npower, who have listed the team as finalists for the npower Future Leaders Challenge 2011. The competition challenges students to find new and innovative ways to engage the community, university and peers to reduce their carbon emissions.

Four Nottingham students Umesh Kumar (Geography and Chinese), Ben Blackburn (Geography and Business), Andrew James (Management Studies) and Eliot converse Booker (Sociology) won the competition in 2010 for their project for which they received a trip to the Arctic Circle.

Judges were impressed with the team social media campaign and pledge event. Under the brand the project was designed to encourage students to be more environmentally friendly without having to make major changes to their normal behaviour.

For more information about Love Your Mug, please visit the campaign website or facebook page. You can also find out about the npower Future Leaders Challenge 2011 online. It is ranked in the UK’s Top 10 and the World’s Top 75 universities by the Shanghai Jiao Tong (SJTU) and the QS World University Rankings. It was named greenest university in the UI GreenMetric World University Ranking, a league table of the world most environmentally friendly higher education institutions, which ranked Nottingham second in the world overall.

More than 90 per cent of research at The U converse niversity of Nottingham is of international quality, according to the most recent Research Assessment Exercise, with almost 60 per cent of all research defined as or excellent Research Fortnight analysis of RAE 2008 ranked the University 7th in the UK by research power.

The University vision is to be recognised around the world for its signature contributions, especially in global food security, energy sustainability, and health.

converse Reduce Usage of Plastic Bags

Reduce Usage of Plastic Bags

I wrote this for the school’s essay writing competition and I will like to share it with you. It converse is invented in the 70’s and 80’s and it quickly took over thepaper bag we use before plastic bag was invented. A plastic bag is usedbecause it is easy to carry around and we prefer to stuff things in a plastic bagthen carry it on our own. That averagesabout 300 bags used for each adult on this planet. More or less, 1 million plasticbags are used each day by consumers or users. Think of it this way, when youreach 14, you probably already used about 2338 plastic bags. When you’re 25,you would have used around 4175. So by the time you are 40, you probablyalready used 6680 plastic bags. It sounds awfully a lot but it is als converse o dreadfullytrue. Each plastic bag we use will only be needed for around 12 minutes beforewe dispose of it. Most are thrown inoceans or just converse left on the roadside and also the open field. Nearly 90% of floatingmarine litter is plastic. That is more that 100 million tons of plastic being thrown inthe ocean. It doesn’t only pollute oceans, it also endangers live of marineanimals. In the face of such a global problemthey feel powerless to do anything significant about it. There is one area whereordinary people can make an extraordinary contribution, and that is in theirshopping habits, specifically in their use of plastic shopping bags. We do not necessary need a plastic bagto do our shopping. We should use our own shopping bag. A reusable shoppingbag is the best way to avoid using plastic bags. The more plastic bags we use,the more plastic bags are needed and more will be made to continue to supplyhumans with it. If offered a shopping bag when you are at the check out counter,don’t be afraid to say, “There is no need, I have my own bag”. Besides that, youcan buy a beautiful shopping bag that suits you. It looks so much better thatcarrying around those dull plastic bags. Also encourage your friends and familyto do so. Everyone can help save the environment by the converse little things we do eachday. If you are crafty, try making your own bag. Just buy a plain white shoppingbag and decorate it all you want. If we can, try to carry the items we purchase with ourhands. We can alsodonate the plastic bags we have to a local animal shelter or a dog park if wehave one near us. If we can, return them back to our local grocery store or asupermarket so they can reuse them or even recycle it. Use them as a trash baginstead buying actual trash bag so we can reuse the bag and avoid wastingmoney.

converse Reduce Trade Show Waste With E

Reduce Trade Show Waste With Environmentally Friendly Eco

If you want to change the way the world does business, the change has to start with you! Across the globe, businesses are taking the initiative to become more environmentally conscious in almost every aspect of their operation. Industry trade converse shows are notorious for the sheer volume of promotional products they use. To help combat the waste produced at these events, stick with eco friendly promotional merchandise made from recycled, biodegradable, or organic materials. Here are some ways to be more eco friendly at your next trade show.

Paper, plastic or recycled fabric? Did you know that 100 BILLION plastic bags end up in landfills each year? Instead of using plastic bags to distribute trade show goodies, its time to switch to a more eco friendly option. Promotional tote bags made from recycled materials are an excellent alternative to plastic bags. These reusable totes will serve a purpose outside the con converse fines of the exhibition, which is good news for the environment and your logo.

Purchase eco swag as giveaway items. Instead of handing out traditional giveaways, opt for environmentally friendly promotional products that demonstrate your commitment converse to helping the planet. Solar powered gadgets, recycled note pads, or even plant seed packets are great giveaway choices for a green company. Attendees will be drawn to your booth and impressed by your admirable product choices. Who knows, you may even inspire other companies to switch to similar products!

Replace printed materials with eco friendly products. A big part of the waste that accumulates at trade shows comes in the form of printed material that is thrown away shortly after it’s received. Instead of wasting paper, try to fit your message on an eco friendly promotional product. Not only will this benefit the environment, but converse it will benefit your company as well. Attendees are much more likely to hang on to free merchandise, and they’re more likely to remember your company.

There you have it! The planet needs our help, and that means we all have to stop making excuses and start making a difference. Environmentally friendly promotional products are a great way to promote your business while keeping environmental impact to a minimum. So don’t wait start browsing selections of eco friendly tradeshow giveaways today!