converse uk Rehabilitation Research Group

Rehabilitation Research Group

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converse uk Rehab’s promises of candour to

Rehab’s promises of candour to face early test at PAC encounter

After months of controversy and delay, Rehab chairman Brian Kerr and converse uk his board colleagues have pledged to “candidly” confront the many issues faced by the group. This promise will face an early test tomorrow when Rehab comes before the Oireachtas Committee of Public Accounts (PAC) for the second time in less than two months. But can they? We shall soon see.

Kerr stated the obvious when he acknowledged there had been serious damage to Rehab’s reputation.

He has acknowledged major failings at board level in its inadequate response to questions about its internal affairs. He also accepted the board had not exe converse uk rcised “strict and appropri converse uk ate oversight” of issues that have come to public attention.

This will be the measure of his declaration that Rehab wants to restore full confidence in the group urgently.

The board has converse uk engaged management consultant Dr Eddie Molloy to carry out a fundamental review of Rehab’s structures.

One of the prime tasks he has been set is to examine what changes should be initiated “to renew the board and the way it works”, so it can provide the quality of oversight required.

converse uk Rehab may face scrutiny amid C

Rehab may face scrutiny amid CRC fallout

The growing controversy over how much the chief executives of companies and institutions that operate at one remove from the public service are being paid shows little sign of abating. If anything, the interest of the public and the public interest are intensifying as the details of what transpired at the Central Remedial Clinic come out into the open.

The pressure for transparency will only grow and many other organisations will come under pressure to disclose how much their senior executives are paid and what other remuneration they receive and crucially, how it is funded.

One such organisation is Rehab, the Sandymount based provider of education, training and employment for people with disabilities. It is big organisation, employing 3,800 people across Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales, the Netherlands and Poland. Its annual turnover in 2012 the last year for which accounts are available was 183 million and it reported an operating surplus of 1.5 million.

Somewhere in the region of 50 million of its income comes from the State, most of it via the HSE. It also raised about 18 mil lion through fund raising and its own lottery.

The salary of its chief executive Angela Kerins is already something of a cause clbre, having been disclosed by Brian Kerr, the chairman of the organisation, in April 2011 following what he described as “seriously inaccurate, wild and unfair speculation in the media”.

The salary of 234,000 was revealed at Kerins’s request, according to Kerr. It’s a lot o converse uk f money but fell far short of the 400,000 package it was reported she had received in 2009.

Salary on the agendaKerins put her salary firmly back on the agenda two weeks ago when she refused to discuss it when quizzed by Gavin Jennings of RT’s Morning Ireland. She had gone on the programme to discuss a new contract that Rehab had signed in Saudi Arabia “in the presence of the Taoiseach”, but she could hardly have been surprised to be asked about her salary.

She attempted to draw a distinction between Rehab and the other organisations then in the news the CRC and the St Vincent’s Hospital Group. She pointed out that 60 per cent of its activities were in the commercial arena and “we do have a number companies within Rehab group that work with the Irish Government and the HSE”.

She made a point of saying that Rehab converse uk was not on the list of agencies being asked by the HSE to disclose the remuneration of the senior staff .

All of this is true, but there is more than a little of wanting the best of both worlds about it . The biggest hole in Kerins’s argument is the one that Rehab itself created when, in 2009, it tried to cut the pay of its employees by between 5 per cent and 15 per cent. This was in line with the pay cuts implemented in the public service as part of the measures to address the budget crisis.

Siptu, which represented 750 workers at Rehab, objected on the basis that Rehab workers were not public servants and thus the measurers did not apply to them. It also argued that there were no apparent financial problems at Rehab.

Rehab argued, however, that it had “clear links to public service rates of pay and pay movements” and also that “the group is fully dependent on funders and it was these funders who demanded the wage cuts in line with those in the publi converse uk c s converse uk ector”, according to the recommendation of the Labour Court.

The Labour Court agreed with Rehab that “there is an established de facto alignment with the public sector for the purpose of pay adjustment”, but ruled that the organisation had failed to make the case for a pay cut and called for an independent examination of the company’s books.

Black public moodIt is somewhat disingenuous of Rehab to hold itself out as a publicly funded extension of the public service when it wants to cut the pay of the its workers but characterises itself as a private commercial organisation when asked to disclose how much it pays its chief executive.

converse uk Rehab admits to serious failin

Rehab admits to serious failings in stewardship

The group, which has charitable status, has been heavily criticised across the political spectrum for its slow and partial response to questions about its internal affairs. It receives 82 million a year from the State. In a letter yesterday, to staff, Mr Kerr said Rehab’s reputation has been “seriously damaged” by recent events.

The board has engaged management consultant Dr Eddie Molloy to conduct a fundamental review of Rehab’s converse uk operations, structures and governance. All directors remain in place, but Mr Kerr said Rehab was committed to doing what was needed converse uk , including board changes, to recover confidence.

PAC chairman John McGuinness, a Fianna Fil TD, welcomed the move, saying the committee will consider changes necessary to ensure there is adequate transparency, accountability and oversight at Rehab.

“Our expectation is that Ms Kerins and Mr Flannery will attend the meeting, along with the chief financial officer of the Rehab Group and members of the remuneration committee,” Mr McGuinness said.

The PAC has questions about Ms Kerins’s pay and bonuses, Mr Flannery’s pension, and business, in 2010, between Rehab and a company owned by Ms Kerins’s husband, her brother and Mr Flannery.

Also in question is Mr Flannery’s professional lobbying of the Government for Rehab at a time when he had a senior political role in Fine Gael.

In his letter, Mr Kerr said the board recognised its response to demands for information has been inadequate.

He attributed this to “legal converse uk constraints” on the disclosure of information about the terms and conditions of senior Rehab figures and said its internal structures were “not adequate” to manage converse uk a challenging and changing situation.

“We recognise that, as a board, we have not exercised strict and appropriate oversight of certain issues which have come to public attention in recent weeks,” he said.

“The board’s priority now is to initiate a programme of transformation. . . which will allow us to candidly confront the issues . . . rebuild the reputation, staff morale and effectiveness of the organisation.”

converse uk regulators investigate Hyundai

regulators investigate Hyundai Elantra on air bags

regulator investigation int converse uk converse uk rong>o a complaint made by a driver who said a metal bracket from a side door air bag cut the driver’s ear in half.

An investigation is short of a recall but could lead to one for an estimated 123,000 Hyundai Elantras from the 2012 model year. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Neither Hyundai nor the NHTSA have yet to inspect the car involved in a crash when the air bag deployed, a Hyundai spokesman said.

Hyundai has no other reports of injury from a side air bag deployment in the 2012 Elantra, the spokesman.

The spokesman said the investigation is in the early stage an converse uk d that it stems from a May 7 complaint by an Elantra owner.

NHTSA lists on its website one other complaint about the 2012 Elantra for air bag converse uk issues. In that case, the driver reported to the regulator, an air bag did not deploy when the car was involved in a crash. In that incident, reported in February, the driver reported no injuries. Thomson Reuters journalists are subject to an Editorial Handbook which requires fair presentation and disclosure of relevant interests.

converse uk Regulators declined full inqui

Regulators declined full inquiry into GM ignition flaws

WASHINGTON Federal regulators decided not to initiate a formal investigation of problems with the ignition switches on Chevrolet Cobalts and other cars even after an investigative group reported that it knew about 29 complaints, four fatal crashes, and 14 field reports that showed the problem was preventing air bags from deploying, according to a memo released by House investigators Sunday.

A House subcommittee will open hearings Tuesday, to learn why government investigators never converse uk realized there was a generic problem with the ignition systems of the Cobalt and other vehicles. The ignitions could switch off if the key was bumped, shutting off the engine and disabling the air bags.

The findings about the complaints and crashes appeared in a PowerPoi converse uk nt presentation dated Nov. 17, 2007, that was found among 6,000 pages of documents submitted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in answer to a request by the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

But officials at converse uk the safety agency Office of Defects Investigation, to whom the presentation was given, told committee staff investigators that panel did not identify any discernible trend and decided not to pursue a more formal investigation. committee also revealed Sunday that Delphi, the supplier that made the ignition switch, told General Motors in February 2002 before the first vehicle to use the switch even hit the road that the part did not meet General Motors specifications.

The hearing will be held by the Oversight and Investigations subcommittee.

On Sunday, the chairman of the full committee, Representative Fred Upton, a Michigan Republican, said in a statement, problems persisted over a decade, the red flags were many, and yet those responsible failed to connect the dots. T. Barra, GM chief executive, and David J. Friedman, the agency acting administrator, are scheduled to testify.

In that case, it was faulty Firestone tires on slightly top heavy Ford Explorers that made the vehicles prone to rolling over. Scores died before any trend was recognized.

In the Cobalt case, the committee report said that General Motors knew it had a problem with the ignition switches, now linked to at least 13 deaths, even before the first model that used the switch was on the road.

The problem is primarily linked to the Chevy Cobalt, and Cobalts in model years 2005 to 2007 have been recalled. But it was also used in the Saturn Ion, and according to the committee, pre production report for the MY 2003 Saturn Ion identified issues with the ignition switch, including converse uk detent plunger force, in other words, a spring that was not strong enough to hold the ignition in position.

converse uk regulators at odds over timing

regulators at odds over timing of self

UPDATED: 1/6/13 12:49 pm ET

WASHINGTON (Bloomberg) Google Inc. sees self driving cars being available to consumers in three to five years. Regulators and the insurance industry aren’t so sure it can happen that quickly.

Software and electronic sensors couldn’t fail and would have to anticipate and react like a human. States may have to decide how to license machines rather than people.

Insurance companies have to reassess how to assign fault after accidents.

Safety standards have to be rewritten to focus on electronics along with mechanics.

“The improvement can be such that we can make cars that drive safer than people do,” Anthony Levandowski, product manager for Google’s self driving car technology, told a Society of Automotive Engineers meeting in Washington last week. “I can’t tell you you’ll be able to have a Google car in your garage next year. We expect to release the technology in the next five years. auto safety regulators are eager to reap the safety benefits that may come from taking human error out of driving.

About 33,000 people die annually in traffic crashes in the United States, with that number falling yet killing almost as many people each year as suicide. National Highway Traffic Safety A converse uk dministration, used an analogy to “The Jetsons,” a 1960s animated television comedy featuring gadgets including a flying car that folded into a briefcase.

“It’s going to make a huge difference in reducing crashes overall,” Stickland said in an interview.

Road tests

While crash avoidance systems that can alert a driver or apply brakes in advance of a wreck are coming to cars now, autonomous vehicles “are a long way off,” he said.

The self driving car is among projects stemming from Google’s practice of letting employees develop ideas not necessarily tied to online search and digital advertising.

The car is allowed on public roads for testing purposes in Nevada, California and Florida.

Google ha converse uk sn’t indicated interest in producing the cars for sale.

“Our focus is on the technology itself,” Google spokesman said Jay Nancarrow.

The company has demonstrated it on the streets of Washington and other cities where it might need to win favor for such a car to be considered road worthy.

Google also established a connection with regulators by hiring Ronald Medford, NHTSA’s deputy converse uk director under Strickland, as of last month as director of safety for the self driving car.

GM demonstrated the self driving ability of the GM EN V urban mobility concept vehicle at the 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Photo credit: BLOOMBERGLevan converse uk dowski, who helped design the self driving car, says Google’s biggest challenge is ensuring reliability of the software that makes the car drive, because a failure would mean nothing is controlling the vehicle.

“We’re really focusing on building in the reliability so we can trust and understand the system will perform safely in all conditions,” Levandowski said. “How can you trust the system? How do you know how it can perform? How do you design it with proper processes in order to understand and minimize failure? How do you bake into a car redundant braking?”

In a car driven by a person, if the power steering fails or a light goes off, a person would be in control to figure out what to do. A self driving car would need to be taught how to respond to all sorts of scenarios that may occur with little to no room for error.

Some of the standards date to the agency’s creation in the 1970s. The agency would need to create standards for electronics of a self driving car and figure out how to test them, said Dan Smith, associate administrator for vehicle safety.

converse uk Regulator orders WestJet to bo

Regulator orders WestJet to boost lost luggage compensation

To get an edge on its rivals, managers at WestJet Airlines Ltd rigorously monitor a range of critical data, including travel patterns, buy converse uk ing habits, meal preferences and, apparently, the price of underwear.

According to WestJet’s internal calculations, a typical passenger packs $25 worth of underpants. He or she also takes $10 worth of socks, $75 in sh converse uk oes, $100 worth of pants, $75 in shirts, $150 in jackets, $25 in toiletries and $90 in other items. The passenger puts all that into a bag worth $200, the airline estimates.

That’s not all. The Calgary based airline is convinced that at least some passengers on its main competitor, Air Canada, carry more expensive clothing. That’s because Air Canada has business class, and business travellers, in WestJet’s estimation, “often have luggage content that tends to be a higher monetary value.”

WestJet filed the estimates with the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) as part of a prolonged battle about the airline’s liability for damaged or lost luggage.

The CTA hasn’t bought the airline’s estimates and in a ruling this week it has ordered the company to increase its compensation for damaged and lost luggage by more than $1,500.

Last year, the CTA ruled WestJet’s current compensation level $250 was too low and it gave the carrier more than a year to come up with a new amount. WestJet proposed $1,000 still $500 less than Air Canada and $800 lower than an international airline agreement known as the Montreal Convention.

In a filing with the CTA, Lorne Mackenzie, WestJet’s director of regulatory and government affairs, justified the $1,000 proposed amount by arguing that the airline’s passengers carry less expensive stuff. According to his calculations, a typical WestJet passenger packs for a trip of five days or less and takes $750 worth of items, consisting of luggage, shoes, socks, underwear, pants, shirts, jackets, toiletries and “other” things. “Expenses similar to these numbers would support even a maximum liability of $750,” he said.

Mr. Mackenzie added that WestJet pays more than $250 in some cases but the vast majority of claims are settled for less than $1,000. Of the airline’s 2,304 compensation payments between January of 2009 and July, 2010, 91 per cent were for less than $1,000 and 61 per cent were less than $250, he added.

Those arguments didn’t sit well with Gabor Lukacs, an assistant professor of mathematics at the University of Manitoba who launched the complaint with the CTA last year. In an interview, he called Mr. Mackenzie’s $750 clothing estimate an insult. “It conveys to people that your property is not worth [very much]” he said from Winnipeg.

In his filings with the CTA, Dr. Lukacs picked apart Mr. Mackenzie’s calculations, using mathematical equations to back up some of his arguments. For example, Dr. Lukacs said a shirt can easily cost between $40 to $70 before tax. Mr. Mackenzie’s $75 estimate presumes WestJet passengers pack just one shirt for five days, Dr. Lukacs argued. He added that most people “change their shirts, socks, and underwear daily” making the other estimates “detached from the reality of a hypothetical passenger.”

Dr. Lukacs also shot down Mr. Mackenzie’s arguments about the amount paid out in claims, noting that the airline’s $2 converse uk 50 limit would discourage most passengers from making larger claims. Dr. Lukacs argued WestJet should follow the Montreal Convention of $1,800. He added someone could also challenge Air Canada’s limit of $1,500.

The CTA a converse uk lso took a dim view of Mr. Mackenzie’s arguments. In a ruling posted Wednesday, the CTA said Mr. Mackenzie’s $750 estimate was “speculative, and is not substantiated by evidence.” The agency also noted that although WestJet does not have a business class, some of its passengers may travel for business purposes and carry more expensive clothing.

The CTA also said Mr. Mackenzie’s contention that WestJet almost always pays out claims for less than $1,000, means it can easily afford to boost its limit to $1,800. The agency has given the airline 10 day to increase its limit to that amount.

A spokesman for WestJet said the airline is reviewing the decision.

Dr. Lukacs said he is happy with the ruling and started the case only because a friend had a damaged bag. “This is what I think people really should take away from all this,” he said. “You shouldn’t feel embarrassed or ashamed to tell an airline, pay up. It’s your property.”

When asked if he travels on WestJet, Dr. Lukacs didn’t hesitate: “Of course. In terms of the atmosphere on the flights, I find WestJet flights far more personal, far nicer as an experience than Air Canada flights.”

converse uk Regulator Didn’t Act on Eviden

Regulator Didn’t Act on Evidence of Defective GM Air Bags

regulators looking into General Motors Co. (GM)’s Chevrolet Cobalt noticed a surprising statistic: warranty claims over the car’s air bags were four times higher than for competing vehicles.

They also had customer complaints, crash reports and GM’s own descriptions of the fault. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration overruled an investigator in 2007 and determined there wasn’t enough of a pattern to open a formal probe, according to documents released yesterday by the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

While the e mails and memos add to evidence GM dragged its heels on responding to concerns over defects, they also shed new light on the government’s decision not to act on a flaw now linked to 13 deaths in accidents.

“Everything in this memo suggests they should have opened a defect investigation,” said Clarence Ditlow, executive director of the Center for Auto Safety, a Washington based watchdog group. “The numbers are off the charts.”

Congress and the Justice Department are investigating the chain of events that led GM to wait more than a decade to recall 2.59 million small cars. The ignition switch in the Cobalt, Saturn Ion and other vehicles could shut off when jarred, cutting power to the engine and deactivating air bags. Senate panel April 2 that it didn’t recommend starting a probe in 2007 because the Cobalt and Ion didn’t stand out compared to peers. Transportation Department’s inspector general, Calvin Scovel, is reviewing whether the agency acted properly.

GM Chief Executive Officer Mary Barra has apologized and ordered an internal investigation. Barra’s name surfaced in only one document released by the committee, a memo to her providing brief context on a news story about a previous Cobalt recall for steering issues.

Documents Show GM Slow to Respond to Safety Complaints

GM Sees $1.3 Billion Charge as Engineers Put on Leave

Video: Documents Show Denial, Concealment in GM Switch

External Link: Documents Pertaining to GM and NHTSA

While the papers don’t show why NHTSA decided against probing the claims, GM officials said they saw “no specific problem pattern,” according to a memo from Gregory Magno, chief of NHTSA’s Defects Assessment Division, who recommended the probe before being overruled.

NHTSA’s acting administrator, David Friedman, told senators the agency doesn’t have complete records to show why it overruled the recommendation.

“Frankly, it is something that is currently hamstringing our ability to fully pull together all of what happened,” he said.

No Standout What is known is that the agency studied data on the Cobalt and Ion, beyond points Magno raised, and decided the cars weren’t unusual when it came to air bag failures, Friedman said.

“They were a little bit above average, but they did not stand out,” he said.

Nathan Naylor, a spokesman for the auto safety regulator, said today he couldn’t comment beyond what Friedman said at the hearings.

NHTSA received 29 complaints about air bag failures in the Cobalt and Ion for model years 2003 2006, according to the documents released by the House panel. That included 25 crashes with injuries and four fatalities.

The rate of air bag related warranty claims for the Cobalt in 2006 was more than four times higher than for Honda Motor Co. (7267)’s Civic, Toyota Motor Corp.’s Corolla and Ford Motor Co.’s Focus, according to the documents. After the Cobalt, the next highest claims rates were with two other GM vehicles, the Saab 9 5 and the Cadillac CTS.

Front Crashes Magno perceived a pattern of air bag nondeployments in the Cobalts “that does not exist in their peers,” according to one memo. He’d earlier asked for a decision to start an investigation within two weeks, according to a Sept. 5, 2007, e mail to senior officials in the agency’s Office of Defects Investigation.

Magno, in the e mail, said the agency knew of cases in which frontal air bags didn’t deploy “in severe front crashes under circumstances where they would be expected to function and reduce injury levels.”

He also presented agency officials with so called early warning data, compiled from customer complaints and injury reports, four crash investigations into air bags that didn’t work and four GM technical service converse uk trong> converse uk bulletins. These company communications with dealers describe repairs that should be offered to customers while stopping short of a publicized safety recall.

The Defects Assessement Division did what it’s trained to do in this case, and that’s converse uk to raise red flags, Friedman told reporters April 2.

converse uk “That’s what we tell them to do,” Friedman said. “We dig deeper into the data and the into the cases to understand if there’s sufficient information of a specific defect or of a trend that allows us to move forward.”

In July 2013, less than a year before GM’s recall, the head of NHTSA’s Office of Defects Investigation, Frank Borris, complained to Carmen Benavides, GM’s director of product investigations.

“The general perception is that GM is slow to communicate, slow to act, and, at times, requires additional effort of ODI that we do not feel is necessary with some of your peers,” Borris said.

Borris listed six points of contention between regulators and the company, including an attempt to handle an air bag fix for the Chevrolet Malibu as a “customer satisfaction campaign” rather than a safety recall.

converse uk Regulations killing family far

Regulations killing family farms in Canada

Red Tape Week: Regulations killing family farms in CanadaThere’s a running joke at Chico Ranches Ltd., located roughly 50 kilometres northwe converse uk st of Calgary, that owner John Lee uses to explain why his children never followed their father into the purebred cattle business.

“I always used to joke, if I really promoted them to get into it, I’d be charged with child abuse,” said Mr. Lee, 62, on a recent afternoon. Even when his children were young, his wife, Jan, would frequently work late into the night filling out paperwork, he said.

Nor, it seems, are they alone. New data published by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) suggest the country’s farmers are hit harder by red tape than other businesses, “significantly” reducing productivity and limiting growth as the agriculture sector as a whole struggles to attract a younger generation to farming and farm related businesses.

The findings, published in CFIB’s Survey on Regulation and Paper Burden, paint a portrait of a sector struggling to cope with an increasingly c converse uk omplex web of forms, surveys and paperwork.

Of 408 agri businesses surveyed by converse uk CFIB, roughly 80% ranked red tape as their No. 1 concern ahead of taxes. Seventy two per cent said the burden has grown in the past three years, compared with 55% in all other sectors.

Red Tape Blues

Some of the more unusual and constraining incidents of agricultural red tape that the CFIB has heard:

A farmer on the border of two different municipalities says he deals with provincial public health inspectors in each jurisdiction, but each municipality interprets the provincial policies quite differently. So, the farmer has to operate based on two different interpretations of the same policy.

One Saskatchewan farmer says he fills out 400 forms for every container converse uk of polypropylene bags he imports to package his pulse crops. It takes a full time employee three to five days to complete six months worth of duty drawback claims The trouble is this drawback was initially applied to protect Canadian bag manufacturers, of which there are none in existence. Ministry of Transportation does not allow promotional signage on the inland island highway, making it difficult for a farm store to sell its locally grown produce.

Farmers are required to use certain tags on their products that are available only from government, yet the government is often late in supplying the tags.

A farmer sent in a renewal form to obtain an import permit, and got back a whole different set of forms for a totally unrelated matter. It took four phone calls and two weeks to resolve not to mention a missed a business opportunity.

A truckload of fresh beans with the boxes stamped Canada 1 had to be dumped because of a regulation change the farmer had not been notified of. The inspector wouldn’t let the produce into the warehouse for shipping even though the public does not see the box.

“It is the sheer volume of work that must be done to satisfy all levels of government and industry regulations manure spreading regulations, fisheries setbacks, environmental programs, employee deductions, CFIA regulations, Stats Can requests, new livestock hauling regulations the list goes on.” British Columbia, Livestock and Animal Specialty

“In the past 10 years, the amount of time we spend just on record keeping has more than doubled. At times it feels like we must pay more attention to paperwork than to the actual growing of crops.” Ontario Fruit, Vegetable and Horticulture

“The Stats Can surveys are ridiculous and always come at our busiest time of year. They put a due date on them that is next to impossible for us to complete in time, then phone and harass us on a daily basis.” Manitoba, Field Crop and Combination Farms

CFIB found nearly 70% of respondents said bureaucratic red tape “significantly” reduces productivity, and 87% said excessive regulations add “significant” stress to their lives. Another 68% said red tape discourages growth oriented investment, compared with 62% in other businesses.

Underscoring the challenges of attracting young blood to an aging sector, roughly one third of respondents said they might not have gone into the agriculture business at all had they faced today’s level of red tape.

“Only 8% of farmers are under the age of 35, so clearly attracting new entrepreneurs to the agriculture sector and the successful transfer of Canadian farms to the next generation of producers is one of the most important issues facing the Canadian agriculture industry today,” said Marilyn Braun Pollon, vice president of agri business at the CFIB.

“If we’ve got a level of regulatory burden that’s crippling the ag sector and stifling innovation, it’s going to stop that next generation of farmers from wanting to even get into the business,” she said, adding that the sector employs two million Canadians and generates more than $44 billion worth of trade.

While the volume is always heavy, the type and degree of regulation faced by Canada’s agri businesses varies by

For father and son owners Gerhard and Jarrett Gerke, a brush with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has so far cost their business, Green Thumb Nurseries, $308,910.46.

He said some plants at the nursery remain under quarantine, as per a CFIA mandate, nearly seven months after federal inspectors found traces of a water borne pathogen called Sudden Oak disease, or SOD, in a crop of 25 to 40 year old Rhododendrons.

The 90 or so plants, which sell for a minimum of $500 a pop, were deemed a biohazard by CFIA inspectors, increasing disposal costs. Green Thumb questioned the methodology used, which tests “blocks” of plants rather than individual specimens.

Inspections are haphazard, Jarrett said. CFIA staff “walk through a plant bed, take what they consider a block and then they’ll just take random samples of anything that looks infested, throw it all into one bag, ship it back to Ontario to be tested and then say there’s a plant in this block somewhere that’s infected, it all must be destroyed.”

The CFIA did not respond to requests for comment before press time.

Jarrett and his father maintain a more rigorous approach could have narrowed down exactly which plants were carriers of the pathogen, potentially reducing the cost of destruction. Instead, one third of the nursery’s inventory was quarantined. The upshot has been lost sales, reputational damage and the loss of a genetic