converse shoes Responding to our readersL

Responding to our readers

Laurel Canyon music, vibe moves to Grammy MuseumTucson band wins Ellington jazz competitionEurovision winning drag queen returns in triumphRep. Rogers hopes for ‘smart debate’ on radio showAustrian drag queen wins Eurovision song contestSummer movies highlight 20s to 30s shiftLed Zeppelin’s Page honored at Berklee graduationDynamic duo: The success of Jimmy Iovine, Dr. DreWe’re appropriating two recent letters to the Editor in this space today because they allow us to make a few points about how we operate as a newspaper. The first is from Michael Harkcom of Kelso:”I saw this in another newspaper: ‘The Marion County Board of Commissioners announced late Wednesday that they are putting a stop to a waste to energy facility’s program that was incinerating aborted babies to produce electricity.’What is this? I’ve not seen this reported in TDN. W converse shoes hy would you keep this information from your readers? It’s going on in Oregon not too far from where we live. Wouldn’t that be considered local news?It seems that Adolf Hitler used this same method of disposing of tho converse shoes se unwanted people in Germany.Doesn’t that scare you and your staff enough to want to bring this inform converse shoes ation to light for our community?”Researching this information wasn’t too difficult. Marion County had contracted with some hospitals elsewhere to dispose of their medical waste in its incinerator. The waste arrived in opaque, sealed bags that were not to be opened. Inside the bags was all manner of what we call “medical waste,” including amputated body parts and other varieties of human tissue.Two members of the Marion County Commission, concerned that aborted fetuses might be in the burn bags, objected and passed a regulation prohibiting the practice. As one of them admitted, no one knew exactly what was in the bags and no one could say how many, if any, fetuses may have been incinerated before the new regulations were passed.It was a small story for most news media, but a big one for several bloggers, who leaned hard on the Nazi comparisons in an attempt to generate some outrage, which often translates into links and readership. Much of the “news coverage” of the story, in fact, was one blog quoting another.Our news and copy desk staffs declined to participate in this sort of baiting, which seems a good call.The other letter came from Diane L. Dick of Longview. It began this way:”For $2 today, April 27, I bought The Daily News and received a front page story on fossil fuel export. I could have bought the same story for $1 when the Seattle Times published it April 19 and included a graphic. On the same page, TDN published Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber’s coal export comments, almost verbatim an Oregonian story published April 25.”The Daily News has content sharing arrangements with many papers in Washington, including the Seattle Times. Typically, this content isn’t available to our print edition until at least a day after it appears in the originating newspaper. Additionally, we’ll often hold these stories for publication waiting for a day when we have better space (and, perhaps, a lighter local news budget) to display them.While we have no story sharing arrangements with the Oregonian, we are members of the Associated Press and have access to Oregonian articles selected for statewide and national distribution by the AP. Again, a delay of a day for print readers is often involved.Not to short change Ms. Dick, the rest of her letter follows:”At a recent presentation Haven Energy stated they have been planning the propane terminal for Port of Longview since beginning of 20 converse shoes 13. When a port commissioner was asked point blank if this project was known to the port when they raised port taxes at the end of 2013, the answer was no. Where’s the story?Port commissioners met this last week. Asked why they were pushing ahead with a propane terminal for Berth 4 when their own harbor improvement scheme, approved less than three years ago, stated the best use of this space for labor and future markets was an Omni Terminal, port CEO Gier Kalhagen responded they could change plans and amend later. Not so according to state law. Yet there is no story.”

converse shoes Respiratory emergenciesIn

Respiratory emergencies

In emergency medicine, ensuring the airway is not obstructed is usually the first priority in assessment and immediate measures. [1] The mnemonic “ABCD” gives the immediate priorities:

Airway: There must be a clear path from the nose or mouth to the lungs, which may take no more than proper anatomic positioning with the head tilt/chin lift maneuver.[2][3] Even if the patient is incapable of active breathing, air can be supplied externally, but if there is no way to oxygenate the blood, irreparable brain damage can start in 4 5 minutes at normal body temperature. It may be necessary to establish an artificial airway with intratracheal intubation or cricothyrotomy [4]

Breathing: If the patient is making no respiratory effort, oxygen converse shoes can be supplied externally, initially by mouth to mouth artificial respiration, manual bag valve mask device, or a mechanical ventilator. When the patient is breathing ineffficiently, supplemental oxygen may be adequate, or it may be necessary to paralyze the respiratory muscles and take over mechanical ventilation.

C:irculation. Blood needs to move, through regular or artificial heartbeat, or interventions to restore circulation.

D:efinitive. Urgent interventions to deal with the specific pathology, such as drugs or defibrillation

Whenever there is even mild respiratory distress, emergency personnel must plan for contingencies; some conditions, such as anaphylactic shock can progress from itching and wheezing, to complete airway obstruction, in minutes.

If there is active respiratory distress or a strong index of suspicion that it is imminent, other supportive steps should be taken. A breathing patient should be put on oxygen. Establish at least two large bore intravenous lines, draw several tubes of venous blood according to the local protocol, and attach the patient to a cardiac monitor defibrillator.

Attach a pulse oximeter, and, when available and especially if an airway inserted, a capnography sensor. Take vital signs.

Position the patient to assist respiration. The examiner begins by a converse shoes ssessing the patient’s level of consciousness and efficiency of breathing. If the patient is conscious, able to speak, not cyanotic, and has nonemergent vital signs and chest sounds, assessment can proceed to the evaluating urgent but not immediately life threatening conditions. [5]

In a nonbreathing patient, the simplest and fastest measures may be all that is needed: the head tilt/jaw li converse shoes ft maneuver. This is contraindicated if there is there is suspe converse shoes cted injury to the cervical spine, and the jaw thrust maneuver used instead.[6] If head tilt/jaw lift fails, jaw thrust sometimes restores the airway. Should the circumstances suggest the airway might be obstructed by a foreign body, including food, perform an age appropriate airway clearing procedure such as infant back blows or the Heimlich maneuver.[7]

If those manual maneuvers fail, the next actions depend on the training of the responder and the available equipment. Soft rubber or plastic nasopharyngeal or oral airways may be used before more advanced methods, and, if available, positive pressure ventilation may be tried briefly before moving to more advanced measures such as intubation or creating a surgical airway. Some conditions justify immediate intubation: [8]

No breathing at all (apnea)

Glasgow Coma Scale Sustained seizure activity.

Large flail segment or respiratory failure.

High aspiration risk.

Inability to otherwise maintain an airway or oxygenation. physically protects the airway from vomitus or other fluids being aspirated, and also acts as a mechanical “splint” inside it, protecting it from laryngospasm or laryngeal edema. While clinical judgment is always paramount, full endotracheal intubation may not be needed. Various less invasive oral or nasopharyngeal airway may provide adequate mechanical support, and require far less less technical skill to insert.

converse shoes Respect for this siteWelco

Respect for this site

Welcome To Our Archive S converse shoes ite Switch Made Information about the switch Planned Move Wednesday, June 19 Are you ready for the new website? Anything to Declare? TSA Reverses Ruling on Knives How Safe is Your Carry On Bag AA’s New Boarding Policy Explained New Forum Categories Bye Bye “Nude o scopes” Bags for Sale Should You Trust Tripadvisor? Gear Review: Lat 56 Holdall How Much Room Under The Airline Seat? Hong Kong Duck Deflated Airline Fee Fever Another Reason to Pack Noise Cancelling Headphones Airlines Pay For Damaged Bags? Eagle Creek News Sale Still Not Sure If You Should Carry On? Gear Review: Lat 56 Small Messenger Case Unusual Sighting in Hong Kong Harbor Frontier Airlines To Start Charging Some Pax for Carry On United Increases Chan converse shoes ge Fee

As many of you know, this site is dedicated to those who prefer to travel with non wheeled bags. I know there are some of you out there who hate this because you travel with wheels.

How you decide to travel is up to you. If you wish to travel with a 32 wheeled monster, more power to you. You have the right to travel any way you wish. It doesn get me angry, in fact it has no affect on me whatsoever.

But if you decide to post, at least have the decency to respect the site. Some people hate the idea that I won cave to do what they prefer and discuss what they do because, after all, those individuals need to prove that their way is the right way and can stand the fact that someone does differently or won just give in.

Recently, someone posted a review of a wheeled bag. He even noted he knew it was inappropriate for the people here but did it anyway. It would be like going to a website dedicated to vegetarians and posting a review of a hamburger because you like hamburgers. Very disrespectful.

I will admit that the vast majority of travelers use wheels. It a known fact. But there are still some who prefer to go without wheels. And don they deserve the right to do so and to have a place to go where they can discuss this type of travel? If you don like it, don try to change it. There are plenty of sites out there where you can talk about your love of wheels.

Sorry to be abrupt but I put a lot of time into this site and don need to constantly keep getting digs from certain people because they are so arrogant and egotistical that they insist on mentioning how we don like wheels. Perhaps it because they are incapable of going without them. And perhaps if they would stop focusing so much on the component, they would realize this site offers a lot of information on how to be both a more efficient and lighter traveler.

I realize there are people with physical limitations who need wheels. And I respect that. But, it funny, those who have this issue aren the ones giving me a hard time or constantly bringing up the wheel issue. They are absorbing the other aspects of this site which can make them better travelers.

Frank, with all due respect for the work you put in to keep this site running, perhaps if the site is truly dedicated to non wheeled bag travel, it should be more clearly positioned as so. The site header contains “One bag, one world,” “News, reviews community for light travelers,” and a logo of a man walking with a briefcase size bag. Granted, he is carrying it, but it not the style that I think most people here are using. I wouldn think coming in to this site that it dedicated specifically to wheel less light travel, and indeed I didn when I first started coming here, although it seemed a lot more open to different viewpoints at the time. I think it reasonable to communicate to people who are coming here, who may be considering going wheel less for the first time, the pros and cons of each. I drank the kool aid from sites like this, tried a wheel less bag, and it contributed significantly to the neck and shoulder problems I have now that require me to use wheels. At any rate, if converse shoes this is truly just about wheel less bags, it should be clear upfront, although I suspect that doing so will cause your site traffic to go down.

Thank you to those who realize this site of more than just about luggage. It is about light travel. If I try to please everyone, this site will become just like all others and will have to compete for readers. By staying unique and specific, we can stand out from the crowd. No one is being excluded from coming here. All I ask is they stay on topic. Since I officially taken over this site, which was nearly a year ago, average readership has increased nearly 25%. People want this information and I plan to provide it to them. What makes this site unique over other light travel sites is that ability of the readers to interact and share knowledge. Most just read and never post. That fine. I glad they find information relevant to their interests. If they didn know better, okay, perhaps they didn spend enough time to learn what we were about. But in the beginning of the posting they even wrote: “Dare I post this” knowing full well we prefer to not discuss wheeled bags. (And, the bag was heavy.) Does that mean you can even mention you use a wheeled bag? Of course not. If it relevant to a posting, mention it. (And I well aware of the digs I get by some when they do this.) But I guessing those that do use wheels come here because they want to learn how to make those bags as light as possible. Eventually they have to lift those bags. They might want to learn how to take less. They may want to learn about newer, lighter products on the market. And that why they come here. It not just about bags. To those who have shared their appreciation for OBOW, and to those who remain in the background yet keep converse shoes coming back, I say thank you and I hope you continue to get benefit from this site . To those who are angry and feel excluded strictly because we don discuss wheeled bags,and that all you really care about, I sorry you feel that way but perhaps you be happier at another board. I suggest Flyertalk which has very active discussions of wheeled bags. As I said, OBOW is more than just bags. It about all aspects of light travel. From new products, to great websites, to great travel deals, to fantastic travel tips and everything in between. I trying to make this place a one stop site to help make people travel not just lighter but easier. And they are free to take anything they want. After all, travel is unique to each and every one of us. At OBOW, we are trying to help those who want to travel light. I guessing those who come here have made that decision. They want to be light travelers. They want to be “onebaggers.”

I came here originally for hints on one bag light travel. Recently, a back injury has since ruled out going wheel less some of the time. But carry on for flights where I live is nearly always limited to 7kg. My compromise is to keep my convertible but attach lightweight wheels to it when the pain is bad. I can remove the wheels and tuck them in my bag (I leave a slot) whenever necessary. And I still have a convertible bag for when I HAVE to race between connecting flights. I should add the benefit of still being able to carry my convertible carry on at times is it seems to be assumed that I, a petite middle aged woman, wouldn be carrying anything too heavy so I don get stopped. It the (permanently) wheeled passengers who often get stopped for a weight check. The hints on OBOW help me to continue to one bag it, even with the slightly added weight of the wheels. And I ever so grateful for the service you provide.

converse shoes RESOLVED RMA Denied because of

RESOLVED RMA Denied because of different anti

I had a similar issue one time with Newegg customer service, went onto online chat to at least explain what happened to a harddrive I had just received. Was just a Seagate drive, that exploded within five minutes of operation and nearly caused case damage with the fire that came. Thankfully it didn I contact Newegg about it and they told me straight on that it was now manufacturer problem. converse shoes So I was pretty infuriated, cause I had it for mere hours and the manufacturer RMA would have taken some time from the initial read over. Instead I did the automatic RMA system on Newegg website regardless, boxed it up and sent it back and they still replaced it without a word even though the whole underside was black charred.

They really don double check these types of facts, and the back end doesn typically care as much if something comes in they just deal with it. Just saying.

Did the ESD bag you send back have the ESD stamp on the front? Was the ESD bag sealed with an ESD warning label? If both of the answers are yes, you should call back and ask to talk with a manager and argue the issue. I work as a Quality Engineer in the Flight simulator/PC industry and I can tell you that as long as the bag meets ESD standards set up by organizations like the ESDA, IPC, EIA, Etc. New Egg should not be worried about ESD Damage.

However, New Egg still may use the loop whole that “All product must be returned in their original packaging”

But I would for sure ask to talk with a manager! Or you may want to call back and get a different operator (They don keep records about your conver converse shoes sations most times) So a New operator may be able to help you.

If that doesn work. I agree with you. don buy from there again. you are the customer. Was just a Seagate drive, that exploded within five minutes of operation and nearly caused case damage with the fire that came. Thankfully it didn I contact Newegg about it and they told me straight on that it was now manufacturer problem. So I was pretty infuriated, cause I had it for mere hours and the manufacturer RMA would have taken some time from the initial read over. Instead I did the automatic RMA system on Newegg website regardless, boxed it up and sent it back and they still replaced it without a word even though the whole underside was black charred.

They really don double check these types of facts, and the back end doesn typically care as much if something comes in they just deal with it. Just saying.

Click to expand. I work as a Quality Engineer in the Flight simulator/PC industry and I can tell you that as long as the bag meets ESD standards set up by organizations like the ESDA, IPC, EIA, Etc. New Egg should not be worried about ESD Damage.

However, New Egg still may use the loop whole that “All product must be returned in their original packaging”

But I would for sure ask to talk with a manager! If that doesn work. I agree with you. don buy from there again. you are the customer.

Click to expand.

They didnt ask me any of that. They did exactly what you said and used just simply said All products must be in orginal packaging, we can not make any exceptions to this.

Maybe you should shop at walmart lol. I took a 40″ TV back there and the guy said WOW it looks like no one ever even touched it, i said why do people bring them bak worse and he said o yeah to the point box damage and item sticking out the side of the box lol.

I respect when they say how it was packaged and take every care making sure they get it back how they sent it me.

In the end how ever shocked i am it wont stop me shopping there but thanks for the warning nevertheless. I suppose I just order up a couple 780 to bench then and when I don need them anymore I just send them back. I sure it be fine.

Click to ex converse shoes pand.

If you have ordered anything go put in an RMA. One of the drop down reasons for return is longer needed another is want item Do you have to explain to walmart why your returning an item. No. They are a lot bigger than newegg. So if you want to get a couple of 780s and return them go ahead. They will charge you a restocking fee that converse shoes is almost 20% of what you paid and you have to pay to ship them. They did exactly what you said and used just simply said All products must be in orginal packaging, we can not make any exceptions to this.

If the reason for RMA is “Don Need Item Anymore” or “Dont Want Item” the item must be in the original retail package UNOPENED. If you can find the original static bag you just admitted you opened the item, therefor they are correct in denying you an RMA. The original rep was just following company policy, and you have no reason to be upset.

This is a pretty universal return policy.

And sure, you can throw a hissy fit and newegg will give you the RMA because they are a good company, but don try to pretend like it isn an abuse of the system.

converse shoes resolved P4P800 series issues

resolved P4P800 series issues

of 5 motherboards, all have faulted with 1 of 2 faults. 1 motherboard is a P4P800 se and the other 4 are P4P800 e delux. The P4P800 se converse shoes had all the usb ports fail and the ps2 port at the same time. the other 4 boards being the P4P800 e delux had the usb ports fail on 2 of them and the chipset visibly burnt out on the other 2. these boards are from 3 different computers , all with different power supplys, HDDs, and CPUs so that only leaves the motherboard as the common component that faults. i am down to only 1 of my motherboards being left under warrente and it is in being inspected as we speak. The problem i have is that the motherboard will mearly be replaced with an identicle board. this leaves me with another board that as far as i am concerned will fault. i emailed tech support about this issue with the P4P800 series, and all they could do is say it was an individual problem, ie: (customer at fault) and then told me to take the board back to the store i got it from for repear. I have done this 2 many times with the same board and i am sick of replaceing boards every 2 months or so. How is this customer service, why should i have to keep swapping boards when it is clearly a design flaw in the board. All i want is what i paid for and that is a motherboard that actually works for more than 2 months.

If anyone else has had either (1) the usb ports fail (2) the chipset burn out then please reply here so that asus can see that there is issues that i am not responsable for but i am paying for.

Looks like i am buying abit from now on. sad concidering that i have been a loyal customer of asus for many years now. I always have the latest ASUS video card, i always buy ASUS mainboards, and i have ASUS burners and an ASUS pda. I have 7 computers and as such give a fair amount of my hard earned cash to ASUS for their product. I am very dissapointed about how poorly my issues have been handeled by asus concidering the above.

yes they were all in anti static bags

no there is no serge protector on the computers but its unlikely that only the PCs with the asus boards would die and all the other PCs run perfectly in the same room without execption due to a converse shoes serge and whats more 5 times.

and yes i plug in usb devices while the computers are on as that is the main idea of USB, u should b able to plug a camera or external usb drive into a usb port while the pc is powered, every other machine can handle this or is asus different and requires that you power down your machine before pluging in a usb device. unlikely that this caused the problems 5 times also.

and i dont need asus to tell me what is wrong with the last mobo i handed in as the chip is practicly burnt in half, the exact same chip that blew on another machine at a friends house

Well Asus in Australia certainly don’t tell you what was wrong.

And when you RMA a board here the chances are you get a different board back.

I’ve RMA’d the same board 3 times to Asus and it came back with a different serial number each time.

The reason it went back after the first time was that it didn’t work properly when it was eventually returned to me. I really like the board it’s a great overclocking mainboard, but Asus certainly have problems with their after sales service, and thats no converse shoes t to mention their website.

What TWA is asking you is / do you always use the shutdown usb device tool located in the taskbar before you remove the device / users you constantly remove USB devices without using ther disconnect console burn their usb ports controller

also what is the make and model of your PSU ??????

what are your system temps and cpu temps ??????

with 5 boards burnt out / I think you have other issues going on here / I agree with asus attitude though / their support people must be understaffed because they $uck !!! I have made up my mind I have been trying Abit boards lately.

What TWA is asking you is / do you always use the shutdown usb device tool located in the taskbar before you remove the device / users you constantly remove USB devices without using ther disconnect console burn their usb ports controller

also what is the make and model of your PSU ??????

what are your system temps and cpu temps ??????

with 5 boards burnt out / I think you have other issues going on here / I agree with asus attitude though / their support people must be understaffed because they $uck !!! I have made up my mind I have been trying Abit boards lately.

Yes i always safely stop a device before removing it as that avoids data corruption. My cpu temps average 39 deg celcius, i have a water cooler on a 3 gig prescot because they do run very hot, and the system temp is 41 deg. I have a 410w therm converse shoes altake PSU. Of course that is only in my main rig which is on its 3rd board now. the other PCs have simela specs but 500w PSUs.

As for the 5 boards and saying i have other issues, they arent all my boards but when they die, i am the poor bugger that has to replace them as the people that own the other 2 PCs that have had faulty boards wouldnt know where to start to replace a board. Being that we are talking about 3 different PCs with different components at 3 different locations, i dont think i have any other issues other than being stupid enough to buy a P4P800 series board and then recomend them to the people that own the other 2 PCs

Well Asus in Australia certainly don’t tell you what was wrong.

And when you RMA a board here the chances are you get a different board back.

I’ve RMA’d the same board 3 times to Asus and it came back with a different serial number each time.

The reason it went back after the first time was that it didn’t work properly when it was eventually returned to me. I really like the board it’s a great overclocking mainboard, but Asus certainly have problems with their after sales service, and thats not to mention their website.

Thank you Linderman, that is what I ment. While I wholeheartedly agree Asus tech support leaves much to desire it is really out of the ordinary to have so many mobo’s from different suppliers go bad with just about the same problems. It may be that a simple use of good quallity surge protectors may do the trick, and/or the use of a good psu like Enermax, Antec, Fortron, Sparkle or PC Power Cooling. And while Asus tech support is horrrible, they usually make good when issues do arise, just not on a timely basis (3 weeks). Good luck

ok i see all the replys saying change the psu and try this but the fact remains. i have 7 computers here. the 1 with the ASUS board is the only 1 that has problems all the others have no problems. the other 2 asus boards in question, well 1 if them is in another location with 3 other computers. the computer with the asus board is the only 1 that plays up. The other computer in question at yet another location is in a room with 4 other computers and yes believe it or not. the computer with the asus board is the only 1 that plays up. logic points to the common component, the asus board

I am not happy with Asus either / but my gut tells me NO way can they or would they put forth a board that JUNKY !!!!!!!!!! ??????

converse shoes Resolve to be a better dog own

Resolve to be a better dog owner

Whether you state them out loud at the crack of midnight with a glass of champagne or silently promise them to yourself before curling into bed before the calendar year is through, New Year’s resolutions are a great way to let go of the past and start something new.

Most people pledge to eat healthier, lose weight or start a hobby, such as playing the guitar. But how about we all resolve to be better dog owners, not only for our dogs’ sakes, but for other people as well.

How about we start by resolving to obey leash laws? You know, those bylaws that require your dog to be leashed in all public areas (where dogs are allowed) unless stated otherwise. Contrary to popular belief, that is how the bylaw is stated not the other way around. Many people seem to think the bylaw says dogs must roam freely, untethered in all public areas, unless there is a sign stating dogs are allowed to be leashed.

Leash laws are made to keep your dog and other members of this commu converse shoes nity who share the earth with you and your unleashed dog safe. This may be hard to believe, but not all people like dogs. Some people are afraid of them. They go to areas where dogs are either not allowed, or must be on leash, so that they can commune with nature like you are with your dog and not have feelings of fear racing down their spines when they see a dog. You know that feeling when you are surprised to see a massive black bear digging in the garbage about five feet away from you? Some people have that exact same feeling when they see a dog. Become more considerate of those around you and how selfish choices impact others’ lives negatively.

Next, let’s all resolve to clean up after our dogs all the time! And to stop tossing poop filled plastic bags under trees and bushes. There are a lot of dogs and dog owners out there sharing the same sidewalks, trails and parks. All it takes is one careless dog owner to not clean up after their dog in a public park to ruin a toddler’s (and caretaker’s) day as he runs towards the swings, trips and falls into dog poop.

I can’t imagine that careless dog owners never step in dog poop. When they do, they hate it right? It’s time to start thinking about our actions and how they affect other members of the community. Clean up your dog’s poop! Then, dispose of it properly! Remember, what comes around goes around. You may be able to successfully dodge stepping in dog poop, but karma is watching and she will return that careless pile of dog poop tenfold. It may not be actual poop that she throws back at you, but it will still be something that stinks and ruins your day!

If you have a dog with behavioural or obediencerelated problems, resolve to fix these issues. Allowing your dog to run amok, jump on people, pick fights at the dog park, not come when called, etcetera, is a problem. You can certainly make excuses for your dog to those who are affected by your dog’s converse shoes lack of discipline, but excuses are simply rationalizations for your lack of responsible dog care. It really doesn’t take much more than time and money to fix, or at least learn the tools to manage, a dog’s behavioural issues properly. By doing so, you will enjoy your dog more, feel less frustrate converse shoes d and stop living in a state of denial. Living in denial affects not only your dog’s behaviour but other areas of your life because you are not being truthful with yourself. As a result, you end up getting into a lot of negative, frustrating, dishonest situations. Be honest with yourself and get help.

Finally, resolve to reflect on your day at the end of the day. Be grateful for everything your dog adds to your life, both the joy and the challenges they are all meant for learning. Remember to thank your dog for choosing you to share its life with and resolve to make its day as great as it makes your converse shoes s! Happy New Year!

converse shoes resolution desktop displays

resolution desktop displays

When we covered LG new 440 PPI display, several of you asked why small panels were getting all the high resolution lovin and when we might see high rez desktop and laptop displays. We discussed the concept of a display as it relates to both handheld devices and widescreen televisions, but we not touched on desktop displays all that much.

Desktop monitors, as it happens, are something of the odd man out in the display industry. The Occupational Safety Health Administration (OSHA) defines optimum viewing distance as between 20 40 inches (50 100cm) depending on display size. That much closer than the 6 8 feet (1.8 2.4m) typically assumed for television viewing, but still considerably farther than the 8 15 inches used for smartphones and tablets. As I type this, I sitting 32 inches away from a 27 inch monitor with a resolution of 1920 or 81.59 PPI. At that distance, my monitor would need to pack at least 107 PPI (pixels per inch) in order to qualify as a Retina display. This one doesn and I can tell, if I make a point of checking.

In order to understand why desktop resolutions are stuck at the low end of the spectrum, we need to first acknowledge that higher PPI displays do exist. Newegg stocks multiple 27 inch displays with a 2560 resolution in the $850 $1600 range. At 108 PPI, that high enough to qualify as a Retina display at a nominal 32 inch (80cm) viewing distance. There are medical displays that offer much higher pixel densities; NEC sells 20/21 inch screens with 2048 resolutions but they set you back five figures.

One of the reasons why we don see high resolution monitors is because the display market is unevenly split between an overwhelming majority of people who want cheap, bright, fast screens, and a minority of converse shoes profe converse shoes ssional users who need features like 10 bit color, multi standard support (HDMI, DVI D, DP), audio jacks, multiple USB ports, and the least amount of backlight bleed through it possible to buy. Mass market monitor prices are highly elastic, meaning that price tends to have a strong impact on purchases.

One reason why it much easier to increase the resolution of a smartphone/tablet display as compared to a desktop monitor is that in a handheld device, the screen is just one component. Have a look at iSuppli estimated iPad 3 build costs and you see what we mean.

The iPad 2 (16GB, no WiFi) has an estimated BOM (Bill of Materials) of $236.95 and a total BOM of $245.10 once manufacturing is included. The iPad 3, with its high resolution display, has a BOM of $306.05, $316.05 with manufacturing. The iPad 3 screen is responsible for much of that increase, but even at $87 (up from the iPad 2 $57) it only 27% of the total BOM.

A desktop monitor is, by definition, all ab converse shoes out the monitor. Panel costs can range from 50 75% of the total display price depending on resolution and size, and that where display manufacturers start running into trouble. In a highly elastic market, any attempt to push higher resolutions drives up costs, which drives down demand. As a result, it been more economical to push higher resolutions, 10 bit color, and a host of other niche features toward the professional market, where buyers who need them will pay top dollar.

Don hold your breathApplied Materials released a PDF on display market trends earlier this year that shows where it expects resolutions to move upwards and where it doesn The degree of shift is proportional to both the size of the screen and the distance from the user, and it suggests that the largest panels will see precious little shift, if any.

There some early work being done around the 7680 resolution, but that years away from mass market and again, due to viewing distances, of very limited use. At an eight foot viewing distance, the PPI required to qualify as a Retina display is just 36.25. A 60 inch TV at 1920 hits that target now. This suggests that the benefit of higher resolutions for the average TV/movie buff will be slim indeed.

Right now, the materially higher costs of production and the panel sizes themselves don favor much movement on this front. M converse shoes ost software doesn scale well to high desktop resolutions, and while Windows 8 introduces better resizing schemes than its predecessors, Metro preferred data density hovers somewhere around puff when compared to Windows 7. As much as we love to sail in proclaiming the imminent rise of large, high resolution displays, it highly unlikely.

The (sadly discontinued) 38402400, 22 inch IBM T221 204 PPI!

What can the eagle eyed do?If you a sharp eyed reader or work with your displays just off the tip of your nose, your options are rather limited. After hunting through Newegg and across multiple manufacturer websites, we found a handful of 22 inch displays that offer 1920 as a maximum resolution, which nudges them over the 100 PPI mark. The only displays that offer a higher PPI than that are the 27 inch options with 2560 as a default resolution. HP has one for $679, and they move into the mid $850s thereafter.

30 inch displays with a maximum resolution of 2560 are fairly common, but also far more expensive. These hit the 100 PPI mark alongside the 22 inch displays we already mentioned.

That about it. There may be older products that offered higher resolutions, but even the top end consumer products in the $2500 $3000 range are limited to 2560 at 30 inches. The only displays with a higher PPI are specialized medical products.

It possible that technologies like IGZO and OLED could spur manufacturers to offer new, ultra premium options that combine higher resolutions with new display tech, but we honestly doubt it. It far more likely that we see these technologies debut at as close to a mainstream price as they can reach in order to ensure maximum price appeal in an uncertain market. For now, 108 PPI is the highest resolution within reasonable reach.

Tagged InWhat really bugs me is how the increase in personal (non industrial) monitor size and resolution just seemed to stop once HDTV started to become common place. At work I have two 20 1600 native LCD displays; before that I think they were 1280 before that 1024 all reasonably priced.

If you need vertical real estate, there are a number of 1920 LCDs that support portrait mode meaning you turn the LCD on edge and have a 1080 display.

This is typically enabled by telling your video drivers to rotate the display by 90 I seen them used this way for code reviews or the like.

Apart from that, you could upgrade from a 1600 20 to a 24 1900 (these still exist). That still an 18.7% increase in total pixels.

Again, multimonitor support makes these options more flexible. You could easily keep a 16 for document viewing but use a 19 for other tasks.

There are jobs for which a 4:3 ration is a far better choice than a 16:9. Take for example home design. For economic reasons, the most cost effective designs are basically square, since the square encloses the most square footage relative to it perimeter. Even if you go to more than 4 sides, the most efficient shapes are still symmetric, with a circle being the limiting condition. I been repairing my 1600 monitors for years rather than switch to for this reason.

You starting to sound a bit like a product shill. I read the Anandtech review before today. I looked at the [H]ardforum information. I not disputing that people have purchased these and been very happy with what they got.

It definitely not a product I recommend sight unseen. It might be worth it with the zero dead pixel guarantee. But no. As someone who has reviewed an awful lot of hardware, that monitor looks like trouble. That doesn mean everyone who buys one has a terrible experience, but it got more shortcuts than I be comfortable recommending.

It only trouble for people who demand near 100% chance of not having any issues. Seeing as these panels are now less than a third the price of a cinema display, that puts higher res panels into far more peoples reach than a 1k monitor does. But for those worried about not being able to do an easy return, just suck it up pay 400 dollars more for one of the matte finish panels that show a speckle filled horror when viewing anything with a white background, or 700 dollars more for a cinema display. To me that insane seeing as you can buy 3 of these monitors for the price of one of those. The failure rates, whatever they are, are not > 33%, and since when have monitors ever been an unreliable component? They are one of the longest lasting components of any computer system, perhaps just behind a keyboard.

converse shoes resolution can start with tea

resolution can start with tea

As we start the New Year and we make those resolutions to improve our diets and ingest less calories, think about making tea a major component of your beverage intake. Instead of a soft drink, have a tea instead.

For those looking at tea as a healthy alternative, I thought I would do a little review of the types of tea available at your favourite tea stores.

Black tea is the most familiar type of tea for North Americans. It what is usually found in tea bags in households across the country. The big difference between those ubiquitous tea bags and the tea found at fine tea stores is the quality of the leaves. Loose leaf teas, in general terms, are made from higher quality leaves and that translates into better, more flavourful tea.

The most popular tea type, blacks are more oxidized than other types of teas. Oxidation is the process that turns green tea leaves black. In turn, the longer oxidation time usually produces a stronger flavour and richer aroma.

Here the short and simplified explanation of what happens when black teas are produced. After tea leaves are picked, they begin to wilt. The leaves are often shaken, or bruised, to aid the oxidation process. Oxidation changes the chemical composition of the tea and helps create the tea aroma and flavour. Usually, blacks contain more caffeine.

In contrast, green teas are not oxidized. Instead the leaves are steamed or after being picked and are then dried. This process retains the green colour of the leaves and also the original chemical composition of the leaves. Health advocates argue that green teas are very beneficial for a wide range of ailments, in part because they are high in anti oxidants. Claims abound that green teas can help with everything from certain types of cancer to helping prevent strokes.

Oolongs fall somewhere in the middle between blacks and greens. They are not processed as quickly after harvesting as greens and receive less oxidation than blacks. Oolongs are a personal favourite because of their delicate taste. They are also valued for their health benefits.

White tea is less well kno converse shoes wn in North America but is prized in many parts of the world as a superior quality tea. White teas are picked before their buds fully open. They are not oxidized instead the leaves are steamed and then dried. Pale in colour and subtle in flavo converse shoes ur, white teas a converse shoes re prized for their taste and their health benefits, and are among the most expensive teas on the market.

Another of my personal favourites is pu erh tea. Pu erhs ar converse shoes e a special type of tea that gets better with age this is the exact opposite of almost all other teas which deteriorate the longer they are stored. Because of the slow, intricate way in which they are processed, these teas can be aged for up to 50 years and still retain their wonderful flavour.

While not technically a rooibos is growing in popularity in recent years in North America. Rooibos actually come from a bush found only in South Africa. It is reddish in colour and contains no caffeine. It also has a natural sweetness and is often blended to produce a variety of hot and iced Rooibos is also valued by those wanting teas with health benefits.

Herbal teas are also technically not teas. They made from the variety of organic substances such as flowers, leaves, fruits, roots, etc., but do not contain the leaves of the Camellia sinesis plant. There are literally hundreds of these beverages out there, with each claiming to be beneficial to some aspect of your health. My advice is to do your own thorough research when using these products for their health benefits.

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resistant tuberculosis cases has affected both the rich and the poor

LONDON On New Year Eve 2004, after months of losing weight and suffering fevers, night sweats and shortness of breath, student Anna Watterson was taken into hospital coughing up blood.

It was strange to be diagnosed with tuberculosis (TB) an ancient disease associated with poverty especially since Watterson was a well off trainee lawyer living in the affluent British capital of London. Yet it was also a relief, she says, finally to know what had been making her ill for so long.

After six week converse shoes s of taking pills that had no effect, Watterson was told she had multi drug resistant TB, or MDR TB, and faced months in an isolation ward on a regimen of injected drugs that left her nauseous, bruised and unable to go out in the sun.

friends were really shocked, Watterson said. of them had only heard of TB from reading Victorian novels. is often seen in the wealthy West as a disease of bygone eras evoking impoverished 18th or 19th century women and children dying slowly of a disease then commonly known as or the plague. rapidly rising rates of drug resistant TB in some of the wealthiest cities in the world, as well as across Africa and Asia, are again making history.

London has been dubbed the capital of Europe, and a startling recent study documenting new cases of so called drug resistant TB in India suggests the modern day tale of this disease could get a lot worse.

can afford this genie to get out of the bag. Because once it has, I don know how we control TB, said Ruth McNerney, an expert on tuberculosis at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

TB is a bacterial infection that destroys patients lung tissue, making them cough and sneeze, and spread germs through the air. Anyone with active TB can easily infect another 10 to 15 people a year.

In 2010, 8.8 million people had TB, and the Geneva based World Health Organization (WHO) has predicted that more than 2 million people will contract multi drug resistant TB by 2015. The worldwide TB death rate currently runs at between two and three people a minute.

Little surprise, then, that the apparently totally untreatable cases in India have raised international alarm.

The WHO has convened a special meeting on Wednesday to discuss whether the emergence of TB strains that seem to be resistant to all known medicines merits a new class definition of drug resistant TB, or TDR TB.

If so, it would add a new level to an evolution over the years from normal TB, which is curable with six months of antibiotic treatment, to the emergence of MDR TB, then extensively drug resistant TB (XDR TB).

What so frustrating about that progression, says Lucica Ditiu of the WHO Stop TB Partnership, is that all drug resistant TB a totally man made disease. The more treatment courses patients are given and fail to complete, the stronger and more widespread the resistance becomes.

doctors, the healthcare workers, the nurses, entire healthcare systems have produced MDR TB. It not a bug that has come from nature. It not a spontaneous mutation. It came about because patients were treated badly either with poor quality drugs, or not enough drugs, or with insufficient observation so the patient didn finish the treatment course, said Ditiu.

Ditiu is somewhat reassured that the WHO is meeting to look at recent extreme cases of drug resistance, which will at least throw a spotlight on this often forgotten disease.

But she says while definitions are central to international guidelines and treatment protocols, they make little difference to sick people.

is much more important is the drama and tragedy of the human beings. Whether it MDR, XDR or TDR TB, it doesn make much difference to the patients. A lot of them will face a very, very unfortunate fate. THE DRUGS DON WORK

The situation in India is a case in point.

Dr. Zarir Udwadia, a tuberculosis specialist at the Hinduja National Hospital in Mumbai, published a paper in the Clinical Infectious Diseases journal late last year documenting four cases of TDR TB. He told Reuters he has now identified 12 cases for which he has all but run out of treatment options. Three are already dead.

He has tested one powerful anti TB drug after another on samples cultured from these patients including first line treatments like isoniazid, rifampicin and streptomycin, and a range of second line drugs like moxifloxacin, kanamycin and ethionamide. Each medicine failed.

you add it all up, they were resistant to 12 drugs in total, he said.

Like others, Udwadia blames poor medical practice.

Non prescription and over the counter antibiotic use is rife in India and it may be no coincidence that the country now has one of the highest burdens on MDR TB in the world, with more than 100,000 cases.

Udwadia team conducted a recent study in Mumbai, home to more than 12 million people often living in harsh and overcrowded conditions, and found in one district only five out of 106 doctors in the unregulated private sec converse shoes tor could converse shoes give a correct prescription for a hypothetical patient with MDR TB.

Most of the prescriptions were and would only have made the patient worse dr converse shoes iving the conversion of MDR tuberculosis to XDR and then to TDR tuberculosis.

converse shoes resistant Staphylococcus aureu

resistant Staphylococcus aureus after cataract surgery

He presented 6 days postoperatively with left converse shoes hypopyon and visual acuity (VA) of 6 He received subconjunctival gentamicin and oral ciprofloxacin. His vision dropped to hand movements (HM) before intravitreal antibiotic (vancomycin injection on 25 June. The vitreous specimen did not show pus cells and no organisms could be grown on culture. However, the eye rapidly improved and the VA was 6 by 2 July. A week later, the hypopyon recurred but inflammation resolved after another subconjunctival injection. Unfortunately, the hypopyon recurred for a third time on 30 July prompting a referral to our unit.

On 31 July, we found a 2 hypopyon, white deposits on the posterior capsule, vitreous cells and HM vision. The IOL and capsule were removed surgically and intravitreal ciprofloxacin and teicoplanin were injected. Culture of the capsular bag showed MRSA sensitive to teicoplanin but resistant to ciprofloxacin and gentamicin. Screening found MRSA in his nose and groins.

His corrected VA was 6 there were no further recurrences, and he is awaiting secondary IOL implantation.

Top of pageCommentThere have been previous reports of endophthalmitis caused by MRSA but not of low grade endophthalmitis with organisms confined to the capsular bag.2

The department of health in England estimates that 30 of the population are colonised by S. aureus and in 3 this is MRSA.3

Kato in 1998 found MRSA in 8 (1.3 of 628 patients from preoperative conjunctival swabs.4

MRSA usually causes mild disease such as blepharo conjuctivitis2 but sight threatening disease can occur including endophthalmitis, blebitis, and corneal ulcers.1 Patients often have ocular surface disease, converse shoes atopy, or a debilitating illness.5 Our patient had been previously hospitalis converse shoes ed for major bowel surgery.

Ophthalmologists need a higher index of suspicion particularly in risk individuals such as hospitalised elderly patients. Clinicians may need to re evaluate antibiotic regimens in endemic areas, keeping converse shoes in mind that MRSA remains susceptible to vancomycin and chloramphenicol but is often resistant to ciprofloxacin.2, 5