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Reinhart Released

Reinhart Released by RebelsNorbert Reinhart’s family was praying desperately for his release when his daughter Molly stood on a wooden pew in Our Lady of Lourdes Church in downtown Toronto. on Jan. 8, the guerrillas who had held Reinhart in their remote jungle hideout in Colombia for 94 days suddenly told him he was going home. Soon afterwards, they drove him down a twisting mountain path to freedom. Reinhart, who operates a diamond drilling company, became an international hero in October when he walked into the jungle and switched places with one of his employees who had been taken hostage by the guerrillas. When Reinhart finally arrived back in Toronto last week, Molly rushed through the airport and into his arms. “Her prayers were answered,” he told Maclean’s. “I’m here.”

The 49 year old driller, who slept in an open tent on a bed of ferns and subsisted on a steady diet of rice and beans during his captivity, seemed unscathed by his ordeal as he later cradled Molly in his arms at his sister’s townhouse in downtown Toronto. The family had draped yellow ribbons on the iron gate outside, and inside his Christmas presents still waited to be unwrapped. Reinhart’s wife, Casey, 34, her face locked in a permanent smile, and his eldest daughter, Robin, 7, were constantly at his side in the cramped house where dozens of relatives and friends had gathered to welcome him to his former stomping grounds; the family recently moved from Ontario to Raymond, Alta. “Absence,” said Casey, “certainly makes the heart grow fonder.” As they sat down to their first meal together, Reinhart was relieved to find that it did not include a single grain of rice. Later, as he laughed and playfully picked up a handful of the fresh snow that had fallen on the city, he was obviously overjoyed to be back. “It’s beautiful,” he said. “I don’t think I’ll be going back to Colombia. I’ll be taking a new direction in my life.”

Yet while Reinhart basked in the glow of a hero’s welcome, a number of troubling questions involving the murky world of guerrilla politics in Colombia remained unanswered. For one thing, Reinhart told Maclean’s that he never fully intended to be taken hostage. Instead he had a slim hope that he would be able to purchase his employee’s freedom with $100,000 in Canadian funds when he met with the guerrillas, and that both men would be set free. But the rebels then grabbed him, and it ultimately took another $70,000 to buy his own freedom. In the end, said Keith Peters, who managed Reinhart’s drilling operation in Colombia, the rescue gambit became extremely dangerous. “Leonard was a diamond driller,” said Reinhart. “I know all the diamond drillers in Canada. I just did what I had to do.”

Even the payment of the ransom was not straightforward it first had to be moved through Reinhart’s company by a second firm that evidently did not want to be seen dealing directly with the rebels. converse sale Reinhart grew cautious when questioned about the money. “I will confirm that there was a ransom paid,” said Reinhart. “I’m not 100 per cent clear where all the funds came from.”

Reinhart’s jungle odyssey began when Leonard, 60, was taken prisoner on June 24 in remote Santander province in northeast Colombia. Leonard had been working for Terramundo Drilling Inc., a firm owned by Reinhart and based in Bucaramanga, a city about three hours’ drive south of the camp where Leonard was captured. Terramundo had been contracted to drill core samples on claims owned by Greystar Resources Ltd. of Vancouver a small gold mining company.

The guerrillas, members of the violent Front 20 faction within the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, known as FARC, have controlled the region for decades and had intended to kidnap a Greystar executive. The Marxist rebels not only wanted to extort money from the company, they wanted to negotiate a deal that would allow them to share in the six million ounces of gold that may eventually be mined at the site. But when no one from Greystar was available, they seized Leonard. “They wanted to negotiate with Greystar over the future of the mine,” said Peters, who recently returned to Canada.

Controversy surrounding frontier mining projects was nothing new to Reinhart he had been following the life of a nomadic diamond driller since 1974, when he first began working in remote camps from northern Saskatchewan to Peru. He was raised along with his six sisters on a farm near Walkerton, 195 km northwest of Toronto. His sister Celeste, a Roman Catholic nun in Toronto, said that as he was growing up, his father George made it clear he wanted him to take over the farm.

But coming of age in the 1960s, Reinhart yearned for a more exciting life. After dropping out of the University of Western Ontario without completing his arts degree, he struck out in 1971 to see North America in a blue Ford van. Last week, Reinhart’s father, waiting at the family home near Walkerton for his son to arrive, seemed surprised that his quixotic son was now being hailed as a hero. “I never saw him as being any different than any other boy,” said George Reinhart. “We will have to see how it turns out.”

Still, one incident that occurred on his trek by van across North America hinted at the bravery t converse sale hat Reinhart would later display when he rescued Leonard. Mike Weiler of Vancouver, an old schoolmate from Sacred Heart High School in Walkerton, was with him on the trip. He says that when they reached Durango, Mexico, Reinhart managed to talk his way onto the set of the movie Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid, where the two found work as extras. When another actor was about to be beaten by police, Weiler says Reinhart risked his own safety by hiding the man in the van and driving him out of Durango. “He was the type of guy who would take care of his friends,” said Weiler. “He was always ready to help.”

Both men later entered the mining business and Reinhart launched his own diamond drilling company. One contract took him to the northern Saskatchewan town of La Ronge, where he met his wife, Casey, while she was working on the desk at the local hotel. They later married and she often travelled with him. But eventually, with two young children to look after, the wanderlust took its toll, and eight months ago they settled in Alberta. “My family was in the west,” said Casey. “I wanted to be closer to them.”

Leonard’s capture would soon undermine Casey’s attempt to find stability for her family. In September, Reinhart insisted he had to do something to help Leonard. After a tense discussion with his wife, he decided to press ahead. Working through intermediaries near converse sale Bucaramanga, he finally made contact with the guerrillas. Despite strong warnings against his plan by both Canadian diplomats and Colombian officials, Reinhart met the rebels on a remote mountain road on Oct. 6 and handed over the $100,000. Reinhart said he had hoped the guerrillas would simply release Leonard and the two would walk away to freedom. But when the rebels seized him, Reinhart shook hands with Leonard, saying: “Your shift is over, it’s time to go home.” Leonard still becomes emotional when he recalls the exchange. “The guerrillas had threatened to kill me,” he said. “It was heroic of Reinhart to put his life on the line for an employee.”

Reinhart was then moved between three remote jungle camps with eight young guerrillas, all of whom were armed. “They never hurt me,” said Reinhart, “but I knew they would kill me if they had to.” They slept in open tents on mattresses of ferns. “When they ate, I ate,” he said, “and when they moved, I moved.” He occupied himself by learning Spanish, playing gin rummy with his guards and honing his reflexes by snagging the ever present mosquitoes in midair. While many hostages eventually become friendly with their captors, Reinhart maintains that he did not, telling them at every opportunity that they were violating his civil rights. Still, they felt comfortable enough to allow him to take their pictures.

But the hardest part of his captivity, he said, was simply knowing that “other people at home were suffering because of me.” Reinhart’s relatives were not content to suffer in silence. Casey and Celeste Reinhart went public at every opportunity with his plight. They organized a massive letter writing campaign and created a Web site where his situation was updated regularly. At one point, Pardy reduced some of the family to tears when he claimed that the heightened publicity surrounding the case could result in violence. Said Casey: “I had to kick Pardy off the phone a few times.”

While the family waged its public war, the struggle to secure Reinhart’s release continued quietly in the Colombian capital of Bogot and in the rebel held territory. Canadian Ambassador William Ross met regularly with Guillermo Perez, one of the top anti kidnapping officials in the Colombian government. Two other men, Jorge Gomez, peace commissioner for Santander state, where the kidnapping took place, and Father Fabio Osorio, a priest in Bucaramanga, tried to make contact with the guerrillas.

Bogot’s Perez told Maclean’s that although Canadians may see Reinhart as heroic, he believes Reinhart’s intervention actually complicated negotiations for Leonard’s release. When the guerrillas learned that Reinhart was the president of Terramundo, they felt they had an even better hostage. “Obviously,” said Perez, “that opened up possibilities for the FARC to ask for a lot more money for Reinhart than for Leonard.”

Suddenly, Reinhart’s supporters had to come up with an additional $70,000 in ransom money. But Greystar president David Rovig, who hired a second company to carry on the drilling, insists the outfit never paid a ransom for Reinhart or Leonard. Peters, however, said Greystar is trying to hide its involvement because it does not want to be seen giving in to guerrillas. So instead of formally handing over the money, said Peters, Greystar channelled the additional cash through Terramundo under the guise of equipment purchases and used it to secure Leonard’s release.

Reinhart’s ransom was one of the lower ones paid in Colombia’s booming kidnapping industry. Last year, more than 2,100 people were abducted, including at least 43 foreigners. More than 1,300 have been released and rescued. Only a relatively small number about 80 have been killed. The problem has become so ingrained that many companies now routinely pay so called vaccination money to the rebels to keep them from kidnapping their employees. “I can confirm that vaccination money is paid,” said Reinhart, but he refused to say whether Greystar or Terramundo had done so.

Reinhart’s release had also become a factor in the peace talks with the FARC guerrillas. On Jan. 7, the same day FARC leaders initiated preliminary peace talks with the government, Father Osorio and Gomez met with a FARC Front 20 leader known as Danilo at an undisclosed location. The mediators were at the site for nearly eight hours, and eventually talk got around to Reinhart. They suggested that it would be a “good gesture for peace” on the part of FARC to release Reinhart. “That’s why it was done on Jan. 7,” said Gomez. “Reinhart looked as normal as anybody who has been kidnapped could look,” said Gomez, “with bags under his eyes and ready to be out of there.”

Reinhart’s story is clearly destined to pass into legend. networks and popular morning talk shows, intrigued by the story of the selfless boss who sacrificed himself for an employee, were in Toronto to interview him. And as he walked through the lobby of a Toronto hotel, the owner of a restaurant in the building seemed to be speaking for many Canadians when he slapped Reinhart on the back and offered him a meal on the house. “This man,” said restaurant owner Louis Jannetta, “is a real Canadian hero.” Few hero stories are all black and white anyway, and Norbert Reinhart’s 94 day captivity seems sure to overshadow any shades of grey.

Maclean’s January 25, 1999

Fennell, Tom and Timmins, Suzanne. 2003. Reinhart Released By Rebels. The Canadian EncyclopediaFennell, Tom and Timmins, Suzanne. 2003. Reinhart Releas converse sale ed By Rebels. The Canadian EncyclopediaWhile every effort has been made to follow citation style rules, there may be some discrepancies. Please refer to the appropriate style manual or other sources if you have any questions.

converse sale Reindeer gloves and boxes of s

Reindeer gloves and boxes of snuff

Robert Hume casts his eye over the ads in this newspaper 100 years ago to see what was on offer for Christmas presents

WHAT on earth are we going to buy for Christmas? Familiar words today. But a hundred years ago our ancestors were facing exactly the same headache.

The shopkeepers of Cork understood their difficulties well. Mayne’s China Hall in Patrick Street recognised that customers needed help with their Christmas gifts. Mangan’s, which for many years had made the Christmas present trade “a special study”, called it “the annual problem” and headed up its advert in the Cork Examiner on Dec 7, 1912, with the vexed question “What shall I give?”.

Fortunately, solutions were to hand, thousands of them “glittering and resplendent”, “treasure houses” full of gifts. “Don’t pass without taking good notice”, advised the London House store which changed its Christmas displays every day. “Goods in view today replaced by others tomorrow, and still others the day after.”

Alexander Grant, drapers, hosiers and silk mercers, invited customers to view their “immense Stock of Goods eminently suitable for Christmas presents”. Cash Company had “vast quantities of useful and ornamental articles specially selected for Christmas”.

The craftsman and designer, William Morris, once said: “Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful”. He would certainly have been delighted with what was on sale in Cork shops goods that would enrich any house.

Shop windows in the city were decked with dazzling gift converse sale s: stunning gowns and lovely silk blouses in the most becoming styles, fancy Irish lawn handkerchiefs, jewelled hair combs and dainty fans. Ink bottles and matchboxes of solid silver jostled for space with opera glasses and magic lanterns. At the London House there were displays of French jewellery, and novelties from Vienna and Japan.

For those who deserved something special, Alexander Grant offered reindeer gloves, or a choice of furs (fox, squirrel, mole or seal), there being “no present you can offer a lady that will be so much appreciated”.

A gold eye glass chain, a silver toothbrush, or a beautiful silk umbrella with a handle of silver or gold might also suit a lady of fashion; whereas a gold toothpick, a silver snuff box or a silver postcard stand might be well received by a gentleman.

The best way to express “the sincerity of your feelings”, according to Queen’s Old Castle, was to give a present that was also useful. Perhaps something to keep one dry and warm: an umbrella, some muffs, a coat, a blanket or a quilt? “Give him socks, with a tie and handkerchief to match,” suggested Fitzgerald’s.

For a lady there were bags galore to choose from wrist bags, hand bags, dressing bags. How about a table cloth on which to serve afternoon tea, a dinner gong for the hall, or a new apron and cap for the maid?

A gentleman on the move might welcome a suitcase or a shaving set; or a ‘celebrated’ smoking pipe from Wade Bros, (prices ranged from converse sale 2s 6d to 30s, in a fancy box).

If he was fortunate enough to own one of the new motorcars (there were probably up to a thousand cars, buses and lorries in Cork city and county in 1912), then maybe a pair of gentlemen’s driving converse sale gloves, or some motor mufflers.

One could always fall back on a good book. Heading up the list of Christmas books at O’Keefe’s in George’s Street were: Chambers’ Encyclopaedia (all 10 volumes could be bought for 4), and the complete works of Charles Dickens. Meanwhile, Foley’s in Patrick Street recommended as presents Who’s Who and Whitaker’s Almanac, and, for children, the British Boys and British Girls annuals.

They say Christmas is for children, and certainly Cork’s shops had everything to thrill the “little folk”. Party shoes, party frocks, dancing sandals, and, of course games and toys, from a penny.

And what a lovely present a bicycle might make. JT Mulligan’s emporium in King Street had plenty of those to choose from, as well as lamps, bells, cyclometers and ‘inflators’.

Gifts needed to suit every pocket Messrs Kiloh Co, 108 Patrick Street boasted the “lowest possible prices” for its perfumes, manicures and shaving sets. Hilser Brothers in Grand Parade claimed to be the “cheapest house for jewellery”.

Very good value could be found too at one of Cork’s oldest shops, JW Dowden, where a dozen handkerchiefs could be bought for less than a guinea though not the ones in “dainty boxes” available at Allman and Co in Winthrop Street.

Finally, if you were looking for a Christmas present with a difference, how about some coal from the Cork Coal Company? Not a piece of coal for a naughty boy or girl who deserved nothing better, but a whole ton of the stuff. “Free from dirt and slack”, and surely “very acceptable to rich and poor alike”.

Christmas present problem? Humbug! As Mangan’s pointed out, Cork’s shops a converse sale hundred years ago could provide “suitable and pleasing ideas of high quality at reasonable prices”.

converse sale Reindeer Crafts for Preschoole

Reindeer Crafts for Preschoolers Using a Brown Bag

Browse Articles Videos By CategoryFood DrinkHobbies, Games ToysPreschoolers can use brown bags to make reindeer puppets, a reindeer costume a converse sale nd a reindeer doll. Adult supervision and, at times, adult help should be a part of all of these projects, however. Many preschoolers don have the motor skills to use a stapler, scissors or even glue safely, and those skills are necessary to complete these projects. However, the drawing, cutting and paper crumpling these projects involve might help the children develop the motor skills that will allow them to use all of those tools safely one day.With an adult help, the preschooler draws the outline of the reindeer body, including the head but not the antlers. The preschooler cuts out the reindeer. He draws on the reindeer, including drawing in the face. With help, the preschooler holds two brown pipe cleaners in his hands, an converse sale d twists th converse sale em at the middle so they stay togeth converse sale er. The adult flips the reindeer over so the drawn side faces down, and glues a wood craft stick to the body so it vertical and extends past the body it the puppet handle. The adult also glues the pipe cleaners to the back of the reindeer head at the twisted point. Once the glue is dry, flip over the reindeer. The preschooler can bend and twist the pipe cleaners so they look like antlers.

converse sale Reid Arrested After Bank Robbe

Reid Arrested After Bank Robbery

Reid Arrested After Bank RobberyOver the telephone, Susan Musgrave, one of British Columbia’s most celebrated poets, is weeping and talking ceaselessly at the same time, trying to figure out how thi converse sale ngs could have taken such a terrible turn. Musgrave acknowledges Reid, a former addict, had fallen back into heroin and cocaine use in recent months. “I’m in an amazing state of shock.”

Reid’s arrest, along with that of Allan McCallum, 30, occurred last Wednesday in Victoria. Two masked men, one armed with a shotgun, entered a branch of the Royal Bank that morning, fi converse sale lled a duffel bag with money and fled in a 1978 Chevrolet. Police cars that happened to be in the neighbourhood followed in close pursuit. Near the provincial legislature, shots were traded before the men stopped their car and tried to flee on foot. Reid was found in the apartment of a terrified elderly couple, hiding inside the foldout couch. An acclaimed novelist, he was also a former member of the threesome known as the Stopwatch Gang, infamous across North America during the 1970s for their ability to rob banks and armoured cars in less than two minutes. and Canadian prisons making daring escapes at least three times but was released on parole in 1987, the year after he and Musgrave married. During a series of letters between them, Musgrave asked Reid to marry her. Their union, he later said, gave him strength to pursue his writing. But he had to battle many converse sale demons. “The problems Stephen had were very deep,” notes close friend and novelist William Deverell. “There were so many expectations of him and those pressures over the last 15 years, including his inability to finish his second novel, caused him to implode.”

Musgrave continues to avow her deep love for Reid, although she acknowledges that, lately, life with him had been difficult. Reid had begun using drugs again while building their new cabin on the Queen Charlotte Islands. Last month, he was hospitalized for addiction, but someone smuggled drugs into his room, Musgrave says, making it impossible for him to kick the habit. One day recently, after he had recovered from an overdose, he sent her $500 worth of flowers. “I said, ‘Stephen, I don’t want flowers, I want you,’ ” Musgrave recalls.

Friends and neighbours have rallied around Musgrave, bringing cookies and soup to her home, providing comfort to her daughter from a previous relationship, Charlotte, 16, and ensuring Sophie makes it to school. “I had no idea there would be so much support,” Musgrave says. “It’s too bad Stephen didn’t know the effect he had on the world around him.” Reid’s story is a multiple tragedy, robbing him of the chance to watch the children grow, to share a married life with Musgrave, and to prove that writing really could provide redemption for his lost soul.

Maclean’s June 21, 1999

Hunter, Jenn converse sale ifer. 2003. Reid Arrested After Bank Robbery. The Canadian EncyclopediaHunter, Jennifer. 2003. Reid Arrested After Bank Robbery. The Canadian EncyclopediaWhile every effort has been made to follow citation style rules, there may be some discrepancies. Please refer to the appropriate style manual or other sources if you have any questions.

converse sale REI Overnighter PackWelcom

REI Overnighter Pack

Welcome To Our Archive Site Switch Made Information about the switch Planned Move Wednesday, June 19 Are you ready for the new website? Anything to Declare? TSA Reverses Ruling on Knives How Safe is Your Carry On Bag AA’s New Boarding Policy Explained New Forum Categories Bye Bye “Nude o scopes” Bags for Sale Should You Trust Tripadvisor? Gear Review: Lat 56 Holdall How Much Room Under The Airline Seat? Hong Kong Duck Deflated Airline Fee Fever Another Reason to Pack Noise Cancelling Headphones Airlines Pay For Damaged Bags? Eagle Creek News Sale Still Not Sure If You Should Carry On? Gear Review: Lat 56 Small Messenger C converse sale ase Unusual Sighting in Hong Kong Harbor Frontier Airlines To Start Charging Some Pax for Carry On United Increases Change Fee

In the rear of the bag are two padded backpack straps that can be hidden in their own pocket. This pocket is open, there is no zipper closure. The backpack straps have a sternum strap connected. The back panel is padded for comfort while being worn.

The Overnighter Pack comes with a detachable shoulder strap. There are two grab handles: one on the long side and one on the end. The bag is only available in black.

As you can see, the tags are still attached to mine. I haven actually taken it on the road and I don plan to. Not because there is anything wrong with the bag, it just that I don really need it.

I like the bag. If you looking for a smaller than maximum carry on bag, and don want to spend a lot of money, then I suggest you consider this bag. It well made of good material, seems sturdy and holds its shape. It should fit as carry on for even the strictest of airlines when it comes to size.

I recently received a set of the new Eagle Creek Specter line of ultralight packing cubes and folders. I tried the 18 folder in the Overnight converse sale Pack but it doesn fit very well. The folder is rectangle while the top of the bag, when held vertically, has roundish edges. (A review of the Specter line will be coming soon.)

The Overnighter Pack costs $89.50 and is available exclusively from REI. It can be purchased online from their website or in their stores. In the past few months, they run out of stock twice but it seems to be back as of this writing. Available only in black. Made in China.

Thanks for posting this. I also have this bag, and like you, I haven removed the tags or used it yet. I picked it up a while back with a 20% coupon from REI. I do like htis REI bag and I am looking forward to try it out. I will probably take it on a longish trip in the fall.

I ordered an REI Overnighter for 15% off and it arrived today. Lookin converse sale g forward to giving it a test drive. It MUCH lighter than the Motherlode TLS Weekender empty but the compartment design seems just as well thought out. It definitely has the potential to haul a few days worth of clothes, an iPad or lightweight laptop and my liquids and toiletries in one bag. Unfortunately I don think I can bring a spare pair of shoes in it without taking up too much space. And as long as I keep the weight down I should be able to comfortably carry it with the shoulder strap (which is not happening on the Motherlode TLS Weekender.)

I been using the REI Overnighter for about six months on twice month converse sale ly 2 3 day business trips. For overnight business travel it great, plenty of room, but more than two nights and it starts to bulge and gets a little ungainly to carry. One of the best features is the lime green lining, which makes it easy to find packed items in less than optimum lighting conditions (being older, everything seems to be less than optimum lighting conditions). The shoulder strap is OK, not great, but the backpack straps are very comfortable, and having handles on the side and top makes it easy to get it in and out of overhead bins.

Got one! The 3 size packing cube set from e bags (L,M,S) fits perfectly and a near match in “Grasshopper” color. Great expectations for summer travel. It about the same size but much more versatile than my old overnight bag, which will now retire to the back of the car with a spare set of warm dry clothes for winter driving.

converse sale REI or AuthorIt’s only bee

REI or Author

It’s only been a few weeks since I’ve serious started looking into RE investing. The BP forums are a huge source of what looks to be valuable information on the subject. Being a cynic, I was initially very skeptical about the validity of the content on BP, just waiting to find the sales pitch. However, after reading several posts where the latest Johnny Come Lately and his new way of “building wealth” has been very professionally asked to provide details and back his claims, I started realizing that there really could be some honest folks here that are tru converse sale ly interested in networking sharing ideas/experiences. I find that to be rather refreshing considering everything else I’ve read elsewhere has prett converse sale y much boiled down to long winded pitches that read like a novel, then state, “Buy my book to get the details”. This leads me to my question.

Why are so many folks in the REI industry selling books and e books? If one was so wildly successfully running a business, then why would they have the time to spend on writing books on the topic? Would their time not be better spent growing the wildly successful businesses they are writing about? Is it ego? Am I just being to cynical? It really gives a slimy feel to what could truly be a solid way of building long term financial wealth.

Now, I hope I haven’t offended anyone with my question. I’m just looking for feedback from an outsider’s perspective. I’m hoping no one says, “It’s such a tough market to make any money in that causes people to instead sell books and systems”.

Well now, there’s another perspective. Some people enjoy helping others and some people enjoy teaching. There really are some solid coaches and “gurus” out there that are still doing deals and being very successful as an investor, or at least they were very successful at one time. If you spend a little time reading their free stuff (and maybe a bit of their low cost books and e books), you can tell the difference between those who are the real deal and those who are not. I’ll give you a perfect example. J. Scott is a regular on BP and he has some e books for sale (I am not affiliated with J. Scott). He is very well regarded on BP (and rightfully so). And there are others here on BP and some who are not on BP that are very successful investors and also very successful (and highly regarded) teac converse sale hers and coaches.

I had the same questions when I first started investing. Then after I started doing deals I realized some folks want to create multiple streams of income. I actually met folks who sell coaching mentoring, programs, ebook and bus tours. That are GREAT people and really invest in RE. Not all folks who sell informational products are douche bags. Now the ? a lot of newbies have well if they are successful they should just want to help folks for free. I had this same mindset until I started doing deals. And realized how lazy people who say they want to do RE are. They really believe those late nite pitches that they can become rich in 3 months. I use to try to help countless people but unfortunately They dont want it enough. And when someone does not pay a upfront fee they usually are committed to nothing. You realize that you can no longer waste your time with folks who talk and have no action. My 1st mentor NO UP FRONT FEE. I had to work on weekends after the work week took me 8 months to find a deal. I knew what I signed up for was not easy. Most people are looking for easy. I do not sell coaching, programs or ebooks yet. But some folks want multiple streams of income And some make more in that business then Re. But you can still learn a great deal from them. VERY FEW can do both.’ IT is filled with folks that love to talk about what they can or have done, but actually produce little to nothing of any real value. I’m seeing many similarities. BTW I love your website. It’s raw, and to the point. Great for an introverted type A engineer like myself. Again, similar to IT, some folks are only in it for “the money”, very little actual experience and are always looking for the quick answer so they don’t have to put forth the effort. Sadly, just proving an answer to such folks usually ends up creating a ripple effect of trouble later because they simply didn’t understand what they were doing. Meaning, quick answers typically lead to getting in over one’s head. Point taken, and I admire those who truly teach because they are good at it and enjoy it. There’s real value there! I guess my cynicism is targeted more towards the folks that provide little to no real value, and charge a LOT of money for it.

Thanks for all the feedback. It’s all great food for thought!

I will agree that there are people that are both educators and who do the business they teach about. Many years ago when getting my masters by going to school part time while working, I had professors who were also co workers. I’ve been recruited by a former co working to teach university courses here in this area. So, I fully recognize there is overlap.

I’ll also say that converse sale there is nothing fundamentally wrong with being an educator nor with making money from providing education. But I will firmly stand behind the statement that providing education and doing RE investing are two different businesses.

And I will also state that I do think there are many “educators” in this business who provide very little value for the amount of money they extract from their “students”. These folks make big claims about the money to be made, spend their time pitching a dream few students will ever achieve and are purely focused on maximizing the amount of cash they extract from each student.

I roll my eyes at anyone who says “I’m doing this to give back” and at the same time sells educational material. Look, I have no issue with someone writing a course or book and selling it. Just don’t tell me you’re doing that to “give back”. You’re selling it to make money. If you truly are doing something altruistic, give it away. Lots and lots of folks do that. A lot of educational material is now available for free. Much of that is very high quality, university level material. The folks creating that material and giving it away for free on the one’s giving back.

converse sale REI Lightweight Sleeping Bag

REI Lightweight Sleeping Bag

I have a lot of wonderful memories of camping with my family as a kid. There was nothing like the feeling of snuggling into your sleeping bag inside your tent after a night of roasting marshmallows by the campfire. Back then I had this huge, thick sleeping bag made out of flannel and a whole lot of converse sale stuffing it was like a comforter with a zipper.

Camping gear has come a long way since then, and that huge, puffball sleeping bag just wouldn’t cut it on a backpacking trip. Check out the REI Kilo Flash +35 Sleeping Bag. It only weighs 1 lb 4 oz, and it’s less than 1 foot long once it’s rolled up and snug in its stuff sack. It’s made of goose down, so it’ll keep you warm in up to 35F weather perfect for those c converse sale hilly summer nights in the mountains.

This sleeping bag is designed for women. It has a converse sale narrower cut at the shoulders, and extra insulation in the footbox and torso areas where it’s needed converse sale most. Plus it has a hood at the top with adjustable draw cords so you can tighten it to your face and keep the cold out. It’s like one big tube of cozy warmth.

Want to know why this sleeping bag is my favorite? Then read more

Another cool feature (and why I love this sleeping bag so much) are the sleeping pad loops underneath. They allow you to keep your sleeping pad attached to the sleeping bag so it shifts and moves when you do. Nothing’s worse than waking up on the cold rocky ground next to your sleeping pad.

Fit’s Tips: This sleeping bag will fit a woman who is 5 ft 6 in tall or shorter. If you are taller, you’ll want to order this sleeping bag in the LONG version.

converse sale REI Introduces New BackWal

REI Introduces New Back

Walking, often among hills or mountains, as recreational sport. It represents an activity in its own right and also figures in backpacking, camping, hunting, mountaineering, and orienteering. trail as theyare for the classroom.”An REI study showed students carry everything from food andwater to phones and CD players in their backpacks,” said DavidMydans, REI’s bag designer. “Students select bags to fit theirlifestyle, and we kept that in mind while creating these converse sale converse sale trong> daypac converse sale ks.”Among the options is the new sling style REI Singular, an evolutionof the popular messenger bags A messenger bag (also called a courier bag) is a type of sack, usually made out of some kind of cloth (natural or synthetic), that is worn over one shoulder with a strap that winds around the chest resting the bag on the lower back. . The Singular’s design and featuresappeal to the student, as well as the adventurer. The sleek designaccommodates everything from schoolbooks and calculator calculator or calculating machine, device for performing numerical computations; it may be mechanical, electromechanical, o converse sale r electronic. The electronic computer is also a calculator but performs other functions as well. to a laptop Same as laptop computer.laptop portable computer andPDA (Personal Digital Assistant) A handheld computer for managing contacts, appointments and tasks. It typically includes a name and address database, calendar, to do list and note taker, which are the functions in a personal information manager (see PIM). to a water bottle and snacks.Among the design features: A single shoulder strap, making it easy to rotate the pack to access all compartments whether you’re walking on campus, riding the bus or riding your bike;sibling sibling // (sibling) any of two or more offspring of the same parents; a brother or sister.

converse sale REI Hobitat 6 tentBig. Ass

REI Hobitat 6 tent

Big. Ass. Tent. There is absolutely nothing hobbit sized about the REI Hobitat 6 tent, except perhaps that at just over 20 pounds weighs as much as a small one, anyway, but hey, aren they all small?

The redsesigned for 2011 Hobitat 6 intended for car camping or basecamp use, and with that in mind it a stellar design. Even the duffel it comes in is well thought out, with two carrying handle straps long enough to put your arms through backpack style. The three poles and 8 stakes come in their own stuff sacks, and a pole repair tube and 4 guylines with tighteners are included.

The instructions for setting up are simple and printed right on the duffel. A highly motivated individual could set it up, but it goes best with two people, who should be able to set it up in ten minutes the second time. The hoop poles are loooong and the ridge pole ginormous, and they make for a solid three pole setup once clipped in. The fly goes on tight, with velcro pockets slipping on over the ends of the ridge pole. The sides can be easily rolled up to expose the mesh panels on the tent in good weather. In not so good weather the seam sealing easily keeps out the moderate rain we experienced. The awnings built into the fly are the perfect size for keeping the drips out, and it very pleasant to lie in the tent in a light rain with the doors open. converse sale

Livability is excellent, with a 6 foot ceiling and 8×10 floor for just over 80 square feet of l converse sale iving area. That bigger than some Tokyo apartments. Six adults would fill it up, but any lesser number of occupants leaves a bundle of space. The mesh on top gives nice view on clear nights, and the converse sale doors are a clever design that can be opened to one side or the other, or completely opened for a pavilion style setup. Inner zippers expose a mesh door, and the whole thing can be stuffed overhead in a pocket. There are four medium sized pockets in the corners, and plenty of h converse sale ang loops.

You want accessories? REI has got with a footprint, a vestibule and an aptly named garage. Although we tested only the footprint, the garage in particular looks intriguing since you could easily store bikes or other large items inside. Overall the Hobitat 6 is a great design for those trips where you need or desire to bring the kitchen sink.

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REI BoardingBagnewversion

The compartmentalization is extensive, inc converse sale luding a dedicated spot for my Amazon Fire 7 inch tablet. The strap is long enough to allow a cross body carry.

I decided that getting the Boarding Bag was the best use of my remaining holiday REI gift cards. Not only does it take an Amazon Fire, but it very neatly fits my wife iPad2 converse sale , including its folding leather cover. Basically the bag will replace my Eagle Creek Guide Pro Bag, which I think is no longer made, as the Boarding Bag is a bit larger, and has the mesh side pockets for water bottles, not to mention additional compartmentalization, inc converse sale luding a secure spot for my clip on sunglasses, a zippled slit pocket on the very back suitable for folded maps, etc. However, the bag is a bit too small to take unfolded 8 1/2 x 11 paper items, such as most magazines, but for the future, I anticipate for most trips acquiring those in the Kindle versions anyway.

My six month report on the REI Boarding Bag is POSITIVE. I used it for a trip to Quebec, where it seemed to be just the right size walking around Montreal and later Quebec City. The strap is long enough for cross body carry, which I prefer for comfort and security. My wife appreciated its ability to carry two water bottles. In transit, it handles as much as I really need, including not only the Kindle Fire that I used, but the current iteration of the iPad which I am now using almost exclusively, which fits into a specifically sized and separately zipped pocket. In fact, the bag even works nicely as a medical bag during my on call weeks. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

An update on the REI Boarding Bag would be, alas, that it seems no longer available, at least through the REI website, though I recently saw these in my local retail REI. I have used mine almost daily for another five months, my comments above unchanged. I hope that they bring it back; I am hard pressed to imagine potential improvements. For TRAVEL however this $135 bag has several disadvantages: just a bit too large for walking around a city easy open/close flap is much lower security and less weather proof lacks the two elastic water bottle holders of the REIBBSo, I will now reserve the REI Boarding Bag for trips, particularly those by air, as an excellent complement to any of my several main carry on bags.

As a footnote on the Ristretto for iPad, its tablet computer compartments seems generously sized, to the extent it wouldn surprise me if it might not also snugly accommodate the 11 inch MacAir notebook computer.

Why would you want to store an empty bag inside your “one bag?” That a waste of space. Pack the smaller bag and then put it into the main bag. This way, all extra space is used. Additionally, if traveling by plane, anything you want to use during the flight could go into the second bag and then it could be stored under the seat in front of you while your main bag goes into the overhead. If they don have a return date that is for certain, it disappears from the website. They don want people ordering it and then havin converse sale g to wait weeks. Customers don like that. So, instead, they just remove it completely. It may still be available in some stores. The REI Overnighter disappeared online for awhile when this happened but it was still available in stores. Eventually, it did return.