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Rescuers deal with heartbreaking work as they search for mudslide victims

Darrington Fire District 24 volunteer firefighters, Jeff McClelland, left, Jan McClelland, center, and Eric Finzimer embrace each other Wednesday, March 26, 2014, in Darrington, Wash., after saying a prayer for the victims and survivors of black converse the massive mudslide. They were among the first responders to the mudslide. (AP Photo/The Seattle Times, Marcus Yam) SEATTLE OUT; USA TODAY OUT; MAGS OUT; TELEVISION OUT; NO SALES; MANDATORY CREDIT TO BOTH THE SEATTLE TIMES AND MARCUS YAM


DARRINGTON, Wash. As firefighter Jeff McClelland uncovered a body on the moon like surface that blankets what used to be the community of Oso, he soon realized that the search party had a close connection to the victim: The dead man son and brother were among the volunteers scouring the debris field.

The relatives sat beside the body as it was zipped into a bag. McClelland found himself overcome with tears.

The discovery served as a touching reminder of the deeply emotional work that is playing out in this tight knit town as rescuers like McClelland search for bodies in the muck and devastation, hoping to at least bring some closure to the relatives and friends of those who have not been found.

can go home and eat some food, hug my wife, come in and hug my friends the next morning and say, go again. We got something to do. We got a job to do, so let go do it, McClelland said, recalling his thoughts on Wednesday.

Scores of people once thought missing in the mudslide have turned up safe, but that provided little relief to rescuers like McClelland who are tasked with bringing closure to the relatives and friends of those who have not been found.

Hope of a miracle discovery of a survivor has faded as the search entered its sixth day Thursday, replaced by acknowledgement that some families may not be able to bury a body.

Becky Bach watches and waits, hoping that search crews find her brother, his wife, her 20 year old great niece and the young girl fiance.

I honestly don think they going to find them alive, Bach said, crying. as a family, we trying to figure out what to do if they find no bodies. Massingale waits too, for word about his 4 month old granddaughter. Searchers were able to identify carpet from the infant bedroom, but a log jam stood in the way of a more thorough effort to find little Sanoah Huestis, known as stressful to think about, he said. little baby that hasn gotten a start yet in life. It too much. found another body late Wednesday, said Brian McMahan, a landslide incident spokesman.

Trying to recover every corpse would be impractical and dangerous.

The debris field is about a square mile and 30 to 40 feet deep in places, with a surface that includes quicksand like muck, rain slickened mud and ice. The terrain is difficult to navigate on foot and makes it treacherous or impossible to bring in heavy equipment. black converse

To make matters worse, the pile is laced with other hazards that include fallen trees, propane and septic tanks, twisted vehicles and countless shards of shattered homes.

The knowledge that some victims could be abandoned to the earth is difficult to a black converse ccept.

have to get on with our lives at some point, Bach said.

Bach spoke via phone about a wedding the family had planned for summer at the rural home that was destroyed. And how, she wondered, do you plan a funeral without a body? probably just have a memorial, and if they find the bodies eventually, then we deal with that then. death certificate, issued by the state, is legal proof that someone has died. Families often need them to settle their affairs black converse . If and when it appears there is no chance of finding someone, people can ask the county to start that process.

Two Washington National Guard Blackhawk helicopters arrived at the site Wednesday to relieve sheriff helicopter crews that had been working since Saturday.

The Blackhawks sole mission is body removal, said Bill Quistorf, chief pilot for the Snohomish County Sheriff Office.

Other survivors began to grow impatient Wednesday that they weren allowed to return to the sites of their homes to search for their valuables and keepsakes.

isn right. All of us who are still alive need to have access and find what we can of our lives, said Robin Youngblood, who said her son in law was turned away from the slide site.

Baumann reported from Seattle. Solomon Banda in Darrington, Wash.; and photographer Elaine Thompson in Oso, Wash.; and researcher Rhonda Shafner contributed to this report.

black converse Rescue missions underway to sa

Rescue missions underway to save Haiti’s species from mass extinctions

Haiti is on the brink of an era of mass extinctions similar to the time when dinosaurs and many other species suddenly disappeared from the Earth, reports a biologist at Penn State University, who is announcing black converse today the establishment of a species rescue program for Haiti’s threatened frogs and other species, including captive breeding and gene preservation efforts. “During the next few decades, many Haitian species of plants and animals will become extinct because the forests where they live, which originally covered the entire country, are nearly gone,” reports Blair Hedges, a professor of biology at Penn State and leader of the rescue missions in Haiti and other countries in the Caribbean. “When frogs start disappearing, other species will follow and the Haitian people will suffer, as well, from this environmental catastrophe.”

Hedges recently relocated ten critically endangered species of frogs from Haiti to a captive breeding program at the Philadelphia Zoo. One of these species already has begun breeding, laying eggs, and producing hatchlings in Philadelphia. Hedges has discovered at least five new frog species during three expeditions to Haiti this year, but he was not able to find two species that may now be extinct because they have not been seen there for 25 years. His scientific descriptions of the new species will be published in future issues of research journals.

The rescue mission led by Hedges is part of a new effort supported by the National Science Foundation to determine which species of amphibians and reptiles currently survive in Haiti, to pinpoint their locations, to discover any new species that previously were not documented scientifically, to relocate live populations of frogs for captive breeding, and to deep freeze cells at Penn State. “Captive breeding and cryobanking are two efforts to preserve the species in case they become extinct in Haiti,” said Hedges, who is one of the few scientists worldwide who have established cryobanking programs in their labs for endangered frogs and other species.

Cryobanking involves the preservation of cells and DNA in liquid nitrogen that will permit whole animal cloning, if n black converse ecessary, in the future. “These are time consuming and costly backup plans to save species, normally reserved for those species closest to extinction, as in Haiti,” Hedges said. “The goal is to release offspring of rescued frogs in Haiti if and when their forest habitat improves.” Hedges and the Philadelphia Zoo also are working with the Haitian government and non governmental agencies to train Haitians in this conservation research so that they can develop the capacity to breed these species in Haiti.

Frog species have been disappearing worldwide during the last 10 to 20 years, and one third of the 6,000 frog species on Earth now are threatened with extinction. But 92 percent of Haiti’s 50 frog species are threatened the highest percentage of any country in the world. Even worse, most Haitian frog species are officially designated as “endangered” and “critically endangered,” the two highest levels of concern. “We found that as many as 26 species occur together in the isolated mountain forests of southwest Haiti, greatly increasing the threat of mass extinctions when the forests black converse there are cut down,” Hedges said. Of the 50 frog species in Haiti, two thirds 30 species live only in Haiti and do not occur in the neighboring Dominican Republic.

“Less than one percent of the original forest is left in Haiti, which is a lower percentage than in any other country that I know of,” Hedges said. “There definitely is no other place in the western half of the world and some scientists would argue in the entire world where the extinction threat is greater than in Haiti.”

Hedges explained that the forests of Haiti are disappearing because the trees are being cut down to produce charcoal for the 10 million Haitian people who have few other sources of cooking fuel. “When you have a species that lives only in one mountain top forest, and that forest suddenly disappears because you start harvesting all the trees for charcoal, then that species is guaranteed to become extinct along with all other species of animals and plants living only in that forest,” Hedges said. “Virtually every truck you see on the rural roads is loaded down with bags of charcoal coming from the mountains, where people are cutting down the trees and making charcoal to be sold in the city of Port au Prince. The forests from some entire mountains now have been removed completely. In places, it looks like a lunar landscape, with nearly all the soil washed away and only the rocks and some weeds left behind.”

Hedges has found that trees are not being protected even in the national parks of Haiti. “The commander of the park guards in the largest national park told us that only 10 unarmed guards are working at any one time in the park but typically 200 teams of tree cutters are at work there, armed with machetes and other weapons.” Recently a park guard in Haiti was killed by tree cutters.

“The pressure for cutting down the forests is coming from a whole island nation of people needing cooking fuel a problem requiring economic and possibly engineering solutions and needing the help of major international conservation organizations and government agencies,” said Philippe Bayard, President of the Audubon Society of Haiti and collaborator with Hedges in efforts to save Haiti’s biodiversity. “Unless effective help arrives soon, it is inevitable that there will be mass extinctions, and I think they are in progress.” Robin Moore, Amphibian Conservation Officer for Conservation International, agrees. He joined Hedges and Martinez on the latest rescue mission. He points out, optimistically, that “despite the massive deforestation, the fact that the frogs are still hanging on, though barely, means that it is not too late to protect their habitat.” The scientists emphasize that the loss of forests is also a catastrophe for the Haitian people because forests are their major source of energy and they are critical for their economy, agriculture, and drinking water.

Hedges, who has studied the genomes of diverse species worldwide in his laboratory research, is focusing his efforts in Haiti on preserving the cells and genomes of the endangered species there. Besides rescuing ten frog species for captive breeding at the Philadelphia Zoo, he has cryobanked frogs and other species in his lab. One of the rescued frog species is the smallest one known on the island a species whose adults are the size of a small human fingernail.

“A captive breeding program is a huge responsibility. You have to feed the animals, breed them, and keep them going for years and years, possibly indefinitely,” said Carlos Martinez, Amphibian Conservation Biologist for the Philadelphia Zoo, who accompanied Hedges on the recent frog rescue mission. “But the survival of these species may depend on this work, so it is well worth the effort.” Hedges was impressed with the zoo’s willingness to take on this challenge. “I am absolutely delighted that the Philadelphia Zoo generously agreed to accept all 10 species, and I consider it a huge success that so many critically endangered frog species are being captive bred and cryobanked.”

Ideally, a population should have at least 30 males and females to begin successful captive breeding, but some of these 10 species at the Philadelphia Zoo have fewer individuals. Hedges explains, “we were up on the top of a mountain that we might never get to again anytime soon, and we feared that this could be the last chance for the survival of this species, so we decided to at least try to breed them in captivity.” He points out that, despite their limited habitat, these small animals occur in sufficient numbers to be unaffected by collecting efforts of the rescue team. Hedges now is looking for more zoos wi black converse th the capability and willingness to host captive breeding programs for endangered Haitian species, including reptiles, which he hopes to rescue during future expeditions.

“Haiti has suffered a terrible earthquake and it is enduring a cholera outbreak and so many other environmental and human disasters. And now it is clear that Haiti also is suffering the beginning of a mass extinction event that likely will affect many more species in addition to its frogs,” Hedges said.

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Rescue effort fails to save stranded 600

Desperate Nova Scotia residents filled reusable bags with water to try to save a stranded 600 pound leatherback turtle over the weekend, but the endangered reptile died.

The Halifax based conservation group Canadian Sea Turtle Ne black converse twork said the male turtle was discovered Friday stuck in the freshwater Shubenacadie River, 20 km from the Bay of Fundy.

Volunteer Heather Burke, who lives near where the enormous turtle was spotted, said rescuers’ attempts to return it to the ocean were hindered by the fast mov black converse ing, unpredictable tides in the river and its sludgy banks.

“It’s a shame. It was a tough thing to watch,” Burke said. “That river is too volatile. where the remains of the little known species will be used for research.

The tentative diagnosis of the cause of death is emaciation, Martin said.

Experts will also try to determine why the turtle ended up so far fr black converse om its natural habitat.

Leatherbacks ar black converse e the largest sea turtles in the world and can grow up to 2,000 pounds and reach lengths of more than six feet, according to Fisheries and Oceans Canada.

Martin said no recent counts of leatherback turtles are available, but she estimated that hundreds of the turtles travel to Atlantic Canada each spring to feed on jellyfish.

black converse Rescue choppers carry blood su

Rescue choppers carry blood supplies

Dr Andrew Hughes (left) and Shannon Gardner with a pack of blood and the chiller box. Brett Wortman

THE most precious item in a life or death situation now takes a front seat in the Sunshine Coast’s emergency helicopters.

RACQ CareFlight Rescue helicopters are carrying lifes black converse aving blood, arming paramedics and doctors with the vital supplies in times of emergency.

Four bags of O negative blood are carried on every primary trauma mission as well as some pre arranged hospital transfers where blood may be beneficial during flight.

No emergency blood stocks have been used as yet, but CareFlight chief medical officer Allan MacKi black converse llop said the supplies co black converse uld be life saving.

“Blood’s something that you carry around black converse a lot and don’t really use, but when you finally do, it’s crucial,” Dr MacKillop said.

“We use it mostly for victims of serious road crashes who are bleeding internally and for other patients who’ve suffered trauma type injuries.

“It certainly buys us the time we need to get those people to a hospital and critical care.”

The aircraft hangar at the Maroochydore base has been fitted with a specialised, alarmed blood fridge and a transfusion approved “chiller box” has been bought to

While blood is crucial for crash victims, most of the blood is used to treat people with cancer and other serious illnesses.

black converse Rescue Bags Can Lift Locomotiv

Rescue Bags Can Lift Locomotive Perkasie Fire Co

The high pressure set of bags can lift locomotives, according to Graham, up to 12 inches off the ground allowing for the rescue of a victim trapped underneath.

The medium pressure bags, he said, can lift a load twice that height but both sets have the ability to lift objects much higher by blocking the loads, deflating the bags and repositioning them for a second inflation.

The air bags can be inflated through a number of sources including air bottles frequently used by fire companies, generators or pumps.

To underscore the availability of air sources for the bags, Graham said, “you have enough air in spare tires, believe it or not, to do some lifting.”

With railroads running through the borough and several industrial parks in the area, Graham noted the potential for accidents exists and the fire departments rescue unit must be prepared.

“There’s so black converse many incredible situations people get themselves into its mind boggling. When they call us, we have to be able to get themout,” he said. “We’re the ones they call for cat rescues and everything else.”

Members of the squad have already attended several training sessions on using the lifting devices so they will be prepared when the time comes, according to Graham.

Their usefulness has already been proven, Graham said, pointing to an incident last week when the Lansdale Volunteer Medical Service Corps used their set to lift a tractor trailer off a woman.

Because of the wide range of situations the department is called into, Graham said he believes a rescue unit cannot be over equipped.

“Every new piece of state of the art equipment you add, you enhance your rescue ability,” he contended a philosophy which has prompted th black converse e depa black converse rtment to continually add to its first acquisit black converse ion, the Jaws of Life in 1971.

And it doesn’t stop with the latest purchases, according to Graham. “We’re going to continue to build on this with other bags that are adaptable to this system,” he said.

black converse res recipePreheat the oven

res recipe

Preheat the oven to 200C and grease two baking trays.Sift flour onto a piece of greaseproof paper. Put the water and/or milk, butter, sugar and salt into a saucepan. Bring to a rapid boil and, using the greaseproof paper as a funnel, po black converse ur the flour black converse all at once into the boiling mixture. Over a gentle heat, incorporate the flour quickly and thoroughly with a wooden s black converse poon and beat until the mixture balls around the spoon and leaves the sides of the pan (a bit of muscle is needed here). This process dries the paste and cooks the flour.Remove from the heat, transfer the mixture to a bowl and cool to lukewarm. Beat in the eggs, one at a time, using an electric mixer with a paddle b black converse eater or, if using a wooden spoon, beat each egg lightly first. If the paste is very stiff, beat an extra egg and add gradually, until a pliable consistency is obtained. Beat the paste until well combined, shiny and smooth.Add the cheese to the paste and mix lightly. Use 2 spoons to drop small balls of the mixture onto baking trays. Brush with a little beaten egg and bake for 20 minutes, until puffed and golden. Serve piping hot.

black converse Requirements to be Fulfilled W

Requirements to be Fulfilled While Hiring Maids of Various Nationalities

Many people in the United Arab Emirates have a maid these days and it has become a normal thing to employ one. There are many Agencies for Maids in Dubai and Maid Agencies in Abu Dhabi from which you can hire a domestic help. However, while hiring a housemaid whether from a Dubai Maids Agency or any other source, there are certain norms that have been set by embassies of respective countries that are required to be fulfilled. Let us gain insight on some of them.

Requirements for employing a Sri Lankan Maid in UAE In order to employ a Sri Lankan housemaid, you are required to fulfill a number of new requirements that have been brought up for a while now. The housemaid requires take on a compulsory training in her native country and what’s more, she requires to undergo and clear a series of medical tests also. The Sri Lankan mission additionally insists on a refundable deposit of AED 3675. This is a recent supplement. You will also require an introducer and moreover, one of the forms has to be filled in Tamil or Sinhala by the introducer. And the minimum wage set for a Sri Lankan domestic helper is AED 825 per month.

Requirements for employing a Nepali Maid in UAE In order to take into service a Nepali maid, an employer is required to mandatorily submit to the Nepali embassy a police clearance certificate. A refundable security deposit of AED 5000 is also required to be paid to the Nepali consulate and the minimum age of the Nepali housemaid has to be 30 years if you hope to hire one. In addition, black converse a monthly wage of AED 900 has to be paid to the housemaid which has been decided by the Nepali consulate. On top, accommodation and food has to be provided to the Nepali domestic worker.

Requirements for employin black converse g a Bangladeshi Maid in UAE For domestic helpers coming from the country Bangladesh, the Bangladeshi mission has fixed a minimum wage of AED 750 for every month. Also, the employer requires to fulfill an employment contract with the Bangladeshi embassy that includes things like salary, holiday, airfare, correct treatment of the domestic help and so forth.

Requirements for employing a Bangladeshi Maid in UAE For housemaids coming from Indonesia, the Indonesian embassy has set a minimum wage of AED 800 for each month. In spite of this, there isn’t a great deal of information available on the black converse consulate’s website on any other conditions to be fulfilled. On the other hand, the Ethiopian embassy does not any information on employing Ethiopians housemaids in the Emirates. The above information needs to be complied with by employers who are w black converse illing to hire a housemaid from various countries. Then again, the “market rate” and “minimum salary” are not the same in lots of cases. If an employer is happy with their domestic help, they would not be bothered giving them a salary between AED 1500 and AED 2000, which is at present the current rate particularly in areas in New Dubai.

black converse Requirements for Luggage on In

Requirements for Luggage on International Flights

The Transportation Security Administration was established after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, and is part of the Department of Homeland Security. The TSA has established specific guidelines for carry on bags and checked baggage guidelines that apply to both domestic and international flights. You are not able to access your checked baggage any time during your flight. The standard weight limit for baggage is 50 lbs., but check with your specific international carrier to ensure that it does not have a different requirement. Countries worldwide have backed black converse the TSA regulations, and most follow similar rules in their own airports.

You may pack cigarette lighters without fuel in your checked international baggage. They can be filled with fuel only if adhering to the exemption of the Department of Transportation, which permits no more than two lighters with fuel, if they are adequately contained in a DOT approved case. You can purchase these cases from some cigarette and cigar stores, as well as through online distributors.

If you aren’t sure w black converse hether you’re exempt, don’t put the lighter(s) in your suitcase. You can have common lighters in your baggage, but not torch lighters. The latter form a hotter (2,500 degrees Fahrenheit), more “spikelike” flame. They’re stronger than common lighters and are often used for cigars and pipes because they work at all angles. Similarly, you cannot put any safety matches in your checked baggage.

If you want to carry ammunition in your checked baggage, call the airline before leaving to determine whether it’s allowed. If it is permitted, you will have declare it when checking in. If allowed, small arms ammunition must be secured in boxes made of metal, fiber or wood that are created especially for this purpose. Ask your airline what policies or additional fees it has for firearms in checked baggage. In all cases, they cannot be loaded, and they must be put in a locked, hard sided container. You must declare all firearms at check in. You may also carry flare guns in your checked luggage. They cannot be loaded, and they, too, must be placed in a locked, hard sided container and declared.

How to Secure Your Luggage for a Flight

Luggage locks are easy to reset when you have the manufacturer original packaging with reset instructions for your . How to Do.

Rules on Baggage Within International Flights

Be advised that the lock you place on your luggage may be cut off during the . International Airlines Luggage Rules;Unlike airline flights within the United States, rules and regulations governing luggage on international flights must meet a wide range of requirements.

TSA Rules for International Travel

Carry on Restrictions for International Flights; TSA Rules for Hat Pins; Sacramento International Airport Luggage Rules; . Transportation Security Administration .

Luggage Rules for LAX Airport

Liquid personal hygiene items must be packed in clear zip lock bags in . Major airports in California offer domestic and international flights.

Airport Luggage Rules Tips

Airlines and the TSA have regulations about how large your luggage can be and how much it can . When preparing for.

TSA Rules for Checked Bagswill pass the Transportation Security Administration . not to lock their luggage. TSA security . a flight, be it domestic or.

How to Open a TSA Lock

The Transportation Security Administration . the appropriate tool for unlocking the type of lock. black converse US and international airports have access to tools.

International Flight Luggage Rules

For piece of mind when checking in your luggage, purchase a lock that has the TSA symbol on it . Safety Rules for.

The Best Travel Locks

When traveling via airline, whether domestically or internationally, help protect your checked luggage from luggage handlers or other individuals who may try.

What Locks Are Approved for Airline Travel?

Choosing an approved lock to be placed o black converse n luggage helps ensure that all bags will remained securely locked. . Airlines such as.

black converse Requirements for CarryWhen

Requirements for Carry

When packing a carry on, following cert black converse ain rules will help you get through the security line without hassles. The TSA re black converse commends that you pack your carry on starting with a layer of clothes, then your electronics items, followed by another layer of cloth black converse es, and finally any heavier items on top. Liquids must be in one quart size clear plastic bag with zip top, and each container of liquid must be 3.4 oz. or less. Any liquid medication larger than 3.4 oz. must be declared and kept separate from the other liquids.

Items prohibited in carry on luggage include: sharp objects, some sporting goods, guns and firearms, martial arts and self defense items, tools, explosive and flammable materials, and disabling chemicals. Transportation Security Officers can use their discretion to deem other items that are not in these categories as prohibited. The following items are currently allowed as part of carry on luggage: metal scissors with pointed blades that are shorter than four inches, tools that are seven inches or less in length, up to two fueled lighters as long as they are properly enclosed in a DOT approved case, and one book of safety matches.

Carry on bags are among the items you can keep with you during airline travel. What Are the for L black converse iquids? Your carry on luggage is subject to inspection by the.

Luggage Requirements for Southwest Airlines

Requirements for Carry On Bags for Airlines. Carry on requirements are set by both the airlines and the government. . Luggage Size Requirements for.

Allowable Carry on Luggage Size

Each airline has their own policy regarding which types of carry on luggage are allowed, but there are strict rules among all of.

TSA Food Guidelines

Some of the Transportation Security Administration . parents are afforded special exemptions from the current TSA regulations regarding carry on liquids.

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requests Mumbai Police

In its latest campaign, Mumbai Police broaches the anti terrorism issue by requesting the city’s residents to be alert of their surroundings, thereby attempting to bring about a behavioural change.

In a continuing effort to instil the concept of ‘safe city’ among Mumbai’s citizens, Mumbai Police has launched a multi media campaign on anti terrorism. The campaign, ‘Mumbai ke liye 1 minute’ (One minute for Mumbai), nudges people to be alert of their surroundings, thereby lending a supporting hand to Mumbai Police.

Conceptualised by Ogilvy Mather, the campaign is the second pro bono initiative on the agency’s part for Mumbai police, the first being the Women’s Safety campaign that was launched in March. The television campaign featured real life police officials, giving out a dual message to women as well as perpetrators. Interestingly, the two year long campaign is financially supported by ICICI Bank.

The idea behind the current campaign germinated shortly after the Women’s Safety campaign. Considering the effectiveness of the earlier campaign, Mumbai Police wanted a similar focus on anti terrorism as well.

The ‘Mumbai Ke Liye 1 Minute’ campaign, produced by Code Red Films on pro bono basis and directed by Gajraj Rao, comprises three ad films Mall, Theatre and Train. All the locations are regularly frequented by a lot of people and are thus susceptible to terrorist attacks.

In all three films, the protagonists belong to some vulnerable group, with limited capability of movement. So, in ‘Mall’, there is a grandmother who bends (despite her obvious pain) to check below tables and ensure there is no unclaimed baggage.

Similarly, in ‘Train’, a visually challenged man checks the bags with his white stick to ensure there is no unclaimed baggage, while in ‘Theatre’ a pregnant woman takes the initiative to ensure there are no suspicious objects lying under or behind the seats. Interestingly, the protagonist in the ‘Train’ film is a visually challenged person in real life. The voiceover at the end of the film says ‘Thoda aas paas nazar rakhe’. It asks citizens to call the police if they notice suspicious persons, objects/bags or vehicles.

While the television campaign was launched recently, the campaign was kick started during Ganesh Visarjan with an on ground activation. Ogilvy’s team fabricated a larger than life teddy bear, dabba and backpack, which were moved around in a process black converse ion. The tagline on the objects read ‘Bada Khatra itni aasani se nahi dikhta. Aas paas nazar rakho’.

Speaking about the campaign, joint commissioner of police (law and order), Mumbai, says, “Terrorism black converse is a very complex and ill understood challenge. Traditional systems of democratic societies to deal with crime need to be overhauled to fight it. It is a difficult challe black converse nge before society in general and law enforcement professionals in particular.” He adds that if they can engage public, get their cooperation, make people and the police department see the reality about terrorism from the same perspective and convey to people as to what can be done and what are the constraints, it would help a lot. However, the task to convey it is a complex communication challenge. Date feels that a professional media house like O can make a difference and help Mumbai Police.

As for ICICI’s involvement, Date says Mumbai Police wanted a corporate organisation that understood the need for this social message and would support the cause without any ulterior motive. “ICICI was very generous and accepted the whole concept and the government also appreciated the whole effort,” he says, adding that what was important was the fact that people from different walks of life came together and engaged beyond their organisational boundaries.

“Also, I believe, people’s participation is very important when we engage in a fight against terror. If 1.4 crore people residing in Mumbai become watchful, obviously, we would detect unusual objects, conduct and suspicious persons much better than if only 40,000 police men are vigilant. Through this campaign, we want people to cultivate this habit of developing situational awareness and notice odd behaviour, suspicious conduct and doubtful objects. If we can identify threat in advance, definitely we can handle it better,” Date asserts.

This is not the first time Mumbai Police has partnered with an ad agency for an anti terrorism campaign. Two campaigns on the issue have been aired earlier; the last one being around five years ago, created by Lowe Lintas.

group creative director, Ogilvy Mumbai says the campaign’s intention is to create a behavioural change among citizens. He says a lot of discussions took place on what would be the best approach for the message to reach out to all sections of people.

Agreeing with him, , group creative director, Ogilvy Mumbai, adds that the team aimed to drive home the point not just in an interesting but in an effective fashion. “‘Mumbai ke liye Ek Minute’ was an idea developed by our team keeping these things in mind. One minute is not too much to ask, plus we are clearly showing what we expect people to do. Then the third layer is to do it in a fashion that people enjoy seeing,” she says.

As a result, the message in the films doesn’t burden the recipients, isn’t intrusive, monumentally difficult to do or alarming. “People might feel what an ordinary person can do against terrorism, as police have guns and trained personnel. But that’s what the campaign tries to address by saying that ordinary people can offer valuable input by just by taking a minute out on being alert and watchful of their surroundings,” he highlights.

The films will be shown in cinema theatres across the city from the coming week, in bus screens in BEST buses and on digital medium for now. Meanwhile, the video of the on ground activation done during Ganesh Visarjan will be put up online, in an effort to tap the virality of the medium. “It will also refresh the message during the coming festivals,” Rajadhya black converse ksha concludes.