black converse Replica Gucci Bags For Sale

Replica Gucci Bags For Sale

As a the veteran luxury brand, LV and replica Gucci bags contributed to the cultivation of China luxury market. In the 10 years of hard work in the Chinese market, but also so that they become the most familiar luxury representatives.

However, with the global economic downturn and rising star of the influx of Chinese, LV and Gucci shows In the first tier cities, they are faced with the awkward position of the from grace In contrast, Gucci more dangerous state of affairs.

2012 three quarters replica Gucci performance steadily declined. Although Gucci sales in the fourth quarter of 2012 has been warmer t black converse han the previous few quarters, but the Chinese Lunar New Year in February began to decline.

Currently, Gucci75% of operating income from the outlets, sales channels, including e commerce sites, and a limited number of franchise stores. It is reported that, in 2013, Gucci Group will stop the expansion of the Gucci brand stores in China, the renovation and expansion of the existing store.

Although th black converse e pace of expansion of the line the store stop, Gucci online e commerce investment does not stop. In 2002, Gucci started to invest in the electricity business, as a supplementary channels, it is the first investment in the website of the luxury brand. In addition, cheap Gucci bags also attaches great importance to the construction of the social networking platform. As of December 2012, Gucci fan on Facebook up to 1000 people. The latest report shows that the association of Italian luxury goods companie black converse s: global online luxury sales last year, accounting for about 2.6% of the entire industry, the future will be an average annual rate of 20% growth. Social media every day to produce up to 150,000 luxury brand related information, black converse is mentioned most frequently clothing and accessories brand Burberry and Gucci