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Challenges and PerspectivesUNESCO water programmesEnvironmental impacts of lead mine drainage in DerbyhsireBirmingham Green Vision, Risks and ChallengesOne day workshop: Characteristics and Impacts of Air Pollution: Recent Advances and Future DirectionsBeyond the black box: In situ quantification of subsurface solute transport using electrical geophysicsAlzheimer Research UK Midlands Network Public Awareness EventCoffee, Cakes, and CommercialisationCREMS Annual LectureImpact, Exchange and Making a Difference: a free one day conferenceEighteenth Century Clubs and SocietiesBook Collecting in the Eighteenth CenturyCeSMA Annual Public LectureHow Staphylococcus aureus synthesize the cell wall polymer lipoteichoic acid and how they can survive without itUnderstanding cell shape: reconstituting the actin membrane interfaceChildren Lives: An exhibition of children lives from the 18th century to the present dayFurther reflections on the right kind of historyClass inequalities in education at age 7Galleries Night and Art BusMeditate in MayGenotoxic stress, a matter of life and deathChildren Lives Family Film ScreeningBirmingham Centre for Modern and Contemporary History Annual LectureLife in Translation : From studying virulence in academia to Fighting virulence in industryPause ! Mark ! Fire ! ; Executing Cellular Differentiation through DNA replicationNew approaches to treating infections: Innate Defence Regulator and Anti biofilm p black converse eptidesDNA replication, DNA recombination and Genome instabilityAPPL the role of endocytic proteins in signalling and transcriptional regulationSynthetic biology: an integrated approach to building new biological systemsProfessor Geza VermesSummer Festival Opera Benjamin Britten Paul BunyanMusic at University Community DayHow The Light Gets InContinuity Rupture with the Habsburg Regime, 1914 TodaySchool of Education Research ConferenceHolocene records of terrigenous sediment supply and weathering in the Western Indus ShelfRivers in the sky: can they help black converse characterise future floods in response to climate change?Applications of Nexus Analysis to Investigating Educational Policy and PracticePost Socialist Pathways: The Transformation of Housing Policy and PracticeComm black converse unity Day: Survivor Performance Arts and ExhibitionAp black converse plications of Nexus Analysis to Investigating Educational Policy and PracticeWorking with the Grassroots: Learning from community organisers, community development and community engagementSummer Festival Opera Benjamin Britten Paul BunyanFacing the Music: 20th Century Portraits of British ComposersMusic at University Community DayA Chorus Line: Broadway Sing AlongChamber Ensembles and ChoirBig BandComposing Characters: Edmond Xavier Kapp Portraits of 20th Century ComposersBarber Opera Steffani Orlando GenerosoIntegration Disintegration?.