black converse Resealable Bags and Plastic Ba

Resealable Bags and Plastic Bags Packaging

Hi friends! I am here to tell you about resealable bags. Recently I have visited one plastic bags manufacturer in UK. My main purpose of visit at their factory was to see their processing of Plastic Bags and so black converse me different styles and sizes of bags they manufacture.

I saw their total production. They manufacture plastic bags with resealable ziplock. This ziplock bags is specially designed for consumer friendly packaging. So after the consumer has taken out some of the product from the plastic bags it is used for resealing the bags again so the product is packed and there is no chance of getting product littered.

Resealable bags has many advantages like the product stays fresh, black converse consumer always prefer packaging which has less of hassles and if the product is used multiple times from the packaging than consumer always prefer resealable packaging. Food stays fresh in resealable packaging. There is also good brand image developed If the packaging is consumer friendly and attractive.

Once one pet food company has done survey on resealable bags. They sold pet food packaging without resealable bags and with resealable bags in selected supermarkets. So in their survey they found where they had sent out resealable bags had 70% more selling than non resealable packaging. So this survey was very much interesting and then they had made some personal interaction with customers. So the customers told them they always prefer resealable bags in pet food packaging because the package they sell for pet food was of bigger quantity like 2 kgs and above so one bag last about 20 servings.

So if the bags are not zipper bags than there is a big problem like the food always smells, and if the bag Is kept open than some insects sits around due to nice smell coming from the package, no one has time to take out the food and store it in containers when the food is like pet food or any other food, customers don’t want to spoil their hands even if they want to take out the food from plastic resealable bags to food co black converse ntainers, If the bags are kept opened the pets smells food and they attack the plastic pouch and pets spills all the food into the floor so once the food is spread all over all other insects come up to eat the food and the problem starts of hygiene.

Now many manufacturers have stock of resealable bags in different sizes from 28 grams to 5 kgs ready in stock in different sizes and colors. They have minimum order around 1000 bags. This is very good for startup companies so they don’t have to invest much in packaging and the busi black converse ness starts with little investment. After purchasing resealable bags the manufacturer has to fix adhesive label or sticker on top of bags so their packaging is branded.