black converse Rescuing Her From Her Attacker

Rescuing Her From Her Attacker

Employees of the month? For one grateful mom, we’d say they’re more like employees of a lifetime!

According to First Coast News, a Best Buy store on Southside Boulevard in Jacksonville, Florida, was the scene of some grisly drama on Tuesday. The Jacksonville Sheriff’s office reports that a 9 year old girl was lured to the store’s restroom by 29 year old James Tadros, who then allegedly beat her, placed a plastic bag black converse over her head, and thrust her face into the restroom toilet in an attempt to drown her.

Thankfully, a customer heard the girl’s screams and immediately alerted store employees. Three employees then heroically rushed into the restroom and the New York Daily News reports that the girl black converse was able to crawl under the stall when Tadros dropped her and into the arms of her rescuers.

The Sheriff’s office says that it’s unclear how Tadros was able to lure the girl away from her mother while they were shopping. He is being charged with multiple felonies, including attempted murder.

Best Buy reports that they have brought in grief counselors to help all store employees throu black converse gh the ordeal. As for the heroic employees who rescued the girl, they have chosen to remain out of the public eye, but First Coast News was able to unearth that two of the heroes are a married couple, known only by their first names: Pete and Colleen. They were also able to find out that Colleen is reportedly pregnant.

Pete and Colleen’s neighbor, Bruce Buffinton, told the FCN News team this about Pete, “It just conf black converse irms my suspicions that he’s a top notch individual.” We couldn’t agree more!