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Rescuers free man trapped under concrete

“He digging cause there’s concrete and a wall, trying to get the sun off his back. He’s digging and it just collapses,” said Gage Degenhart, a friend.

Degenhart, Evans, Chris Russell and another friend headed out towards the woods just west of Highway 85 and Bromley Lane in Bright black converse on. They found a spot along a quarry where concrete was piled up in stacks about five feet high.

“My friend is under hundreds and hundreds of pounds of concrete,” said Degenh black converse art. “When it fell, I thought immediately that, you know, nobody would survive.”

To complicate matters even more, they were more than a mile from the nearest roads and their car which had their cell phones.

“I really thought he was gonna die,” said Russell. “He was saying that it was crushing him and he couldn’t breathe.”

Firefighters and police arrived. But, they had to bring in the necessary equipment via pick up trucks and SUVs.

“Pulleys, 3 to 1 systems, air bags, extrication equipment to move some of those pieces, to keep it stable, support it and g black converse black converse et that off him of him eventually,” said Mike Schuppe, division chief of operations for Brighton Fire Rescue.