cheap converse Review of the Clark and Mayfie

Review of the Clark and Mayfield Laptop Tote Bags

Clark and Mayfield Laptop Tote Bags are one of the most unique and classy ways of caring your laptop when traveling. As a lady if you are doomed to travel with a laptop, you do have options as opposed to regular laptop bags that resemble briefcases. Instead of the classic brief look, go for the fashionable look with the Clark and Mayfield Laptop Tote Bag Collection. The Clark and Mayfield Laptop Tote Bags are functional but also very styli cheap converse sh. Clark and Mayfield Laptop Tote Bags are designed to look stylish and fashionable while still meeting the cheap converse needs of the business woman, college student, or frequent laptop user that is required to travel with a laptop. The Clark and Mayfield Laptop Tote Bags are designed more like a large purse or tote, but are padded well, and organized in an easy to use manner with compartments well designed to store essentials.

There are currently four different styles of the Clark and Mayfield Laptop Tote Bags including the Metro Express Laptop Tote Bag, the Rosemont Rio Laptop Totebag, The Rosemont Laptop Tote Bag, and the Rosemont XL Laptop Totebag.

The basic function is the same on all of the bags, however the fabric and colors are the basic difference. Clark and Mayfield Laptop Tote Bags come in colors such as Mocha Brown, Pink, Black, Red, Tan, Crme, and even Geo and Oval Prints depending on the style chosen.

Each of the Clark and Mayfield Laptop Tote Bags have outside pockets on each end designed to hold iPods, PDA and other such items. There are also two main compartments, which contain a zippered pouch in between designed to hold document. There are also inside pockets for business cards, check books, pens, and other items.

The Clark and Mayfield Laptop Tote Bags have a secure zip top enclosure, and are safely padded on all sides for protection of laptops and accessories. There is a Velcro bag with which to secure the laptop in place to assure its’ security. The Clark and Mayfield Laptop Tote Bags have metal feet on the bottom, and 33 ” long straps for easy carrying. All of the bags come with a lifetime warranty.

The Clark and Mayfield Laptop Tote Bags are priced excellen cheap converse tly for the quality, style, function and design of the bag. Clark and Mayfield Laptop Tote Bags for women, retail for approximately $99.00. For more information on the Clark and Mayfield Laptop Tote Bags visit their cheap converse Web site or retail stores carrying high end luggage and computer bags. View profile

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cheap converse Review of the Case Logic Canva

Review of the Case Logic Canvas Messenger Bag

One of the coolest and hippest messenger bags is the Case Logic Canvas Messenger Bag. The unique bag features tattoo art on the front of the bag, a casual easy style, and is perfect for school or to go with casual wear. Case logic is a name that is associated with organization and the Case Logic Canvas Messenger Bag is good representation of what is offered. Carrying a stylish messenger bag is the norm today particularly for high school and college students. Carrying the Case Logic Canvas Messenger Bag knocks things up a notc cheap converse h due to unique exterior tattoo graphics as well as custom interior graphics. With Case Logic or cheap converse ganization is paramount. The Case Logic Canvas Messenger Bag does not disappoint and offers excellent organizational options as well as unique styling, appearance and is of excellent quality.

The Case Logic Canvas Messenger Bag measures approximately 16.5″ x 12.5″ x 4.25″ and weighs approximately 1 pound and 9 ounces. Made from durable cotton canvas the stylish bag is featured in blue, gray or green all with unique trendy tattoo art on the fr cheap converse ont flap. While the non gender specific messenger bag is casually designed the Case Logic Canvas Messenger Bag could feasibly be okay for a work environment as well.

The organization features of the Case Logic Canvas Messenger Bag are impeccable. The cheap converse messenger bag features a full organization panel and three external stash pockets. There is a protective padded compartment designed to hold laptops up to 15.4 inches. Case Logic Canvas Messenger Bag also features a shoulder that is easily adjustable. Additional the stylish messenger is an earth friendly product and is made from 100% cotton canvas.

Overall the Case Logic Canvas Messenger Bag is a sturdy well made bag that is easily accessible. The 100% recyclable cotton canvas is sturdy and wears well. The appearance of the bag is fashionable, hip and trendy with popular tattoo art graphics that are definitely desirable. The color options are also basic but also good at maintaining a non gender specific style and appearance. The organization is absolutely flawless. With a complete organization panel, the user has convenient easy access to external and internal storage compartments. The laptop storage is a definite plus of the Case Logic Canvas Messenger Bag. This eliminates the need for another bag in which to store a laptop. Sleep Disorder Treatment Varies by GenderMen and women suffer from sleep disorders for differing reasons.

cheap converse Review of the Case Logic 24

Review of the Case Logic 24

The Case Logic 24″ Sport Rolling Duffel Bag is cheap converse a uniquely des cheap converse igned rolling duffel bag designed for the organized person on the go. Most people are familiar with Case Logic storage solutions for CD’s and DVD’s; however the company also makes a fine line of luggage as is represented by the Case Logic 24″ Sport Rolling Duffel Bag also offering excellent storage solutions (). The Case Logic 24″ Sport Rolling Duffel Bag measures approximately 14.5″ x24″ x 20″ and weights approximately 8 pounds and 13 ounces. Made from durable nylon, the bag is lightweight while still being durable and long lasting. In fact the Case Logic 24″ Sport Rolling Duffel Bag comes with a 10 year warranty ()

Anyone who sees the name Case Logic is going to look for great storage and with the Case Logic 24″ Sport Rolling Duffel Bag travelers are offered excellent travel and storage features including; a rugged and lightweight stylish rolling duffel bag, smooth in line skate wheels and telescopic handle for maneuvering through airports and hotels, multiple internal zippered compartments ideal fo cheap converse r electronics and either items, an add a bag attachment to securely attach other bags, convenient internal compression stress to keep garments secure, multiple grab handles for easy lifting and storage and a 10 year warranty ().

Overall the Case Logic 24″ Sport Rolling Duffel Bag is a very durable and sharp looking travel bag. It has sort of an ultra modern styling and has micro cheap converse ripstop safeguards to protect the contents of the bag. In terms of appearance the bag is certainly attractive and is available in a variety of color combinations which include a solid color with contrasting trim such as; blue with gray, black with green, and grey with yellow trim giving the Case Logic 24″ Sport Rolling Duffel Bag a sporty look. In terms of price the Case Logic 24″ Sport Rolling Duffel Bag was found online for approximately $135.00, which is an excellent price for a travel bag of this caliber and quality ().

Case Logic luggage and sports bags are available at most high end retailers, and luggage stores online and locally. Case Logic is a name brand known by many that is known for unique and cutting edge storage solutions. The Case Logic 24″ Sport Rolling Duffel Bag is certainly representative of an alternative travel bag with unique storage solutions. View profile

cheap converse Review of the Case Logic 15

Review of the Case Logic 15

Everyone reflects a certain image based on the way they dress and carry themselves. The same applies for daily items that are necessary such as bags. The Case Logic 15.4 Urban Messenger Bag is one of the most stylish and sleek messenger bags yet it sports an urban flair. Designed in a very functional way and serving a dual purpose of serving as a carry all and a laptop bag. The Case Logic 15.4 Urban Messenger Bag measures 16″ x 14″ x 4.5″ with laptop dimensions of approximately 14.5″ x 11″ x 1.25″ according the majority of modern laptops. Made from sturdy earth friendly canvas and felt the stylish messenger bag is a great bag for school, daily use, or business. One of the things that make the Case Logic 15.4 Urban Messenger Bag stand out is the use of tattoo art on the front of the bag giving it an urban flair.

Messenger bags are the trend and finding the right messenger bag that suits your lifestyle is going to be the best value for the price. If organization is the most important factor the Case Logic 15.4 Urban Messenger cheap converse Bag offers a variety of storage options. Key organization features include a padded laptop compartment, an internal drop pocket to store electronic accessories, an internal zip pocket to store valuable items, a complete array of storage options in the felt lined organization panel which is perfect cheap converse for storing small electronic gadgets, a convenient stash pocket for last minute items, secure magnetic closure, dual lock, a matching USB shuttle designed to holds up to 2 USB drives, and a comfortable padded shoulder strap.

Overall the Case Logic 15.4 Urban Messenger Bag is an ideal messenger bag in terms of looks, style, design, functionality, space, and organization. The appearance of the bag is very stylish, very hip and trendy, with flair of urban influence. The Case Logic 15.4 Urban Messenger Bag is a non gender specific bag and is available in a variety of basic colors such as gray, black and purple. The organization of the bag is impeccable. Organization is the ta cheap converse lent Case Logic brand is noted for and the full featured organization panel makes the Case Logic 15.4 Urban Messenger Bag very desirable. The earth friendly canvas from which the messenger bag is made is also a very desirable feature. View profile

Five Fantastic Storage Options for the GarageTips for turning the garage into a convenient and well organized space for working (and playing). Easy, Eco Friendly Food Storage: The 20 Minute EnvironmentalistGreen your food storage with these five easy, quick eco friendly food storage tips. 5 Storage Solutions for a Studio ApartmentStorage in a small space is always a challenge. In a studio apartment it is especially important to have affordable and good looking storage. Hilfiger’s label is most well known for its blue, white and red rectangular shaped logo and his jeans have crowned him as the king of “urban” fashi cheap converse on.

cheap converse Review of the Britto New Day C

Review of the Britto New Day Collection

If you are looking for unique and fashionable luggage the Britto New Day Collection by Heys USA is definitely a great choice. The brightly decorate 4 piece set features brightly colored art work with various themes. The Britto New Day Collection by Heys USA is the perfect set of luggage for the world traveler, or for taking an extended trip. The Britto a New Day Collection by Heys USA is made from Polycarbonate Composite and features three different size spinner bags and a beauty case. The bags range in size from 22″, 26″ and 30″ spinners. The Beauty Case is a 12″ size back. The Britto New Day Collection is frameless bags that are backed by a 7 year warranty.

Key features of the Britto New Day Collection by Heys USA includes Smart Wheels of eas cheap converse e of movement on any surface, cushioned handles accentuated with a nickel finish, built in 3 digit TSA Lock for rapid airport baggage check in, all backs have customized lining designed to complement the art designs on the bag, and heavy duty zippers designed withstand tough handling and world travel.

The Britto New Day Collection by Heys USA is a one of a kind collection of bags that are easy to spot among other bags and are easy to use. Additionally the material, from which the bags are made, Polycarbonate Composite, is sturdy and protects the contents of the bags. Though the price of the bags includes a 7 year warranty, bags made cheap converse from Polycarbonate Composite will last a lifetime when well cared for.

Overall the Britto New Day Collection by Heys USA is a stylish collection of bags designed for women, and are created for the woman who wants to make a signature statement. The appearance of the Britto New Day Collection by Heys USA is more of a fun approach to luggage and will most likely appeal to the younger set. In terms of appear cheap converse ance, the bags feature brig cheap converse htly colored graphics combine of heart shapes, flowers, stripes and more. Considering the designs and style of the bags it appears the style is gender specific favoring women.

cheap converse Review Of The BEST Cash Giftin

Review Of The BEST Cash Gifting Programs Page 1 of 4

Cash g cheap converse ifting program review by Brad Smith The world economy being at its all time low, it s no wonder that so many people are turning to the Internet, looking for alternative income streams. Cash gifting programs and clubs are one of the easiest and mos cheap converse t efficient ways to improve your financial situation. There is no product involved, no taxation, and you don t have to be a computer guru to be successful at it. Being an experienced gifting professional, I would like to offer you a comprehensive review of the top gifting clubs on the web to help you make your decis cheap converse ion. So, let s begin! Number One Success System (NOSS) aka TLS Overview: NOSS is one of the oldest 1UP gifting programs around and one of the most popular ones (the club allegedly has over 40,000 members worldwide). You can pick one of the 3 levels to join at: $500, $1,500 and $3,500. The weekly conference calls, conducted by the club s leaders, are professionally put together and are good to invite prospects to. You re required to do a lot of phone work, such as cold calling strangers, in an attempt to invite prospects to the NOSS conference calls. There is no automation as far as following up with your prospects. It s operated by a ma cheap converse rketing millionaire who goes by the nickname of “Q”, who sends out a weekly “Cash Me Out” newsletter and has a phone hotline that addresses a lot of the prospect s questions. The marketing system is such that every affiliate is given a member ID that is used in all ad campaigns. Whenever a prospect clicks on one of the Ecosov ads, they are directed to the main web site, using the member ID of the person who had paid for the ad.

cheap converse Review of the American Trunk a

Review of the American Trunk and Case Lightweight 4

The American Trunk and Case Lightweight 4 Piece Luggage Set is an ideal set of complete luggage for the budget conscious person. Designed to meet every travel need, the American Trunk and Case Lightweight 4 Piece Luggage Set offers the tr cheap converse aveler the best of both worlds with sturdy casual luggage at a great price, but with an expensive look. The complete set of American Trunk and Case Lightweight 4 Piece Luggage Set could easily accommodate a family setting off for an extended stay vacation. The American Trunk and Case Lightweight 4 Piece Luggage Set consist of three upright wheeled bags and a spacious duffle bag. The wheeled bags are available in 28″, 25″, and 21″, with the matching duffel bag measuring 21″ x 14″ x8″. T cheap converse he American Trunk and Case Lightweight 4 Piece Luggage Set is made from durable 1 cheap converse 200 polyester and is designed to be long lasting. In fact the complete set comes with a 5 year warranty ().

Key features of the American Trunk and Case Lightweight 4 Piece Luggage Set include perks such as; each of the uprights have 2 exterior pockets, a zippered rear pocket, fully lined interior, multiple shoe pockets, wet dry pockets, the ability to expand up to additional 3″ with a convenient expansion zipper, padding of Eva foam to protect the bags contents, an easy to use telescopic handle, and recessed wheels for ease of mobility throughout airports and hotels. The duffle has a large U shaped opening for easy access for packing and removing clothing and a convenient shoulder strap for hands free access ().

Overall the American Trunk and Case Lightweight 4 Piece Luggage Set is a great buy for the price. One of the key features is the fact that cheap converse the bags are extremely lightweight allowing travelers to pack more without fear of overweight bag fees. In terms of appearance the bags are very attractive and are available in red with black accents or black with black accents. As far s the organization of the American Trunk and Case Lightweight 4 Piece Luggage Set, the bags offer great organizational management offering the traveler various storage options. View profile

cheap converse Review of the AmeriBag Healthy

Review of the AmeriBag Healthy Back Bag

Back health is and should be a big deal to everyone who regularly carries a bag. The AmeriBag Healthy Back Bag is one of the top bags designed to help maintain and promote back health. The design of the AmeriBag Healthy Back Bag is such that it is created ergonomically correct with particular attention being paid to weight distribution. The goal of the designers of the AmeriBag was quite simply to focus on creating a comfortable, ergonomically correct bag while still being a stylish attractive bag. The AmeriBag Healthy Back Bag started out as the signature bag for AmeriBag though they have no expanded their one, this particular bag remains one of the top selling and most in demand products.

The design and shape of the AmeriBa cheap converse g Healthy Back Bag is one of the most important factors to it being ergonomically correct. The signature bag has a patented shape, which was specifically designed to shape the contours of the carrier’s body making it comfortable to carry. In addition to the shape the bag is made of a lightweight microfiber bonded to nylon knit which assists in durability of the Ameribag Healthy Back Bag.

The designers of the Ameribag Healthy Back Bag considered a lot of factors when creating the bag. For smaller petite women, a smaller version was made to ensure the bag remained comfortable while still allowing enough storage capacity and cheap converse organization in the Ameribag Healthy Back Bag.

The small bag retails for approximately $90.00 where the medium Ameribag Healthy Back Bag retails for approximately $105.00, with the large bag retailing at approximately $120.00.

The AmeriBag Healthy Back Bag is available in a wide array of colors allowing excellent color coordination with wardrobe items. Many colo cheap converse rs are available such as Avocado, Black, Coral, Eggplant, Flamingo, Teal Taupe, Sea Moss, Red, Periwinkle, and Midnight Blue.

The AmeriBag Hea cheap converse lthy Back Bag is made of microfiber, and has a non slip adjustable shoulder strap. The organizational design of the bag is excellent offering a double zip main compartment, 2 additional outside pockets, at least 5 to 6 inside pockets, a D ring for baglett, a key hook, and a flap on the gusset pocket. Another great convenience is the easy to see silver lining, which is also signature to the AmeriBag Healthy Back Bag.

One of the most convenient perks to the AmeriBag Healthy Back Bag other than the fact that the bag is comfortable and promotes back health is the fact that the bag is washable. The bag should not be immersed in water but can be spot cleaned with a damp cloth dampened with distilled water, and then simply air dry. View profile

Louis Vuitton Bags for MenA review of Louis Vuitton bags for men including messenger bags, back packs and more.

cheap converse Review of Sunshine Mountain Lo

Review of Sunshine Mountain Lodge

Great ease to arrive on Friday evening, ride up to hotel, await our bags, start a fire, enjoy dinner and tuck in for a comfortable sleep knowing it wa cheap converse s dumping snow for a great Saturday ski.

I have been going to this lodge/inn for many years and it keeps getting better. Is it perfect, no. Do they try to do better, yes. I do agree with other reviewers that the inability to email a confirmation is hard to understand but since on occassion it seems they have internet issues which we experienced, I guess there is a basis for that. On the plus side, the staff while young and limited experience, do try hard and are flexible and helpful. Plus, having had interactions in the past with the manager, I have been very satisfied with their response. This trip was probably the best I have had in terms of the dining in the Eagle’s Nest. The chef and wait staff were very flexible and accomodating to special requests and the food was very good. Of course, the best part of the whole experience is the ski in/ski out feature and the nice ski locker room that makes it easy to change boots, etc to go skiing. The skiing is great, the views from the rooms are great, the views from the lodge are great, and I had great snow this trip, and will return. One of the best aspects of the place is that when the day is over, it is just you and a few others at the lodge, up in the mountains, and it is a wonderfully serene place.

Room Tip: We like the rooms with a view of the trees and mountains versus the other side which faces the ski a.

We stayed at the Sunshine Mountain Lodge on Friday night and what an amazing experience ! From taking the Gondola up with snow falling, you enter this beautiful lodge with a hot tub that looks out over the ski area. Great job Sunshine Mountain Lodge. We will be back !!!

Room Tip: Try to get into the new rooms on the west wing. They are right above the ski lockers and have great. So we usually try to stay ski in ski out to give me the option of as much or as little skiing as desired. Obviously this is the only hotel with ski in ski out in this area. We arrived shortly after 5pm after skiing Lake Louise in the morning, since the gondola closes at 5:30pm. I had read other reviewers suggesting taking your own bags up the gondola as the luggage service can be slow. However we were told “2 hours” at most and had 2 large suitcases and a double ski bag as well as carry ons so we figured it would be just as easy to let them transfer suitcases, while we enjoyed our gondola ride up with just our carryons and some essentials, ate dinner up top and had a look around. Actually the skis made it to the ski locker but the 2 large cases were missing (apparently put in the wrong room down at the base, so never really sure how they finally located and transferred) The front desk and manager did make amends with lots of apologies, a half bottle of wine, and offered dinner on them the next night which we very much enjoyed at the Eagles Nest (the formal restaurant). Considering the inconvenience (we finally went to bed before the luggage arrived), the situation was well handled by management. I would advise if you are checking in during the AM, it would be fine to send your luggage up with the staff, then you could take advantage of skiing right off the gondola. Upon checking out, indeed we brought our own bags down the gondola, they were very helpful with a sled across the slopes to get the bags to the gondola and though our cases were big, it is an 8 person gondola so we had enough room. Rest of the stay and our experience with the staff was lovely. Hotel was NOT busy at all, ordered room service several times and took only 13 20 min to be delivered. We though prices for Service for dinner at the Eagles Nest was very attentive (though I realize they were trying to make amends). Menu via room service, formal restaurant, and bar restaurant all very similar apps, dishes, desserts, but we are not picky so were able to change it up enoug cheap converse h to not be entirely bored of the food by the end of the 6 days. Front desk has free DVD’s to watch in your room with fairly recent titles. First night checked into room 103 which is not a true ski in ski out as the balcony hangs close to the hot tub. There was also a boisterous group in the hot tub that first night, but seemed to be an isolated incident, and hot tub closed at 10pm?so that limited their disruption. Upon checking in, we requested a true ski in ski out room but were told not available until next day, but we were willing to move after first night. Transferred to room 114 so could walk off porch onto slope. Probably only last 4 rooms on first floor have this feature (1 cheap converse 15 thru maybe 112), and these are the NON loft, queen/queen rooms. 114 was a little more worn around the edges but I would probably not have noticed if we had not seen 103 first. Heated tile floor, nice tub shower but relatively small bathroom area and counter space. Limited shelves, storage, hanging areas for clothes, so we mostly kept clothes in the suitcases. Unfortunately, no in room safe. At night, “turndown” service would close blinds and remake bed, but not restock towels. Daily housekeeping was variable in timing, pretty sure they didn’t sweep vacuum or actually change sheets daily but did restock towels, coffee, and take out trash. Had to call once in the afternoon as they had not serviced room by nearly 1p cheap converse m though they did come up quickly. Their website states wifi is additional ?9$/day but front desk told us they changed policy this year and free to guests with access code, but wifi was EXTREMELY slow, so glad it was at least free. Long review, but since we had a long visit, I feel we experienced most of what they had to offer, though didn’t utilize any spa services, which appeared to be in one of 2 rooms in the gym area, and locker room very basic. Difficult to go down into Banff or other areas for touring if not skiing (20 min gondola ride each way, 10 min drive out of canyon each way), have to be back before gondola closes. But if skiing is a priority, this place certainly is complete for what if offers. As long as you realize this place does not bill itself as a 5 star, you will be pleased as we were overall.

Arrived Thursday evening for four nights, we left after three. Gondola stops at 5:00 pm, so go early. $75 for ride up to hotel by snow cat/truck. Reminded me of the days before the gondola, they used school buses. We saw advertising for Friday night skiing, but they don’t do that anymore. Please update the room guide/book. The rooms are well decorated, but walls are paper thin. Baby next door cried all night on one side, guy on other side coughed all night. Staff is friendly, but inexperienced. All four resturants serve the same limited menu. “Handmade” Pizza. I’ve made better frozen pizza. WiFi is $9 per day, but dial up speed. The only advantage it has is it’s on the ski hill. I’ve been skiing/boarding at SunShine Village for over thirty years. It has alway been the default go to hill. We stopped buying season passes years ago, now I remember why.

Room Tip: Spend the money for a suite in the newer section. Maybe a top floor room, the floors are paper thin.

Pretty underwhelming experience from start to finish. Then, to arrive at 6:30 pm for checkin to find the gondola up to the lodge has shut, but it will cost 75$ to collect us by shuttle. Overall, a sense of indifference. The lobby reeks of sewage, the manager I have since read will write some ‘so sorry for the inconvenience’ blurb on trip advisor, and hope customers like us will crawl under a rock.

Nestled high in the Canadian Rockies in Canada’s oldest and most famous national park, this eco boutique hotel delivers extraordinary luxury surrounded by breathtaking scenery. Opulent rooms . Friendly, courteous staff. Outside, a sky so full of stars you won’t believe your eyes. And some of the best skiing you’ll ever find, just footsteps from your room. The Sunshine Mountain Lodge is the ONLY ski in, ski out hotel in the Mountain National Parks. It offers casual and fine dining, the area’s largest hot tub, spa services and family friendly activities.

cheap converse Review of Seattle Sling Camera

Review of Seattle Sling Camera Bag

The Bottom LineWater resistant, not waterproof. The Seattle Sling camera bag from Camera Armor is designed to be waterproof protection for your camera during back country expeditions. The protective padding of the bag and overall construction is excellent but the water protection features simply do not work.

ProsLots of paddingWell constructed for carrying long distancesTripod pocketConsNot waterproofSmall gear areaMagnetic closureVelcro is much too noisy for animal photographyDescriptionSturdy constructionNice design for long distance carrying14.5 Inches long, 9.5 inches high, 8.5 inches wideI found it to be reasonably water resistant but not waterproofMagnetic closure could cause a problem for portable hard drivesSmall gear compartmentGear is hard to get to quicklyGuide Review Camera Bag Review Review of Seattle Sling Camera BagWater and cameras are a bad mix. The Seattle Sling camera bag from Camera Armor hoped to be a solution to water damage when transporting cameras. Unfortunately, tests show it to be more water resistant than waterproof.

The bag is well constructed and sturdy, certainly capable of protecting gear from most shocks and it is well designed for carrying as a backpack for long distances. There ar cheap converse e no zippers on the Seattle Sling, only velcro, magnets, and snap closures. The standard snap closures used on most camera bags are used to fasten the interior water resistant compartment into the bag and to fasten adjustable straps. Extremely strong velcro (very loud velcro) is used to close the main gear compartment over the water resistant bag. The water resistant bag itself is closed with magnets and by rolling the top of the bag.

The interior gear pocket is protected by a “waterproof” bag of a neoprene type material. This bag is removable (helps with drying the rest of the bag) and fastens securely into the main camera bag. The gear compartment itself is small, barely large enough for a SLR with standard lens and one additional longer lens. The protective bag closes with magnets, which will probably not damage cameras but is a massive problem for anyone who carries a portable hard drive for additional storage. cheap converse

To test the water protection of the bag I first removed the interior lining and tested it alone by spraying it for several minutes with a garden hose. Water did fi cheap converse nd its way into the gear area. The next tests I dropped the fully assembled bag with lining into water (it does want to float which is a good thing). cheap converse I then pushed the bag underwater for a few moments. Not only was the main bag saturated, the “protected” gear area was considerably wet.